Tips to make my cat more affectionate


Do you want to make your cat affectionate with you? In this article we give you some tips so you know where to start. It's not as hard as it looks!

Many do not dare to adopt a cat because they claim that they are very independent and crappy, But the truth is that if you know how to educate him since childhood, you can make your cat affectionate. So that you get it, we are going to give you some tips that will be very practical and useful.

1. Choose the race

Although breeding is what determines the behavior of any cat, the breed also plays an important role in this. That is why before adopting a cat, it is better that you inform yourself about which breeds are the most affectionate.

For example, there are races like the Maine Coon, the Ragdoll or the Persian that are more affectionate in themselves compared to others. You just have to see your needs and what are you looking for from a cat to choose the one that best suits you.

2. Give it time

When you take your new pet home, give it time, all kittens will need a period of adaptation to their new environment. It is normal that at first look for places to hide, or to follow you through every corner of the house. If in these moments you try to force him and you speak to him abruptly, the most logical thing will be that instead of getting him to be affectionate, you will achieve the opposite.

Always speak to him in a sweet and soft voice, and do not pretend to leave his hiding place by force. Let him see with kindness that nothing happens and that you are going to protect him and always. Also, before touching it, Let your hand smell, for sudden movements could scare you even more.

3. Name it

Do not delay in putting a name and repeat it whenever you can, especially in pleasant situations. Of course, avoid scolding him by shouting his name, or he will end up associating it with a negative situation. Be patient, well theCats don't learn their name as easily as dogs, so this process could take at least a month.

4. Play with him

Games are the best way to make a cat affectionate. Spend time playing with him, be it with balls, stamens, toys or anything else you can think of. This way you will create a close bond, help him control his strength and make him more affectionate with you. in response to your attitude with him.

5. Seek your attention

As a general rule, dogs come to meet you every time they have a chance, while cats are more independent. So that this does not stop him at the time of being more affectionate, you can go yourself to look for him and attract his attention. Take it, take it with you, play with your legs, caress it and give it all the pampering you can.

This may be one of the most important steps for your cat to be affectionate with you, as felines intrinsically carry an independent spirit, so if you leave him alone and don't give him affection, he will become a selfish and cold animal, quite the opposite of what you are looking for.

6. Never hit it

You don't need to hit him when he commits a mischief or when he does something you don't like. Positive reinforcement is always the best way to teach an animal. If you put it into practice since childhood, you will see that the results are obvious.

Cats by nature are somewhat spiteful, so if you hit him, he may not forget it and treat you as you treat him.

Put these tips into practice and you will soon begin to notice the results. Why get your cat to listen to you and be gentle with you is not as difficult as it seemed?

If you want to receive love, you must give it too

As we mentioned earlier, although we are all born with a personality, it is true that it can be shaped with time and effort. In cats, it will depend especially on how it is to live with the animal, that is, how it is treated.

If your cat is new to the home, it may be strange and uncomfortable. This is totally normal since your pet has to learn to know you, both you and your new home from scratch. The changes usually produce stress in cats, do not be surprised if you see that your cat reacts negatively. Check that the environment is as comfortable as possible for him.

The basic keys to making your cat more affectionate, whether it is a new family member or who is years with you, are three: patience, closeness and much love.

The techniques of love and involvement

To make your cat more affectionate and not die trying, you will have no choice but to modify your life dynamics a bit. Don't panic, we've just said a little.

In fact, it will be enough for you to set aside time to share and spend quality moments with him. Spend time, a cat is not an accessory for the house. If you propose, your pet can become an excellent and loving companion. Of course, it's not about spending the whole day glued to him, but rather doing things like letting him fall asleep near you when you're watching TV or having a conversation with someone on the phone while you're sitting on the couch.

If you want to go a little further, you can let him sleep with you in your bed during the night when you take a nap after the meal of both of you. And speaking of food, invite him to eat at the same time you do it, this will be like sharing a table with a friend. From time to time, surprise him with something rich like a piece of fish and when he comes for your gift, offer him a caress.

Keep in mind that felines are exquisite animals that They like to be sought and pretended. Always and especially when we are teaching him to be more affectionate, you have to look for him to caress him and spend time together. So another way to make your pet more affectionate and, above all, to get his attention, is to encourage him to play with you. Having fun together, while maintaining a pleasant physical contact, will give you confidence and security.

A good helper equals more love

It is not entirely true that cats love loneliness. In fact, they enjoy the company very much, to know you close although not necessarily to the side, that you are aware of them and that they make them participate in the routines of the house.

If you call your cat to accompany you and "help" for example to accommodate the bed or fix the room, the animal will take it as a custom, and whenever you do, it surely accompanies you. Now, if you do not pay attention to him and simply feed him, surely the kitten will not be attracted to your company at all.

If the cat gets scared for any reason and tends to retract and hide, it is not recommended to force it to get out of your comfort zone. We return to one of the basic keys above, make use of your patience and with a soft tone try to calm it down. This is the best way to get him to just leave his hiding place.

We must never forget that cats do not learn anything through violence. Treating and punishing him aggressively and disrespectfully will only create in him a feeling of fear and then when you want to educate him to be affectionate, it will be too late and it will cost even more. If your cat is having some bad behavior or attitude, of course you should correct it directly, but always in an appropriate way and with the use of positive reinforcement.

The same with exaggerated caresses. If he doesn't want to pamper you, don't force him, when your cat wants them and needs them, he'll ask for them. If even before his rejection you continue treating him with love, you will see how you have nothing purring him for you to embrace.

Most important of all, Learn to respect your pet's space and personality. As much as you try, some cats will always be more affectionate than others.

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Best answer: There are affectionate, other playful and other fearful cats. Cats are independent and also each have their own character, I know this very well, I have lived with 10 cats, and each one was a world.

The cat is independent, the female for example is less affectionate than the male, however, the female is more "missing" that is, she is always close to you. on the other hand the male, who likes to disappear - usually - falls apart when you caress him.

Your cat is in an age when he just wants to play, he plays with the ... he needs to move, develop. You will see how a year he becomes more cuddly with you, as long as you have always been with him. Unlike the dog, I have noticed that the cat tends to differentiate people for whom it is affectionate and with whom it is aggressive. the cats I lived with ... always fled from a special person. It seemed strange to me. until one day I saw that this person kicked one for no reason. Instead they always wanted to be around me. I already looked like the Pied Piper but cat version! True I worried because they had their water and eating. the little ones were grateful, someone threw me on the floor with my belly up to be caressed. and he looked at me with a cat face in love! LOL

In short, in conclusion, your kitten is small now it is time to play and pamper ... but at his own pace, remember that he is not a dog, his nature is different.

Then the time for pampering will come. When I get older.

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