Why cats move their tails, their meanings


If you have a cat and have not yet discovered the reason for moving the tail, pay attention to this article and learn it.

If you have a cat as a pet (or as a companion), you will have already been able to verify that they are quite peculiar animals. The differences between having a cat and having a dog are abysmal, and while the latter will constantly seek your attention in most cases (it depends a lot on the character of the dog in question), the first they will need you less and they will seek more independence, although this also depends a lot on race and character.

Another important difference is that cats are much more territorial, and they don't usually cooperate or work in teams, they usually come together to raise, but little else. In addition, their language is much more complex than that of dogs, and while you will always know that dogs move their tails because they are happy, in the case of cats it is much more complicated than that. Why its tail is much more than an appendix: it is a communication tool, not only among the cats themselves, but also with other species.

To know how a cat is at a given time, what is his mood, the best thing you can do is see what position your tail is in. For example, if you've ever wondered why your cat keeps the upright tail up, you should know that this is a good sign: it means that the cat is happy. Of course, the position must be fixed, without balancing any. The lower a cat's tail is, the less mood it has, if it reaches the point that it has the tail between the two legs, you should worry, because that means either that the cat is scared, or that it is very angry. And both are bad signs always. The fundamental difference is that if you are scared or sad, the tail will be lower than if you are angry.

If your cat has the rigid tail, but instead of pointing up, it points to one of the sides, it's not that I'm happy: it's that there is something that is awakening all your interest or curiosity You must remember that cats are curious animals by nature, and that they will tend to pay attention and investigate everything they find in their path.

And if the tail is rigid, but the tip is slightly tilted back, it means that your cat feels unsafe for something, it is not that he is in a bad mood exactly, nor that he is on the defensive, but there is something in the situation that is creating a sense of insecurity that bothers him, it irritates him. What you may have never wondered is why a cat bows and bristles its tail, because it is quite evident that it is a total position and completely to the defensiveIf it ever happens to you, don't bother him too much, since there is only one step from defense to attack. Or a single attempt at caress. Let him calm down, and do not forget that cats are also living beings and, therefore, have specific needs and desires.

But, Do you know why your cat moves its tail? We have already seen the different fixed positions in which a cat can have its tail, let's see now why cats move their tail, what they want to tell us with that, and what different movements we can find.

Different ways to move the tail

The first thing you should know, and fundamental: cats don't move their tails when they are happy. Moreover, they do not usually move their tail to express any really positive feelings, but rather use it as a warning method.

Knowing this, we can now explain why cats move their tails. Normally, if a cat is waving its tail, what he is wanting to show you is that he is very angry and upset. The faster the tail, the more likely it is to choose to bite or scratch you. A human error can be associate this movement with something positive, with joy, because it is what we are used to seeing in dogs, however, this mistake could end up costing us a good wound if we are not careful. And it is that the cats move the tail in moments of tension, in which they are especially attacked. If humans do not react well to moments of tension, What makes us think that cats should?

There are other theories that indicate that this is not the only time when cats move their tails, but that they could do it also when they are facing a situation that would contradict them. For example, if a cat wants to do something but sees that he will not be able to do it (such as taking a leap too big), or does not end up daring because he is scared (entering the bathtub with his owner can be a great attractive. If not for the water), it faces a internal conflict. He wants to do it, but at the same time he does not finish daring for some external component, at that time, cats also move their tails. And not because they are especially angry, but because they are undecided.

There are other ways to move the tail that are not so threatening. If your cat is found staring at a point, and its tail moves slowly, that means it's very concentrated. You may have seen a fly or any other bug, and want to hunt it, or that you are planning a jump from one shelf to another.

Either way, what is clear is that Cats are much more complex than their fellow dogs. And it is that not only with the tail they mean a thousand things, but the same happens with the position of their ears, the type of meowing, the direction of their gaze. If you have a cat, these are probably things that you have already realized throughout your days together. However, if you are considering adopting one, it is always good to know all these little details to make the adaptation much easier. Now you can know why your cat moves its tail, or why it keeps it totally straight!

The tail of the cat raised vertically and the tip bent down

When the cat has raised the tail, very straight and the tip of the tail is bent down in its final part, it means that it is greeting you and showing curiosity for you or for something you are going to do, and well because you have reached home or because he wants to approach you, to mark you and tell you that you are family. No doubt your cat recognizes you and feels affection for you.

The tail of the cat, curled up

Have you noticed that your cat gets close to you and envelops you with its tail? And is that cats sometimes look in contact and with the tail, wrap their humans, whether an arm, leg or hand, in a natural gesture.

In any case, It is a gesture of affection and trust, which shows that in cats, unlike dogs, externalize their feelings in another way, with small details full of much meaning.

The tail of the cat that whips, from side to side

It is one of the movements of the most characteristic cats, when they are "angry" or their way of saying "ok! or “I don't like that!”It is better to warn before with the tail, that jumping of nails and that the cats, they know how to do it well. Although that threshold has been exceeded, it is most likely that a quick and direct attack goes.

The tail and body movement, balancing.

And it is that when a cat wants to play or hunt, before it will fix all its attention on “its prey” it will dilate its pupils to the maximum and in a reciprocating movement and in an attack position, it will move the culete and tail rhythmically, until you launch your final jump. If your cat has a habit of doing it on any part of your body, even bite (hands, feet or ankles) It is good to redirect the desire to play, to objects such as toys or balls and give them a prize at the same time.

Why cats move their tails and their meaning

The tail of the cats it is an important behavior indicator and how is your pussy? Most times, your furry cat friend moves his tail especially for two motives: why is threatened for something or for show excitement or agitation. Let's see it in more detail:

1 If you want to know the language in the way how your cat moves its tail, you have to examine it in detail. As time passes you will see patterns of behavior that you will know predict and understand your personality. If he your pet's tail trembles or shivers, it can be for several reasons, depending on whether you move it slowly or quickly.

If you see your pussy the tip of its tail vibrates, this means that is irritated. But if instead, you detect that your tail shudders in general, this may be because your cat He is very happy and wants to play.

2 If you notice that your pet balances its tail backwards means that is about to launch to attack. This is the classic attitude of the cat when he watches over a possible prey in the wild, the cats move stealthily and wildly to get their prey to move, so they can launch on it. If you detect that your cat moves its tail in this way, be prepared to play with it, although it may also have seen an insect at home and wants to hunt it.

3 If your cat is calm and calm in your home and you watch him, you will notice that he moves his tail slowly from side to side. This means that your cat is happy and satisfiedalso you is asking you to stroke it, if you want.

4 Instead, if you detect that your pussy move your tail sharply and very fast means you are about to attack, it is possible that it hurts you if you do not step back, this movement is a signal so that you understand that you should not approach it. If your pet has this reaction, it is better not to disturb him, since in his own way he is telling you that he does not want more pampering or petting.

5 If you see that your cat has the tail between its legs It's another way to make you see that not happy or afraid. This does not mean that he is angry with you, it may be because he has not achieved what he wanted, such as getting a toy or hunting something. If your cat almost always has a low tail means you are sad, and the lower its tail, the worse it is.

6 But there are movements of your pussy's tail that reveal negative things. If your cat arch your tail and inflate it means you're scared, what feel fearand he may react aggressively against you andattack youIf you don't leave him alone.

7 If the Your cat's tail is completely upright means that it feels good, who trusts you and is very comfortable, is a clear sign of security. In this way, your furry friend tells you how happy he is to live in your home and with you.

If your pussy almost always has the tail raised It means that he is a pussycat with a full life. If your cat normally has its tail in this position, it is because it considers you to be its ideal human.

8 On many occasions, your pussy's tail can be like a toy. Sometimes, when a cat has had young, move its tail to entertain its puppies, in this way he controls them and also stimulates them. This is a way to boost your hunter instinct, boost your motor system and motivate your curiosity.

9 To get to know your pet better and be his most faithful friend, you have to observe his movements. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that if you detect that your pussy's tail moves erratically, that is, first it goes fast and then slow, has spasms or detects any other unusual signal, we advise you to go to the vet immediately, since it is possible that your cat is stressed and need a treatment.

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Cats and their peculiar behaviors

To begin I will confess that I do not have cats in my house. In fact, I never felt really attracted to them, much less, but on the other hand, I've always liked dogs and I share my home with two of them. However, my girlfriend does have 2 cats, a male and a female, and I must say that since I started getting closer to these creatures, I gradually realized how different the dogs really are and also , how interesting and peculiar are their behaviors. Although of course I will not lie: I still prefer my dear dogs.

I get the feeling that while humans domesticated dogs to be their pets, we might well say that symbolically, cats, on the other hand, have domesticated humans so that they provide a quiet, warm and comfortable place in which can laze, eat and sleep. Of course I say it with humor, but what do you think?

Seeing my pets and the way they behave I have compared them to my girlfriend's pets and I have noticed many interesting things. Among them, that of The tail It is quite a significant difference.

I have seen that my pets move their tail when they want to play (which by the way is almost all the time), while feeding or when I return home after a somewhat extended period of time. In contrast, I have noticed that the cats they don't move their tail in such situations, if they twist and curl their fur, even making it look bigger.

From there, I wondered what reasons caused this in its tail or what determines that its tail is put in this way. Investigating a little, I found some information that if you may have asked yourself these questions, they may be helpful.

Why does a cat move its tail?

The tail of the cats it's a great behavior indicator and how the animal is feeling. A cat moves its tail, in the vast majority of cases, for two reasons in particular: because it feels threatened by something in particular or to signal agitation or excitement.

There are those who point out that cats move their tail when they are irritated and even when they are preparing for a possible attack, so they recommend that in the face of this behavior, some caution is taken. But there are also cases in which that movement is not warning us of an attack or that it is threatening us, but that it is an internal conflict in the cat, something more complex.

It is said that in this case, the cat enters a conflict wanting to do two things at the same time but one impulse collides and blocks the other. Those who raise this possibility speak of an example in which a cat meats in front of a door as indicating that he wants to leave. But when the door opens, notice that there is a heavy rain outside and then the cat stands there moving its tail in front of the situation.

This would be the conflict in which the cat's desire to go outside, be in touch with nature and explore collide with the natural instinct and the strong need typical in felines to be dry and comfortable. Both are part of the nature of this creature and the inability to fulfill them can cause the tail of the cat start to move incessantly, even more so if the cat comes out and gets wet from the rain. Once the creature returns to its room and rests, its tail returns to normal immediately.

In summary, cats always move their tail as a result of a situation that bothers them. Do you have cats in your home? Have you seen them move their tail? In what situations? Why do you think it happens?

The versatile cat tail

Thanks to how mobile it is, a cat's tail is one of the most communicative parts of its body. If you pay or have paid attention to the behavior of your cat's tail, you will see that there are a lot of different types of tail movements: it can be lifted up, down, diagonally stretched, raised with the tip bent down, movements fast or soft, wrapped around you or themselves, tucked between the legs, bristled completely, among other things. Clear! Because it can be so complex that we are not only talking about movements as such, but also about the way the hair is put: flat, bristly or bristle-like like a brush.

Basically a cat's tail moves because he has something to tell us. Whether it's a wish, a mood or a warning, your cat expresses its inner world through this appendix. Most of these movements are voluntary, however, some studies indicate that others are involuntary.

Let's look at some basic trends:

The positive tail

  • Upward, shaking: A cat that shakes its tail, is a cat that is very excited to see you. They are good nerves, and this is a positive gesture. This can happen when you return home after a long day at work.
  • Pointing up: It's a moment for the kind>

The intrigued tail

  • Raised at an angle: This does not mean any threat to you or to your surroundings. The cat may be somewhat insecure about any possible new situation. It usually happens when you meet a new feline friend or someone who comes home for the first time. Notice that he performs this movement while sniffing this new subject.
  • Tail lifted, with a hook at the tip: As if it were a feline question mark. This means that you have a conciliatory but reserved attitude, and not that you are not sure about something.
  • Sweeping the tail: This is one of the most complex gestures because it could mean a number of things. Here you should be attentive to the other types of body language of your cat to know exactly how it feels (ears, body, etc). Sweeping the tail from side to side erratically, could mean things like: intense interest and attention to something (a toy, a dam) ecstasy by body grooming, frustration and anger if the tail hits the ground, an invitation to another cat friend to play.

Cats don't just communicate by wagging their tail

Yes, you know Because cats wag their tails It is also important that you know that it is not the only way you have to communicate with your environment, but also use your ears, body position or your head among other things to show your mood and let us understand what is happening to you. So it's a matter of looking closely, following our instincts and empathizing with our pussycat.

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The arched and ruffled tail

When a cat is afraid and feels the attack near, will bristle the tail, increasing significantly in volume and will adopt an intimidation position arching his back. This is a sign for your opponent, it may already be the vacuum cleaner, those shoes that you wear that you don't like or another cat ...

The tip of the tail here and there

When your cat observes something that catches his attention, which does not cause him fear, but curiosity, you will realize that the end of his tail will make small movements from side to side, almost always, in a resting position and in a calm way . Interest, concentration, curiosity or simply, that you find fun.

As you see, the why cats move their tails In so many different ways, it will give you clues as to what the message is, your cat's mood and help you understand what it feels like in each moment. If you have any experience with them, do not hesitate to share it in this post with everyone.

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2.- If you cat moves its tail in a balanced way from back to front, it is a way that tells us that it is ready to attack. It is a catlike attitude when they focus on nature stalking their possible prey. This movement is accompanied by a stealth body posture. Although domestic cats live in a home, they will not leave their predatory instinct, and if in your house you see your cat in this position, it is most likely that he found an insect as a possible prey.

3.- When the tail movement It is slow from side to side, it is synonymous that our pussy is relaxed, and it is possible that it is an invitation to caress it, perhaps they are not as effusive in their demonstrations of affections as dogs, but they do not lack feelings either, What if you see your cat moving its tail in this way, do not hesitate to approach and pet it, so they will strengthen emotional bonds.

4.- When your pet's tail turns quickly and abruptly it is telling you Stop stop enough pampering !, and the best thing is that you pay attention because I will not hesitate to give you a warning blow without hesitation, so it is better Take distance and not suffer the consequences.

5.- If you look at your cat's tail completely up, it means that it is very good, that it feels comfortable with its surroundings, it is in confidence in the home and with those who inhabit it, you can feel proud to achieve this enormous feat. Since if this movement is the most common in your pussy, you have earned the place of ideal human.

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6.- The arched tail in a cat and inflated is synonymous with fear, something and uncomfortable so it is advisable to move away and observe that it fears to find the solution, when they are afraid they usually react aggressively, so It is advisable to give them their space and time.

cat tail movements

7.- If your cat has its tail between its paws, it means a great sadness, perhaps for failing to hunt, for lack of its toys or because it does not like its food, it is important to determine the cause to find an early solution . Because the lower this the sadder tail is.

8 .- When the cat moves the tail as a toy is more common than you think, this movement commonly in females when they are with their young, since it is a way to keep them controlled and motivates the curiosity in puppies, encourages their Hunter instinct and boost your motor system.

Keep in mind that by observing the movements of your cat's tail, you will be able to know its mood, however if your kitten moves the tail erratically, that is, from fast to slow, or with certain abnormalities that you know not common in the Go to a veterinarian as it may be that your pet is going through some stressful situation and requires treatment.

Remember that pets are part of our family, we must take care of them and love them, respect them and above all have them under a lot of responsibility, since they depend on us for many things, responsible ownership is extremely important. Adopt don't buy!

I hope you liked this article, I invite you to leave your comment and / or suggestion below and we will gladly take it into account, we read until a next post!