Can I bathe my cat with my shampoo?


The bath and the hygiene in general of the cats is one of the frequent questions of the caretakers, since many are the doubts that can assail them in this subject. In this Animal Expert article we will focus on explaining whether It can be used shampoo of dogs in cats or not, commenting on the importance of proper use of cosmetic products and the consequences that may result from improper use, since, although both species accompany us in our homes, their skin and care are different.

If you've ever wondered if you can use your dog's shampoo on your cat, read on!

The importance of cat skin

Although we do not usually give much importance, the skin and hair fulfill some basic functions for the health of our cat. They assume a thermal protection, a barrier against all types of external aggressions, in addition to intervening in communication and in the sense of touch. It is therefore important to maintain proper hygiene that, in the case of cats, is practically going to be reduced to brushing them more or less frequently depending on the needs of their hair, since they themselves are responsible for cleaning every day .

On the other hand, we must pay attention that they do not appear wounds, alopecia or parasites such as fleas and ticks, so, along with frequent brushing, we have to implement a deworming schedule as our veterinarian agrees and take our cat to his office if we observe any anomaly.

The cats they don't usually need us to bathe them, perhaps that is why caregivers do not have information on the products they can use to do so and, thus, the question arises of whether it can be used shampoo of dogs in cats. In the next section we explain it.

Tips for bathing a cat

Although, as we have said, it is normal that the cat does not need to go through the bathtub, there may be situations in which this is essential. To clean it, if necessary, we must have everything you need on hand, such as towels, shampoo and even a dryer if the cat accepts it.

Currently in the market we will be able to find a wide variety of specific shampoos for cats, such as those formulated for long hair, black hair, antiparasitic or for different dermatological conditions. All these shampoos are manufactured by experts and tested to ensure maximum respect for the skin and hair of our cat, while offering an optimal result, providing a soft, shiny and, in short, care.

If we want to bathe our cat we have only to choose between any of these varieties, for which we can consult with our veterinarian or feline hairdresser. Therefore, to the question of whether I can bathe my cat with shampoo as a dog we have to answer, with nuances, in a negative way. In the next section we develop why can't it be used shampoo of dogs in cats.

Can I bathe my cat with dog shampoo?

Can not be used shampoo of dogs in cats as usual Although dog and cat seem similar in terms of skin and hair, the truth is that they present differences in pH, thickness and structure. The pH of cats is more acidic than that of dogs, approximately 6 versus 7.5 (that of humans is on average 5), although this figure varies depending on the part of the body.

This difference is taken into account when making the shampoos, in the same way that the composition will be different according to the species and, although nothing has to happen if we promptly use shampoo with a pH different from that of the skin or a shampoo of dogs in cats, we can't use shampoo of dogs in cats in a habitual way, since it can be harmful because, not being adapted to the dermatological needs of cats, it can cause irritation and affect skin balance, increasing the production of sebum to counteract the aggression that an unsuitable shampoo supposes. Thus, even if we bathe our cat, if we do it with an inappropriate shampoo we will make its appearance worse.

Also, if we use a dog shampoo that contain permethrin, widely used as an insecticide, we can poison our cat, since it is a species very sensitive to this substance. In that case, with contact with the skin we could see wounds, irritation or itching. If the cat also inhales the substance, respiratory paralysis and even death can occur. If ingested or contacted with the skin in considerable concentrations we would see symptoms such as hypersalivation, vomiting, diarrhea, tremor, ataxia (uncoordination), respiratory distress, etc. It is cause for urgent veterinary consultation.

If I don't have cat shampoo, what can I use?

We have already said that it is not usually necessary to bathe our cat, especially if we brush it regularly, but, sometimes, the cat can get stained considerably or get sick and stop cleaning. In those cases, if we don't have shampoo For cats, what can be used?

Below we explain what to do and show you some tricks to clean a cat without bathing it:

  • It can be used shampoo of dogs in cats completely exceptional if the damage of leaving it dirty is greater than that of using the shampoo. Remember to check the composition to make sure it does not contain permethrin, as we could cause poisoning.
  • We can try to remove dirt using only water.
  • If we have chlorhexidine at home we can dilute it in water according to the instructions on the package and bathe our cat with the mixture. Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that is usually used for skin problems, it is not for regular use but it would serve us for an emergency.
  • If the dirt is circumscribed to an area we can clean only the affected area.
  • It's a good idea to always have at home animal specific wipes or dry shampoo (for use in cats) to use in emergencies if we do not have "traditional" shampoo for cats.
  • In all cases we must ensure that we completely eliminate the product from the skin, since if the cat ingests the remains it could be poisoned.

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How should the cat's bathroom be?

To start you should know that cats they clean themselves so if your cat is not really very dirty it is preferable not to bathe him.

In shops dedicated to pets we find a wide variety of shampoos and softeners for cats as well as more specific products: for short hair, long hair, cats that have dandruff. It is basic to use specific products for cats for the bathroom.

If your cat is not accustomed to contact with water we must weigh how to clean a cat without bathing it either using a dry wash shampoo (foam), baby wipes or a simple brush. It will depend on the level of dirt using one method or another.

How to prevent the cat from getting dirty?

Before thinking about offering regular baths to a cat, we must prioritize prevention. Preventing our cat from getting dirty will help us to keep your fur clean avoiding knots and tangles. How can we do it?

  • Prevent your cat from going outside
  • Use cat litter
  • Brush it regularly
  • Check your bed and blankets
  • Clean the floor of your house
  • Don't touch him with dirty hands

Remember that you should not only pay attention to their fur, clean their eyes regularly, check their pads or brush their teeth are other tasks to keep your cat beautiful and free of dirt.

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Can you bathe the cat with human shampoo?

The answer is do not. On the skin there is a thin outer layer of fat that protects the dermis. This layer insulates the skin from the sun and the cold, enough to prevent damage. But if you bathe very often or with soaps that do not respect the pH of the skin, this layer is removed.

In the case of the cat, the pH is acidic (5.5), while ours is more alkaline (between 7 and 7.5). If we use unsuitable products we will be damaging our friend's skin, even if we bathe it with mild baby shampoos. Keep in mind that a cat is not a baby.

Although we think that the bath products that are used to keep small humans clean are soft and harmless, in reality this is not so: their pH is lower than that of the feline, so they are not suitable for him.

How to bathe a cat?

If the hairy has become very dirty or if he is very sick and we see that he does not groom himself as often as he did before, we can bathe him using a cat shampoo that we will find in veterinary clinics or in animal stores no more than once a month.

It is important that we get used to it little by little, if possible since childhood. With many treats for cats and caresses, and above all without forcing anything, we can get you to accept the bathroom. Then, we will dry it well with a towel and, if it has long hair, we will dry it with a hair dryer at a certain distance with warm air.

Watch out! Fleas in cats are a danger

Now, on the question of whether or not to use human shampoo in cats, the answer is no, simply because it is not adapted to the animal's skin type. The most logical explanation is that the pH of humans is different from that of cats, and people's shampoo can be very strong for the cat's dermis and, therefore, will affect it.

After washing the cat with an inadequate shampoo, you will notice that the skin is irritated, itchy and it feels discomfort.

Given the situation, it is best to leave the inventions and resort to the simplest method, using cat shampoo, which can be purchased at any animal products store or veterinary centers. The good thing about this grooming product is that you can choose between a normal one, depending on your hair type and age, and best of all, there is even one for dry cleaning, which is perfect for cats that do not like Water.

Although cats hate the baths that the masters often choose to do, this routine is necessary since the pet can reach high levels of dirt.

In the case of felines, bathing them can be something that is done infrequently, because they keep cleaning themselves, however, each time it is done, you have to consider what implements to use and that is where many ask If cats can be bathed with shampoo for humans.

The first thing to keep in mind is that on the skin of these pets there is an outer and thin layer of fat, that is, oily, which serves as protection of the dermis, managing to isolate the skin from harmful external agents such as the sun and cold. Therefore, it is not good to wash the body very often, since this thin and protective layer is removed, especially when soaps are used.

Can you bathe cats?

Cats are the most demanding pets with hygiene. It is they who spend a lot of time keeping clean and groomed. However, in some cases cats may need our help, for example, if they usually leave the house or if they are stained with urine or dirt. Here there will be no choice but to give him a good bath. To make this moment as traumatic as possible, for both the cat and you, we will give you some advice.

Recommendations for bathing cats

  • It is important to use warm water, neither too cold nor too hot. This will help the cat feel comfortable and not notice the temperature change too much.
  • Do not overfill the bathtub because it is deep.
  • Do not lather and try to wet as little as possible the area of ​​the ears and eyes.
  • After rinsing it let it shake everything you want and dry it well with a towel.
  • Keep in mind that if you live with other cats, it is likely that changing their smell after bathing creates conflicts between them. It is advisable to rub all house cats with the same towel with which you have dried the cat to create a harmony at home when spreading the new smell.
  • If your cat gets too stressed, getting to bite or scratch it is best to ask your veterinarian or hairdresser for help to recommend the best way to act avoiding stress as much as possible.
  • Accustom the animal to the bathroom from approximately 2 months of age, to avoid stress that can suffer in older ages.

How often can I bathe my cat?

As we have commented, the cat is an extremely clean animal. They tend to be hostile to the contact of water with their body, especially if they have not been accustomed to bathing since they were pups. That is why the bathroom is recommended when there is no other remedy. For a maintenance of hygiene, dry foam can be a good alternative with brushing to remove dead hair. That is why, a monthly wash is more than enough if your cat usually gets stained or usually goes outside the house.

If from the beginning your cat is reluctant to bathe, do not force it as it will create a negative association unnecessarily. At the end of the day your cat will always be clean, whether you bathe it or not, he will be in charge of being like a brush.