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Turtles are excellent pets, very quiet and long-lived, but like all exotic animals, they require special care that you should take into account. In addition to providing adequate food and enough water, it is important that you build a special terrarium for her.

The first thing you should take into account is the space they need, the larger your terrarium is, the better your chances of exercising properly and staying healthy. Another important point is that it is away from air currents (Although the terrarium should not be completely closed), you must have a area for food and one for water, they also need a little house to shelter and receive enough light. It is also recommended that you worry that you are in a peaceful place, since they are very sensitive and get scared easily.

To make your terrarium and taking into account the aforementioned needs, you will need:


- A fish tank (large enough so that your pet can move easily and high, so that it does not escape, since it can suffer a fall and seriously injure itself)

- 1 cardboard box

- Land for planters.

- Wood chip

- 1 wooden box of sufficient size so that it can be easily inserted, since there you will sleep.

- Ampule for terrarium.


1.- First clean the fish tank and dry it very well.

2.- Then clean the soil for planters.

3.- Cut the cardboard box so that there is a tray to put the potting soil.

4.- When you have the land ready, put your seedlings.

5.- With the lid of the box, cut another tray and put it next to the one with earth. There add the wood chips.

6.- In the dry part, (where the chip is) put the well with the food.

7.- In the space that you still have empty, put the wooden house and arrange a well to keep it fresh water.

8.- Accommodate the terrarium bulb so that it can be warmed when you need it.

Remember that land turtles should not be exposed to extreme humidity, drafts or very intense heat and that their diet is the basis for their health and thus avoid diseases that afflict them.


The aquarium should be divided into a land area and a water zone. The proportion of water to land will depend on the species. Most semi-aquatic turtles will not need more than 50% of the aquarium dedicated to an aquatic area. Most aquatic turtles will need most of the aquarium dedicated to a water area, with no more than 25% of the aquarium dedicated to a land area. The water should be deeper than the shell of the turtle, so the turtle can be completely submerged and swim freely. You will also need a filter to keep the water clean.