10 Foods SMALL CATS Can Eat


There are many foods that humans consume that are also suitable for our cats to consume. However, a basic premise that we should always observe is that they are neither raw nor overly spiced. Salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar and other various condiments are harmful to the health of our cat. Although there are some that please you greatly.

If you continue reading this post of Animal Expert, we will inform you about the human food that a cat can eat.

Healthy meats

The healthiest meat that turns out to be the one that cats like the most is that of chicken. That of turkey and chicken They are also good and, therefore, are part of good human food for cats. If we want to prepare a homemade diet based on these products, we must know that the best way to provide our cats with such meat is boiled or roasted without oil. It is also convenient to disassemble and rid them completely of bones (especially small bones). The skin should only be given to cats if they are malnourished.

Boiled chicken meat for cooking broth is totally inadvisable, since it is cooked with leek and other harmful materials for the cat. If the cat eats this meat that comes from the broth, although he devours it pleased, it will cause diarrhea and vomiting.

On the other hand, the pig does not feel excessively good (especially the most fatty parts), while the rabbit is an acceptable meat for the cat. The liver, if you like it, will provide a lot of iron. Chopped veal is also acceptable.

This type of human food cats really like, but you have to restrict your consumption governed by two main parameters: they should not carry pepper or salt in excess. The most suitable are the slices of turkey and ham, both low in salt if possible. These sausages will be provided exceptionally, even if they love it.

Fuet, chorizo, salted ham, etc., although they like it, they should not be given. Optionally, and as a last resort, in the case of running out of any type of feed (a weekend, for example), they can be given a sausage from Frankfurt.

Healthy fish

The healthiest human eating fish for cats they are white and without thorns. Salmon and trout are also conducive. Tuna and sardines are also recommended for the Omega 3 and Omega 6 they contain and which favors the feline's mantle.

Fish should never be canned, since oil and salt do not suit our cats. In this way, you always have to boil the fish or pass it through the iron without oil before giving it to it. Smoked fish are also not convenient, although they may like them a lot.

Healthy vegetables

Potatoes and carrots are good for cats, so they are also part of the list of human foods that cats can eat. The best way to give them to the cat is to make a mince pie of veal or poultry, mixed with boiled potatoes and eggs. If we add a few chicken livers it will be a splendid fresh diet for our cat. We will only give part of the cake and the rest we will keep frozen in portions of daily consumption.

Pumpkin, peas and lettuce are good in small doses, since sugar does not suit the cat.

Cats are carnivorous and generally use vegetables to purge. Therefore, even vegetables that do not harm them should be administered sparingly.

What can newborn kittens eat? From 2 to 4 weeks

A pussy with a few days old needs to feed on his mother's milk to grow healthy, Since it is the right food with all the necessary supplements to strengthen your defenses, no other food can replace breast milk completely.

If the kitten has lost his mother or she does not want to feed him we give you two options:

Healthy fruits

Fruits carry a lot of sugar, therefore the intake by the cat should be minimal. Thus, melon and watermelon can be hydrated into small pieces during the summer.

Strawberries are also suitable for cat consumption. In small doses apples, pears and peaches are also suitable for the feline.

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Maternized milk:

You can get this milk in pet stores, it is manufactured by specialists who try to design a formula that simulated cat breast milk. You can find it already prepared liquid or powder, which is the most economical and easy to buy version. You prepare it with warm water and give it with a bottle or syringe if it is still very small.

From 0 to 2 weeks of life:

During the first two weeks of the live kitten they need to be fed frequently, if they are with their mother cat she takes care of this process by natural instinct without any human intervention, however, If you are the one in charge of feeding the kitten you must do it every 2 or 3 hours during the 24 hours of the day.

From 2 to 4 weeks of life:

From the second week to the fourth you can give it your serving of milk for the kitten every 4 or 5 hours a day, since the milk portion is already larger and they remain fed longer.

Breeding cats from birth is hard work and it needs a lot of dedication, time and love. As the kitten grows it will be more independent.

We recommend you not to give porridge, or ground meat, because they do not have teeth, what you can achieve is to hurt your weak gum, in addition, your stomach is not suitable to eat that type of food until 4 weeks of life, begin to sprout the teeth to cats.

Recipe 1: Chicken or turkey porridge with carrot

  • 150 g of turkey or chicken breast.
  • 1 medium carrot
  • Enough water to boil food.

This recipe is very simple, but super practical for kittens that need to nourish and supplement their diet, in turn, becomes familiar with other flavors and textures.

Its preparation is simple, wash the carrot and chicken or turkey breast well, boil both in a pot with water, it is not necessary to put salt. When cooked, blend both with a little more water to form the porridge. Let it cool and offer it to your kitten.

Recipe 2: Chicken liver porridge

  • 200 gr of chicken liver
  • Enough water to boil and give consistency.

First clean and wash the chicken liver well, and let it boil in plenty of water until it is well cooked. Then, let it sit for about 100 minutes and blend it with warm water, serve the same where you cooked the heart. Let cool and serve it to your hairy kitten.

Also, you can convert this recipe from porridge to pate when the kitten already has a little more experience with solid food. What you should do is boil the heart very well and crush it with a fork only with a little water, so that it is more consistent and with small pieces so that the pussy can use his teeth more.

Recipe 3: Fish and broccoli puree

  • 1 cup or can of salmon
  • 1 tablespoon broccoli
  • ¼ cup bread crumbs

Boil the broccoli until it is soft, if the salmon is fresh you should also cook it, then crush the broccoli with the salmon and gradually add the breadcrumbs to form the puree. This preparation what small cats can eat You can keep it in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.