What products can I give my cat if he has diarrhea


My cat has diarrhea! Don't worry, digestive problems are common in pets, and it's not always about serious problems. It could be a simple indigestion, or if your fears, a parasite problem, a disease or a food intolerance are confirmed. But before drawing hasty conclusions, let's see what you should do.

What do I do if my cat has diarrhea?

The first thing you should be clear about is that, since you don't know what's wrong, you should never medicate the cat on your own. Do not give medications that have not been prescribed by the veterinarian, much less medications for humans. It could get worse and even be dangerous!

Although it is not always easy, try to understand the origin of this diarrhea: has there been an abrupt change in your diet? Have you eaten something you shouldn't? Do you think there is a likelihood of being intoxicated with something? Does your cat suffer from stress or anxiety? There are many questions you can ask yourself.

In principle, diarrhea should not worry you. Pets often have softer bowel movements sporadically, possibly because they have eaten exceptionally more fiber than they should, or have not digested something well. If your cat has diarrhea, make him fast for 24 hours, that will allow time for his colon to be cleansed from that poorly done digestion. Later, you can give a soft diet based on boiled chicken and rice, always in small portions and watching how it feels.

Beware of dehydration! It is one of the most serious problems related to diarrhea. Also, cats tend not to drink much water. Make sure it hydrates enough, if you don't want water, you can give it chicken broth without salt, it will also provide hydration and is more appetizing. Resorting to wet canned food temporarily is another way to help your body hydrate.

My cat has diarrhea and does not pass

If after 48 hours your cat's diarrhea has not improved, then it is possible that it is not an indigestion, but a different problem. Then go to your veterinarian, as he will need drug treatment, possibly antibiotics.

See if in addition to diarrhea you have other symptoms of illness, such as fever or vomiting, they may be a sign of infection or parasites. If you can, Take a stool sample to the vet, you can analyze it to reach a diagnosis. Once you have it, you will be prescribed the most appropriate treatment to end the problem caused by diarrhea.

If your cat has diarrhea, don't ignore the problem!

Remedies and products if your cat has diarrhea

The first thing you can do for a cat with diarrhea is fasting. Do not give anything to eat for at least one day for your body to cleanse. Give him only water and you can also offer him, if the animal likes it, a broth of vegetables and chicken without fat.

One of the main causes that cause diarrhea in cats are hairballs, so keeping your pussy hair short is an excellent prevention against this condition.

Other important tips to keep in mind for your cat if he has diarrhea are:

    Change the food. Diarrhea is a common cause of poor diet. Have the cat eating the same com>

  • Vet. If the diarrhea persists more than the bill and even using these or some of these remedies has not improved, take your cat without fail to the veterinarian, because it could be that the condition is a sign that something more serious is happening in the animal's body .
  • Medicines. Of course, these will always be given under veterinarian supervision. Never meditate on your pet on your own, even if you have already been through that and there were some that did you good. This case may seem similar, but the causes may be different and need something different. The veterinarian will know much better than you what the animal should take.
  • Clean your feeders. Sanitizing and disinfecting cat feeders can help, since they harbor bacteria. However, if these are made of plastic, we recommend that you replace them with stainless steel ones>

What to do in diarrhea in cats

When a cat has diarrhea, it is very important to know what is behind, since there can be many diseases that cause it. Further, If it goes on in time, your cat will be at risk of becoming dehydrated, which is really serious.

What should be done when we have a case of diarrhea in cats?

Go to the vet

Sporadic diarrhea can be something normal, your cat may have eaten something out of the ordinary and sat down regularly, in that case, The problem will end with that end of digestion. But if your cat has been diarrhea for a couple of days, it is not due to indigestion. That's when you should go to the vet. Most likely, in addition to diarrhea, you have other symptoms of illness: vomiting, lack of appetite, lethargy ...

It is very important to go to the veterinarian, since it is the only way to know what is causing that diarrhea and, therefore, to give it the most appropriate treatment. It could be a viral, bacterial infection, parasites, food allergy ...

After the diagnosis, you should follow the pharmacological treatment that the veterinarian prescribes, without skipping shots and for as long as he considers. Make sure your cat doesn't spit the medicine!

What if my cat is not sick?

There are times when diarrhea in cats is caused by a sudden change in diet. If you have changed your mind in the last few days, it is very likely that your cat is not digesting it well, that's why his bowel movements are like that.

Food changes should always be done gradually, since The intestine is used to digest certain components and will not be able to withstand a sudden change. Mix the new food with the old one for a few days, putting a greater proportion of the new one every day until the old one is completely eliminated. So your digestive system will gradually get used to digest the new food and stop having diarrhea.

You can help your cat to rebuild its intestinal flora with probiotics. Ask your veterinarian! Also, always keep in mind that diarrhea and vomiting make you lose a lot of waterYou should prevent your cat from becoming dehydrated by making sure he drinks enough. If you don't want to drink, canned food can help you replenish fluids.

Beware of diarrhea in cats! Remember that the health of your pet is your responsibility!