How to know if my fish is pregnant?


When talking about guppy we refer to a certain type of fish and if you want to know if you are 'pregnant' do not hesitate to consult the article.

When we talk about guppy we mean a type of fish that, although it is native to South America, is quite common among us, since it is about a fish that does not require very complicated care and they are perfect to have as a pet in a fish tank or in an aquarium. It is a very curious fish in terms of reproduction since the guppy they are considered a type of ovoviviparous fish because this instead of depositing the eggs on some surface, as is common in fish, it will fertilize within itself, as if it were a pregnancy.

This mode of reproduction of the guppy causes, on the one hand, that may have fewer eggs since they do not fit many inside their body but, on the other hand, the new fish that are born do so already fully formed and swimming, which makes them have a much stronger immune system and are better prepared to survive in the water and fight against the adversities that it presents.

How to know if my female guppy is pregnant

Finding out if our guppy female is pregnant is quite easy, although it is also possible to say that the specimens of the guppy fish are very assiduous to become pregnant and have enough facility for it. Just have to observe your belly for several days, which will gradually grow considerably.

Another definitive symptom to know if our guppy is pregnant is to observe if a dark spot or spot appears in the anus area. When it appears it is a definite sign that it is in a state of good hope. This usually appears about two weeks after pregnancy and may change between an orange or darker tone throughout pregnancy.

Know when it will give birth The guppy female is already a bit more complicated. We have to take into account that the gestation period of this type of fish is approximately one month, so we cannot compare it with human gestation because it has nothing to do with it. As the pregnancy progresses we see how our guppy is increasingly swollen, and even sometimes takes a square shape. Being a type of fish with a fairly clear color, in the final stretch if we look closely we can even see the eyes of their young in the mother's womb, which will warn us that the birth is approaching.

How to take care of our guppy if you are pregnant

Guppy fish are quite characteristic as far as reproduction is concerned, since normally the rest of the fish when they are pregnant spawn and forget their young, but in this case it is the female who breeds the eggs inside her. For this operation to be successfully completed the first thing we have to do is take our pregnant female guppy away from the rest of fish and leave it apart somewhere without stress, in which she can quietly engage in the reproduction of her young and, therefore, can escape the harassment that the male normally undergoes.

Keep a good diet It is essential for the guppy when she is pregnant since she needs to be well nourished to be able to fulfill her function well, that of gestating her young. To do this, keep in mind that the digestive system of this type of fish is quite peculiar as well, since they have their mouths up, which means that they eat from the surface of the water. Using commercial fish food is recommended in the case of a healthy adult guppy, but in the case of a pregnant or a baby we must improve eating habits and use a higher quality meal, so marine artemia and mosquito larvae are the best option for this.

Keep the fish tank well clean and hygienic It should be something of the most common among those who have fish at home, but in this case we must be extremely careful since our pregnant females could suffer some kind of infection and thus endanger the life of both the future mother and the future offspring from guppy

When our guppy is about to give birth it shows some symptoms that can tell us that we have to prepare your fish tank for it. If we see that our guppy considerably decreases its activity, they have greater mouthfuls, their repsiration seems accelerated, they lose their appetite, they move towards the lower part of the fishbowl and hide between the plants or the decoration and their belly becomes round to square, they are signs that the offspring are on their way imminently. For this, the ideal is that you keep the water at about 27º and the female sits in a fairly quiet place.

Living species

There are not many species of live fish. Live fish give birth to live young instead of laying eggs in the aquarium. Some examples of varieties of live fish are guppies, mollies, moonfish, platys, four-eyed fish and sword tails. All these varieties show signs of their pregnancy before the fry are born.

Physical state

On the back of the fish's abdomen there is a spot known as the gravid spot. This spot on the fish will grow larger and darker when the eggs have been fertilized, indicating that the fry are beginning to develop inside. The gravid stain is already a naturally darker spot in the fish, but grows almost black over time during pregnancy.

Difficulty swimming

Although this is not always the case, some females have greater difficulty swimming when they are near birth. This is because the fry that is developing inside it is beginning to overwhelm it. This does not occur in all females, although care must be taken because it is an indicator of pregnancy.

Refuse to eat

Another indicator that a fish female is pregnant is that she begins to refuse to eat just before delivery. Many species of fish are voracious by nature, so when a fish suddenly rejects food, especially at a scheduled feeding time, this is a solid indicator that it is about to give birth.


It is completely normal for pregnant fish to spend more time hiding or seeming to explore plants and decorations in the aquarium. This is an indicator that you are about to give birth and that you are looking for a place to go through the process. This is an indicator that it is only one or two days away from the birth process.

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