How to care for a pit bull dog?


The Pitbull Stuffawler It is one of the many breeds of Pitbull dogs that was created for the famous and very badly fought dog fights.

This dog is usually very large, heavy and strong, but with short legs that reduce agility when running.

The colors can vary getting to do of any type.

The jaw and snout of Pitbull Stuffawler is usually very wide and thin, so much so that at the moment they gasp it seems they were smiling.

This is one of the Pitbull dogs that is branded as "Violent or aggressive"but really the dog not aggressive in itself, this is about the treatment and owner that the dog has had throughout his life.

So far it is not proven that the Pitbull Stuffawler be aggressive by nature, but if it is proven that it is a dog that tends to imitate the attitude and behavior of the owner. So if you have a very aggressive owner, as in most cases of punters in dog fights it is usually an extremely aggressive and dangerous dog.

How to care for a puppy pitbull or baby?

Let's start with the first step, if you pit bull dog is a puppy, you need special care to grow healthy and healthy, these are the tips you should follow to make this breed of dogs happy:

    Train your pitbull puppy since childhood: Teaching to socialize your puppy once you take it home is essential. If you get your puppy from a good breeder, the breeder could have started to socialize your pit bull. In this way, your puppy is already exposed to new situations, they are> Care for a pit bull

The health care of your pitbull dog is common to most dog breeds, as to why you should have a balanced diet and exercise, among other things, which we detail below:

    Feeding a pit bull: poorly fed dogs not only have a hope of v> Obtaining a license and insurance for dangerous dogs

Your pit bull can be the quietest in the world, however, in some countries, such as Spain, it is necessary to have a license and obtain insurance for dangerous dogs, this is by law and must be complied with. Since the pit bull is listed as one of the potentially dangerous dog breeds, you must comply with the Law 50/1999 if you reside in the Spanish territory, and get the PPP License.

Control your bite

Dogs of this breed usually have very strong fangs and muscles in their mouths. So much so that they can kill another dog that is a little smaller playing when they are puppies.

This is why you must learn to control your bite so that you learn that you should not bite hard and hurt others with your fangs.

To control the bite of the Stuffawler you must do the following:

  • When your puppy bites you let him know what's wrong by turning away from him and telling him "do not" for a while, once again he returns to play unless he bites very hard.
  • Using a teether you can order the dog with the order "release it" to release the teether and deliver it to you. This way he will learn when to let go or not to bite.

In either case remember to reward your dog with some meat or cookies if it does things right.

Educate and help him socialize

Pitbull Stuffawler must know from the beginning that you are the alpha male of the pack and that you have the mandate over him.

Teaching him to sit, use the leash, say "no" when he does something wrong or give him other orders is a good way to educate him.

Also, remember that these dogs they must socialize a lot throughout their lives so they don't hurt others.

You can take him out daily to the park and let him know new dogs and people, in this way he will adapt to new people and animals.

Much love, patience and respect

Pitbull Stuffawler can be quite dominant in many occasions and his strength can make it more complicated to educate him, but always remember to have a lot of patience.

Keep in mind that screaming and other violence will not help the dog, on the contrary, it will only worsen the attitude of the dog.

Care for a Pitbull dog

We will review all the important points one by one, to learn to keep our dog up to date and prevent him from suffering from health problems due to lack of care.

So we will start with the simplest explanations, to move on to the most complex or unknown among owners of this breed.

How should I take care of the hair of an Amercian Pitbull terrier?

The Pitbull has a but very specific, short size and rough to the touch, very abundant for his entire body except belly and english.

We must buy a special brush for dogs of large size and short, medium-thick hair. You will be amazed to know that there are so many types of brushes as hair types, and no, not all brushes are suitable for any dog.

Brushing our Pitbull a couple of times a week we will get your hair Always look healthy and bright, as we will remove traces of dead hair, dirt and possible parasites.

How many times to bathe a Pitbull a month?

It depends a lot on the area where you live, if it is mountainous and our dog is used to getting dirty with mud… obviously we must bathe it very often.

    Practical advice:How to bathe a dog correctly

However, if we live in a town or city where it cannot get so dirty at general levels, between once and twice a month is ideal.

Remember to always use a dog-specific soap, since that of humans does not work because causes dandruff and skin problems (they have a different PH than ours).

Basic maintenance of an American Pitbull terrier

It is not enough to feed him and take him for a walk, just like us, our Pitbull will need certain maintenance care to clean his ears, keep his nails with an adequate size and prevent you from having dental problems.

They are small details that we often forget but, which are totally necessary. We can do them once a week or once every two weeks, depending on our dog.

How to clean the ears and how often

The ears of a Pitbull are especially sensitive because they acquire dirt easily and if they are not cleaned, infections will occur.

It will be enough to tarnish a gauze (for sale in pharmacies, very economical) in special liquid for cleaning ears of dogs (for sale in veterinarians). With our small finger and the help of the gauze we will gently clean the inside of our dog's ear to remove dirt.

We cannot use swabs, nor any cloth with a little water, because we could cause an infection ourselves. The ears are very sensitive, so clean them very carefully.

It is usually enough to do a cleaning every two or three weeks, but if we see that our Pitbull dirties his ears more frequently, we must clean them once a week.

How to cut a Pitbull's nails

Another important aspect to consider is your nails, these tend to break naturally. If our dog usually walks on hard surfaces how sidewalks or asphalt, typical city soil, your nails will be filed automatically.

But if it's more of a country dog, you may need a nail cut once in a while. We must be very careful when cutting your nails, because even if we do not see it, there are many nerves and blood vessels under them.

If we see that your nails collide with the ground, we must go to the vet to give us a special scissors for nails and teach us how and when to cut them, especially ... how to avoid damaging them when we do it.

Pitbull's teeth and their care

Due to the feeding of Pitbulls that eat commercial feed, they develop a lot of tartar on their teeth. Tartar buildup ends up forming small infections which can lead to serious health problems.

The ideal in these cases is to give our dog from time to time some chicken carcass, being milky bones it will bite it easily and incidentally, it will clean the tartar of its teeth. Other types of bones accepted for dogs are also benefits for cleaning tartar.

There are even small special toothbrushes for dogs (eye! Never use toothpaste for humans because it is very toxic to dogs). But if all this seems too much to us, our veterinarian will be able to do a tartar cleaning when we deem it appropriate.

The eyes of a Pit Bull, extreme care

We all know how dogs of this breed are, very active and very gossip !! If they see something move between the bushes they will run to see what it is and possibly end up with some rubbing in their eyes due to the leaves or branches.

If we appreciate any of these symptoms In our dog Pitbull, we must go to the veterinarian to avoid major evils:

    Excessive tearing Blood in the eyes Excessive scratching by itching Legaine formation

How to take care of my Pitbull's legs?

Their legs are also very important, since without them ... I could not spend the excess energy they have daily.

In summer we must ensure that the soil does not burn, to avoid that your pads suffer. To do this, simply put our hand on the ground, if we can keep it for five seconds without burning, no problem.

In winter it is advisable to dry your legs when you get home, if you have them wet. In this way we will avoid the creation and proliferation of fungi and bacteria among their fingers.

Weekly we should check all its legs, looking for small nailed objects that can cause an infection. Dogs are very raw, especially Pitbulls ... and they may have a thorn and not even complain.

Exercise needed for a Pitbull dog

If you were looking for a carpet dog, you have confused the breed, since the Pitbull is possibly one of the most active and energetic breeds that exist.

This means that we must go for a walk a lot every day and also, To make some exercise with him (or at least, let him do it).

How many rides a day does a pit bull need?

The more, the better. The usual thing in Pitbull puppies is to take them out five to six times a day so that they go socializing and learn to do your things away from home.

In adult Pitbulls the thing can be quieter, although we must take them out at least three times a day with great walks and exercise.

How much exercise does an adult Pitbull need?

A lot, but gently and gradually. This means that we should not force him to run constantly for an hour without stopping at full throttle ... we must not kill the dog.

It is advisable to run at a quiet pace for those who spend energy but without exceeding, little by little and continuously and prolonged. There is nothing better for a dog than playing with another dog, it is the best way to spend energy.

Accompanying us to skate, go by bike or on a mountain route is a great idea to make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Remember that if your Pitbull does not spend his energy on a daily basis, it will start to show behavioral changes and even possibly aggressiveness.

Educate and socialize your Pitbull puppy from day one

It is no joke, although it is recommended to wait at least until three or four months to start educating dogs of other breeds, Pitbulls are somewhat stubborn dogs and it is advisable to start with their education from the first moment.

Simple orders like "Come Here", "Sit" or "Release" They are very simple to teach if we use a little food, such as a sausage cut into small pieces as prizes, which is known as positive reinforcement.

Teach your Pitbull puppy to control his bite from a very young age, so he will easily learn and avoid problems when he is an adult dog: How to teach a Pitbull to control the bite.

Socializing your APBT (American PitBull Terrier) puppy is essential from the moment you have your mandatory vaccinations and can go outside. Socializing it does not mean teaching the park, but letting it interact with other dogs of different breeds and ages, other people and other animals.

The socialization of a dog is to adapt it to its environment, in a way that respects the different life forms that surround it. This way you will avoid that as an adult it becomes a scary or aggressive dog.

Feeding your Pitbull puppy is essential

Even if you don't give it the importance it deserves, feeding your puppy is essential for it to grow healthy and strong. Poorly fed dogs not only have a lower life expectancy, but they develop many more diseases that will make you spend a lot of money on veterinarians.

Imagine a human eating low quality food like junk food for years and another eating healthy and balanced food for years. Which will live longer? Which one has better health? Which will have fewer diseases throughout your life? Well, the same goes for dogs.

There are many people who think that any type of dog croquette is enough, this being the biggest mistake. It is difficult to find a quality food for puppies, but not impossible.

Look at its ingredients and you will understand why your dog needs something similar, because in the quality of his food is our investment in his health. All their labels start with meat products and none contain harmful cereals such as wheat or corn.

Exercise your American Pitbull Terrier puppy and play with the

Interacting with your puppy is essential for two important reasons, the first one is that a special bond is created between the human and the dog. Something similar to that created between a mother and her baby.

The second is because playing with your puppy not only makes you happier, but also helps you exercise by developing your body and body better. Puppies like adults, although to a lesser extent obviously, they need to spend their energy daily To feel fulfilled.

Up to four or five months you can play with your puppy by throwing the ball or with teethers, you can even play with it while educating it with basic orders and prizes. After five or six months, you can start taking it out for great walks in the park, mountains or city.

Remember that the best way for a Pitbull puppy to exercise is playing with other dogsIn addition to socializing, they will spend their energy much faster with the longest of the rides.

Love and respect your Pitbull puppy

Respect is essential to bring a good relationship with your dog in the short, medium and long term. Because despite what many people think wrongly, dogs can remember events experienced even during their first days of life.

Never punish your puppy with aggressions or violence, because you will become more aggressive in the future. Love him and respect him how he deserves and he will do the same to you. Give it a good place in your house where you can put your bed and always leave clean and fresh water at your disposal.

With these simple steps you can take care of a Pitbull puppy in the most effective and correct way known. Enjoy your Pitbull!