Home remedies for fleas in baby cats


Fleas can be lethal to newborn kittens, as they can cause anemia. While flea removal is essential, it is also a delicate process, because commercial flea treatment can also be fatal for newborns and puppies under 6 weeks of age. The simplest and most effective home remedy to eliminate fleas from newborn kittens is the use of their fingers, a pair of tweezers or a flea comb. It is also important to eliminate the eggs and larvae of the kittens environment and for the treatment of the mother kittens. Manual flea removal

A flea comb is the safest and most effective way to eliminate fleas from newborn kittens. Place a cup of very hot water nearby, and dip the comb in the water to kill fleas. Put some petroleum jelly on the base of the comb's teeth to stop fleas from escaping. Alternatively, take the fleas with your finger and thumbnails, or a pair of tweezers, and release them in hot water.
Flea extraction from the environment

It is also important to eliminate fleas from the kitten's environment. Vacuuming or carpeting thoroughly and often helps eliminate eggs and larvae. Wash the kitten's bedding, and spray the carpets and furniture with an insecticide designed for fleas. Ensure, however, that such products are kept away from the kitten and its immediate environment, since chemicals can kill newborn kittens and those under 6 weeks of age.
Nursing treatment of the mother

Because fleas are transmitted to newborn kittens of their mothers, it is important to treat the mother with an anti-flea remedy prescribed by her veterinarian. Home remedies may not be 100 percent effective. Kittens will quickly become infested, if their mother is not completely free of fleas. Most spot-on flea treatments work within 24 hours, although you should ask your veterinarian what products are safe for nursing cats.

You can eliminate flea kittens when they are a little older. Fill the sink or bathtub with warm water. Dip the kitten in the water to the neck. Wet the head and neck with a towel. Lift the kitten out of the water, place it on a towel and gently massage with some mild dish soap. Massage in the whole body of the kitten, including its neck and under its chin. Wash carefully around the kitten's face to prevent soap in his eyes or water in his ears. Place the new kitten in the water to rinse the soap. Bathe the cat in a warm room and a towel and dry it immediately, as young kittens quickly lose body heat.

Baths with warm water and soap

Bathing a baby cat can be delicate. In principle we should only bathe a puppy cat when it has the first vaccines a day, however, in this case it will be important to take a bath to eliminate these annoying parasites. Remember what it is important to consult the veterinarian and you should never immerse your cat in water completely. That said, you should do the following:

Fill the sink with warm water and introduce the cat as gently as possible. Avoid wetting your head, but if you also have parasites there, wet your face and head with a wet baby wipe. Do not leave much time, all we want to do is wet your skin a little. Then place it on a towel and give a small massage with a specific shampoo for puppies and even a mild shampoo for babies. Be careful with the eyes and mucous membranes.

Proceed with a special comb for fleas or lice and eliminate all those you see and don't see too. Soap will make that job easier, and it is very effective in collecting and killing fleas. Every time you pick up a flea, put it in a bowl of hot water and the same soap to kill it. Do this in a warm environment where there are no cold drafts. When you're done, rinse it quickly, wrap it in a towel, dry it and keep it warm.

Vaseline is a product that has many benefits. It turns out that it is also very effective to eliminate fleas In baby cats. You can take your cat and as you brush it with the special flea comb, take some petroleum jelly and when you see a flea place a thick drop of this product. This will immobilize it and make it easier to eliminate it.

The same with alcohol, which can also be a powerful product but will not harm your pet's skin. Take a glass and fill it with fine alcohol and dip a swab with this liquid. Then, when you see a flea, support the wet stick and rub lightly. This will not kill her but will stun her and help you eliminate her effectively. Have another glass of alcohol on hand, this will be used to deposit the fleas you have removed.

Apple vinager

Apple cider vinegar is one of the typical home remedies of the grandmother. It is natural and is used for the treatment of many diseases. This solution is temporary and it will not be to kill fleas precisely, but it will make them jump quickly from the body territory of your baby cat.

Mix in a bottle with spray apple cider vinegar and water in a 2 to 1 ratio. Wet your cat's skin with this liquid and proceed to gently comb. Reapply after three days. In addition, there are endless benefits of apple cider vinegar, find out!

Flea trap

Fleas, like many insects, they are attracted to the light. The solution that we present below more than a remedy is a home remedy. Take a shallow soup dish, fill it with hot water with a little soap and place it under the night light. Fleas will jump into the light that will emit water and end up drowning in the dish. The next day you will see how the dish will have become a flea graveyard. Every day empty the plate, clean it and repeat the action.


Nobody likes salt water, even fleas, so it acts as a repellent. This solution will not be to apply to the cat's skin, but to use it as your new all-purpose cleanser. Clean floors, surfaces and other spaces, fleas jump everywhere looking to stay in a new host. You can also use only salt and sprinkle a little on fabric furniture and carpets, this will help kill the larvae and parasites that fleas leave when they pass.

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