Can I bathe my rabbit?


Tips and warnings about the rabbit bath

If you are thinking of bath to you rabbit Today we are going to tell you on what occasions you have to do it and what steps you have to take to make your rodent's bathroom as effective as possible.


Before entering the bathroom, take these considerations into account: rabbits are very clean animals that are constantly grooming. In addition, they have a protective layer on the skin that could be in danger and, lastly and very important, the bath for them is a time of great stress and anxiety so you only have to bathe if it is very dirty and for some reason of weight .

We should exclusively use special shampoos for rabbits, do not put on your skin any other soap or shampoo for humans because they have very delicate skin and these soaps are toxic to them. In addition, specialized hygiene products for rodents and rabbits contain beneficial substances for them such as aloe vera (in its fair measure), which will cure small wounds and scars, antiparasitic and / or insect repellent.

If you do not want to make him go through the unpleasant experience that is for them the bath with water, you can clean it with a dry shampoo. This product eliminates odors, absorb fat and leave scented hair without creating much stress to the animal.

Prepare the bathroom

If you have to bathe it, and since we already know that the bath is a very uncomfortable moment for the animal, we will make it as easy as possible.

· Choose a time of day when you have enough time to be able to dedicate as much as necessary and without haste.

· Choose a village where your rabbit fits, but not too deep to handle him well and not be in danger of submerging completely.

· Fill it with water that is neither too cold nor hot, at a warm temperature, like what you would put on a baby. This temperature also helps relaxation.

· Do not add any product to water such as salts, flavorings, etc. We repeat that the only product we are going to use is a special shampoo for rabbits.

· Take your rabbit and interact in an affectionate way with him for a few minutes, pet him and talk to him gently. It will not be fun during the bath and we have to try to keep ourselves comprehensive and relaxed.

During the bath

Use a special ph soap for rabbits, follow the product instructions and then rinse it well.

Always be careful with eyes, nose, ears and mouth, so that no water or soap comes in.

As we are already overwhelming you, do not take advantage of this moment to cut your nails, check your teeth or cut your hair. We want this process to be effective and fast.

Use a towel that is only for him. When the bath is finished, roll it with her, hug her and rub her a little as if you were stroking her. You do not need to dry it completely with the towel, it is better to dry naturally so keep it in a room where you can not catch a cold. Do not use a dryer, we could scare and burn you, they have too much power for them.

He ends up giving him a snack for rabbits for how well he has behaved,

Belief about whether rabbits bathe

There are many people who think that rabbits have to bathe occasionally to clean themselves thoroughly. Others think that it is quite the opposite since they have a habit of grooming just like cats and quite sensitive skin. As it has been observed on numerous occasions, bathing the animals can be a feat worthy of a competitive medal. So, are those reactions from our animal good or bad?

It is true that a bathroom It can help to remove loose hair, remove any remaining urine, clean if it has become dirty, and remove the remains of fecal material that can accumulate in the coat by lying in its cage near (or above) the feces.

Given all the doubts that arise daily about whether rabbits bathe or not, we believe that the best thing is yes. Sure enough, rabbits can bathe. However, it is important that it is done only a few times a year and only if the rabbit really needs a wash. You have to know how to evaluate if the rabbit is dirty, if it can wash itself or if what is dirty can lead to disease.

Next, we are going to tell you the most important steps you should take into account when bathing your rabbit. Remember, you should only do it if it is totally necessary.

Bath preparation

Contrary to what is thought, the bath should be something relaxing for the rabbit. We have to get away from that idea of ​​“the sooner the bathroom ends, the better”. Because sometimes we see our animal stressed and scared by water. This also has to do with the way of being of each rabbit and with the species we are dealing with. There are copies that take it very well and others that run away at the minimum they can, leaving the whole house full of water and stains.

As it should be something relaxing and rejuvenating, it should be something quiet for our pet. Therefore, it is better to reserve a time of day when you can have time and patience to perform this task. We can bathe our rabbit both in a sink and in a sink. The water should not be too hot to burn, but not warm to pass cold. Even if it's summer, it is never advisable to use cold water to bathe it, since the rabbit's skin is very sensitive and could damage the temperature contrast.

We must remember that bathing our rabbit should not be some fun. We must treat him with love, speaking softly and gently so that the bathroom is as cheerful as possible. If we make the bathroom a good experience, you won't hate bathing a second or third time. On the contrary, if we make it rough or throw it into the water, it can be traumatized and scared of the baths. That's when we can forget to wash our rabbit ever again.

How to bathe it

The water temperature has to be warm to hot, as if we were putting it for a baby. It is not necessary to use anything that has bubbles or bath salts to increase relaxation. The skin of rabbits is very sensitive and can be damaged by these substances. The best time to bathe it is undoubtedly spring and summer. If we bathe it in winter, we can run the risk of catching a cold.

There is a special soap for rabbits with a pH adapted to your skin. You can buy it here. You can also serve a baby soap, which helps reduce skin and eye irritation, and decreases redness. If you want your freshly washed rabbit to have a beautiful shine on your hair, use this model with a cheaper price. Once we have done all this slowly, without sudden gestures and talking to you affectionately at all times, touch the rinse. It seems that it's no use talking to him or treating him with love, but It is something conditioning so that our pet feels safe and comfortable. The rabbit gets used to our voice and our tone. He knows when we are angry or when we are good. Therefore, it is better to make that experience as pleasant as possible.

It is advisable to prevent water or soap from falling on the face during the bath. Otherwise it could damage your eyes, even if the soap has a pH adapted to it.

Nor is it advisable to take advantage of the bathroom to cut your nails, hair or comb. Already the bath is enough stress to stress him even more with the pedicure.

Rabbit drying

To dry our rabbit, it is advisable to have the dry towel ready beforehand. We must take the rabbit and put it in the towel, wrapping it and hugging it for a couple of minutes so you feel protected and know that the bad is over. Under no circumstances should the dryer be used to accelerate drying. You have to rub it a little gently and slowly and let it dry naturally. The dryer could scare it or even burn it.

A good idea is to put it in the sun to accelerate drying. So that the wet or wet rabbit does not get stained again because things are stuck, it is better not to remove them from the room until it is completely dry.

Hygiene care

Although a rabbit can bathe if it has been spotted and cannot clean itself, It is more advisable to maintain natural hygiene and help you wash but dry. Depending on the type of rabbit we are treating, it may suffer more or less stress when we bathe it. So, it is better in these cases not to commit to having to bathe and prevent it. To maintain proper hygiene, there are dry shampoos that come in handy.

You can buy this dry shampoo here. It will help maintain proper hygiene without rinsing. Also, bring a perfume so it smells much better. If you have to go on a trip and take your rabbit with you, opt for this cheaper and simpler model that will help maintain good hygiene at all times.

If we have made the bath a pleasant and relaxing experience, our rabbit will not panic the baths. On the contrary, you will feel more and more comfortable and will not get nervous when you touch a wash. I hope that with these tips you can properly wash your rabbit and make it a good experience for both of you.

At this moment we have doubts ... Can I bathe it? Can I use my soap? How do I dry it?

We must start from the basis that the type of rabbit skin is not like ours.

To bathe our rabbit, we have to use a special rodent shampoo.

Another important factor is water temperature. Be careful not to burn it. We will use water and we will avoid wetting your head to prevent soap from entering your eyes. It is very important to clear it completely, since if you have soap left over, it could irritate your skin.

At the time of drying, we will first use a towel, and then a dryer. The dryer air cannot be too hot, to avoid burns. We will always put our hand in front to check the air temperature.

[confirmation] We must be clear that it is not advisable to bathe the rabbit every week, much less every day. [/ confirmation]

Once a month it is more than enough, if while our rabbit does not touch it it gets dirty, we can use some wet wipes.

[boxparagraph] These types of doubts are frequent if it is our first pet, or if the situation is new for us. [/ boxparagraph]

We have prepared a series of videos to make all these issues that generate any doubt, have an easy and clear solution.