How to make my dog ​​sociable?


Being shy and scared, being very aggressive or going over affectionate are the three attitudes your dog can have when you have guests at home.

When we make the big decision to adopt or buy a pet we must keep in mind that our life will change in many aspects. A dog means a great responsibility, not only do we have to make sure that we feed and drink it, but it is also up to us to go outside every time they need to do their needs, socialize with other dogs and burn that necessary energy For your peace of mind and happiness.

further having a dog is a big responsibility>

However, it may also be that your dog is afraid of strangers due to some trauma suffered before you adopted it or it has a unique character and is suspicious or frightened by the presence of strangers at home. Either way, you have to try to make your dog feel comfortable when you have guests at home, since he is one more member of the family and you want him to feel as comfortable and integrated as everyone else is.

When dogs are afraid or shy

We may never know the reasons why your dog feels scared in the presence of guests or other people visiting your home. However, only a dog training professional can reach the true reason whereby our dog hides or trembles when someone he doesn't know is going to pet him.

Until you speak with a professional and get to know the reason for his reaction and how to treat him, it is best that you respect your dog's fear or that they are shy. That does not mean being at his side comforting and hugging him as if he were a human, since that will not make him feel better but will reinforce his fear. What you should do is to stop being afraid or to be less shy to respect your space and let find your own shelter. Normally it will be the bathroom or under the bed. You will try to go unnoticed and you will feel much better there.

As advice, you should talk with your guests and let them understand that your dog does not feel comfortable yet and may need a period, more or less long, to get used to the visits. These people should not approach the dog or try to touch it against their will. Not only will they scare the animal more or make them feel more shy, but it can even bite them because of fear and being in their shelter, which they consider their own place.

Another tip is to leave the door open and invite one of your visits to give a pet treat to your pet whenever they visit you, this way they may gradually decide to get a little closer to this person, smell them to make sure that they are not going to harm them and they may one day lose their fear.

When your dog gets aggressive

Many guard animals become very aggressive and they are few sociable when they arrive guests or people who do not know the home. That is normal, because its function is to protect the home where you live and not be so sociable. If you quarrel hard at that time the dog will not understand why you are punishing him and will be confused when he should warn you that an intruder is approaching and when not.

If you are afraid that your dog may hurt any of its guests, even if they say they are not afraid of your pet, One of the tips, for protection, it is best to lock or muzzle. Most likely, after a while of being the guests at home, the dog will calm down and want to go out to say hello. However, if after a while he continues with a violent attitude it is better that you leave him locked up.

The advice we mentioned earlier about the treat to be more sociable can work, but only when the dog is showing a good attitude, since if we reward you when it is violent we will be encouraging behavior That is not what we want. So, when we cannot get him out of a room because he is too aggressive or barks too much in the presence of guests, we should call a professional in canine behavior or psychology to help us deal with this situation without compromising security or safety. nobody's well-being

When your dog gets too happy

There is also the case in which your dog becomes too happy in the presence of guests and only be aware of them without following your instructions. It will bark excessively, jump and go around in circles when you see them. Most likely, they will also be thrown over and lick them with joy.

However, you should keep in mind that not everyone will find this welcome funny. There will be guests who accept the dog when they come to your home because they know that for you it is a member of the family, but Maybe they don't like me jumping on them or licking them. In addition, if the dog is not well educated, it may also jump over them, ask them to eat constantly during dinner or do nothing other than get everyone's attention.

In these cases yes It is essential that you know how to educate your dog well since childhood. It is up to you that he knows how to respect the personal space of your guests, that they are sociable and that he understands that he cannot treat them in the same way in which he treats you or those who live with him at home, since not everyone will react from the same way. Also, if you get too excited and get too hyperactive, you may even have unforeseen reactions, such as being aggressive or peeing, so it is very important that you help him know how to behave when visiting guests and teach him to control his emotions as he should in every moment

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Start socializing it from puppy

A puppy's brain has been compared many times with a sponge: learn very fast, both good and bad. During the "critical" period from 2 to 3 months old you have to get used to at least seeing other people and other four-legged animals. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we dress ourselves in different clothes and that we wear different accessories (hats, caps, scarves, sunglasses, ...). In addition, if we have friends who have dogs -quiet- we can ask them to go to the house and play with our puppy.

Take him for a walk every day

Walking is not just exercise. Outside there are different smells and there are many people and animals that our furry needs to see. If we keep him at home all day he will become shy, but the worst is not that, the worst is that he will not know how to relate to others. And that can cause problems in the future. To avoid it, you have to take it out at least three times a day.

Tips to make the dog more friendly and sociable

They say that pets resemble their owner, but that sometimes does not apply, especially when your idea of ​​making new friends or being a good host is truncated by your dog's bad mood or social character. If this is happening quietly, you can reverse it.

Don't mistreat it

Although it is obvious, It is important to make it clear that a dog - not really any animal - must be mistreated. And I don't mean just the blows, but also to put his fingers in his eyes, throw himself on top of him, grab him by the tail and squeeze it, shout at him, ignore him. These things will prevent you from being sociable, which is why it is so necessary to respect the animal we have at home and take care of it as it deserves. It is the only way to make him happy.

1. Punishment and reward

If you are walking down the street and when another dog approaches, your hairy starts to behave aggressively, you must say a “no” sound and serious so that you understand that this is not the right attitude. Instead, When he interacts without problems, they sniff each other and allow the other to smell it, congratulate him with a treat. That way you'll know what's right and what's not.

2. Looser belt

Maybe your pet is being very aggressive and antisocial because you take it too close to you. When you feel the belt tense and short, it relates to a danger or problem and therefore reacts that way. If you hold it too hard you will not have the possibility of approaching other dogs and being friendly with them. Remember that you must have control of the situation and not the animal, but also do not restrict their freedom to act.

3. Permission to be sociable

Your pet will act according to how you taught it and what (wanting or not) you have instilled. If from puppy you avoided interacting with other dogs, it will be more difficult for one day to the next to behave like the life of the party. Thus you should go allowing him to approach other dogs even if little by little.

Or maybe go to the permitted areas in the parks and release him to get in touch with his peers. Of course you will observe it closely in case you want to bite, growl or show your teeth. If it's just an act of recognition, allow it to continue until you consider it dangerous.

4. A partner also at home

If you have the possibility and the means to adopt another pet (it can be a dog or a cat), do not hesitate to do so to make your furry more friendly. Many times dogs are not very sociable because they are not used to sharing moments with others of their kind and are therefore reluctant to play with others. On the way You will be giving home to one of thousands of abandoned or stray dogs.

5. Integrate it into the party

When we have visitors and the dog is aggressive or hides under the table we should not allow him to continue with that behavior. What to do then? For example, help him meet the guests and not show fear. It is your task as host and owner of the animal to avoid biting or barking.

Make him understand that newcomers are friends and love him. If he gets under the furniture we can give him time to get used to it and call him slowly so he doesn't panic and wants to attack.

6. Socialization classes make the dog more friendly

Although it sounds a bit strange to you too there are schools to make your dog more friendly. These classes are offered in community centers, private classrooms or parks, pet stores and veterinary clinics.

Thanks to them the dogs are in contact with other animals and people, play, have a great time and relate the interaction with something good. And it is also perfect for shy owners or who have trouble making friends because you will find many nice people.