The 5 smallest cat breeds in the world


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There are about 90 million domestic cats in the US according to the most recent census data, which means that there are many more whose owners do not claim them as pets even though they take care of them. Many of these cats are identified as Domestic Longhair or Domestic Shorthair and only between 3 and 5% are purebred. The list of cat breeds is large and most records recognize about 40 breeds and at least one new surge each year.

Purebred cat lovers generally choose a breed similar to their personality. A reserved and introverted person can choose a race such as the Scottish fold or the curl. American A person who is more sociable and is looking for a cat with the characteristics of a dog could choose the Mau or the Burmese, in addition to being attracted to their appearance. From the elegant Siamese to the Maine Coon avatars, you'll always often find a cat that resembles your personality.

The ten most popular cat breeds are as varied as their owners:

  1. Persian cat: This breed has s /> Sphynx: Known as the "naked climber," this breed scales anything and is very lively and athletic, they look unusual and can be found in a variety of different hair colors. They are loyal, loving and demand constant attention.

If you want a cat that is elegant and cunning, bold and beautiful, distant and intelligent, a purebred or a stray cat, there is a cat for everyone. Everyone should own a cat at least once in their v>

Physical characteristics

The selection and breeding of the breed for years has led the Devon Rex to present a short, dense and curly-looking coat. His oval and bright eyes allow him to have a penetrating look, which together with his balanced body and sweet expression make him one of the most tender and adorable felines. For this breed, all colors are accepted.

With a average weight of 1-4 kilos, the skookum cat is characterized by being one of the smallest in the world. In general, males tend to be larger, around 3-4 kilos, while females can weigh between 1 and 3 kilograms.

Skookum Origin

The skookum is a breed of cat originally from the United States, very small and characterized by its beautiful curly hair and very short legs, features that give it an adorable appearance and some similarity with the basset hound dog.

The breed emerged from the cross between the Munchkin cat and the LaPerm, and several associations have recognized it as an "experimental breed." In this way, the skookum can participate in exhibitions but not in competitions.

Physical characteristics

The skookum is a very muscular cat with a medium bone structure. As we said, their legs are very short and its rather curly fur, these being the most distinctive physical features of the breed. It is such a small cat, that even in its adult stage it seems that it is still a puppy.

3. Munchkin

The munchkin cat has a average weight of 4-5 kilos in males, and 2-3 kilos in females, being another of the smallest cats in the world, as well as adorable. Likewise, it constitutes one of the most recent feline races, since it was not discovered until the 80s.

Munchkin origin

Originally from U.S, munchkin is the dachshund of cats: short and elongated. His name comes from the movie "The Wizard of Oz", in which the heroine knows a small town occupied by the so-called "munchkins".

His short stature comes from a natural genetic mutation product of the cross between races, and it was not until 1983 that it began to be documented about it. Often, this breed is known as the "miniature cat", an incorrect term because its body is equal to that of the common cat, with the particularity of the small length of its paws.

Origin of the Korat

Native of Thailand, this kitten is characterized by its blue color and green eyes. According to local beliefs, this is one of Tamra Meow's lucky cats, a collection of poems that describe 17 different feline breeds.

Although it may seem incredible, the korat is a cat that arose naturally, so that the human being was not part of creation and development as it has happened with other breeds of cats and dogs. Thus, it was exported for the first time from Thailand in the 1960s to go to the United States.

Origin of Singapura

As expected, the Singaporean cat or Singapore is native of Singapore, as the name implies. However, its real origins are still debated and unknown today, there are several theories about it. On the one hand, it is considered that it was created and developed in Singapore, while on the other it is said that this was not his birthplace. Likewise, its antiquity is also an unsolved mystery.

1. Singapore

Although it is an ancient race, a few decades ago it received the recognition it deserved. It originated in Singapore, where it is very common to see them walking down the street, and became famous after being taken to France and Britain.

The Singaporean cat - photo that opens this article - is the smallest in the world, has a round head and short snout, its eyes are almond-shaped, and its body is quite robust and muscular. Its fur is short and fine, light colors, mainly brown.

As for his character, he is active, playful and very affectionate. He is known for his tender temperament, and that adds points to choose as a pet.

2. Devon rex

This is another of the smallest cats we can find, and that emerged after the crossing of two common domestic cats in the United Kingdom, precisely in Devon County. Its main feature is the dense and curly mantle, which does not fall too much and can be ideal for those allergic people. In addition, their large ears and penetrating oval eyes attract attention.

The Devon rex emits a very soft, almost imperceptible meow and is a very affectionate and vigilant animal. You will definitely want to have it as a pet!

This cat is originally from the United States and, in addition to its small size, it is also known for its curly hair - like that of poodle dogs - and its short legs. It emerged after the crossing of two races: LaPerm and Munchkin, hence it is recognized as a breed of "experimental cat" that cannot participate in certain competitions.

The Skookun can weigh about three kilos - when he is an adult he still looks like a puppy - and his name derives from an American tribe, which means sweet, funny and intelligent... His three main qualities! He is a very affectionate cat and loves to be surrounded by his family. It is ideal for a house or a flat.

It is an ancient cat, originally from Thailand, which was recently recognized outside Asia a few decades ago, when it began to be exported to Europe or the United States.

The korat has a compact, very elegant body, with a tail and long ears. It can weigh between two and four kilos, and its fur is silver-bluish. He is quite affectionate with the family, but ariscous with children and strangers.

This breed is very intelligent, prefers quiet environments, loves to browse and play, and can spend hours jumping and running. The meow is particular and melodious, although it also uses other sounds to express what it wants.

5. Munchkin

The last of the smallest cats on this list It arose after a natural genetic mutation, and the main characteristic of the breed is that it has shorter legs than any other. However, this does not prevent you from walking, jumping or playing. That same gene is present in dogs such as basset hound or sausage.

The munchkin is a small cat, which weighs about three kilos, its fur is silky and long and can be of different colors and patterns. It is a pet quite active, playful, fearless and curious. Perfect for houses where there are children.

If you want to adopt a small cat, these are the best breeds. They do not require much care, they are affectionate, they will adapt to your home and they will become your best company.

Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest It comes from the Scandinavian countries, specifically from Norway. Although there is no concrete theory of its origin, it is believed to result from the cross between ancestral cats of southern Europe and long-haired cats. Know more…

This breed as the name implies is from Siberia. A vast region that is located in the eastern Asian part of Russia. Know more…

Burma sacred

The Burmese cat or Burmese cat, is a beautiful breed of felines characterized by being a version of the Siamese cat, but with long mane and mainly for having white tipped legs. Know more…

Persian cat

When we think of him Persian cat, that air of elegance and distinction that emanates naturally comes to mind. They are cats with a special bearing, distinguished perhaps, sometimes haughty, but it will never leave us indifferent. Know more…

We all immediately recognize a Siamese cat. That elegant bearing, its pointed pattern, so characteristic and its eyes a deep blue, but its history dates back to Asia at least 500 years ago. Know more…

The Bengali or Bengal cat, is like a leopard or a miniature tiger, with the wild spirit of these, but with the calm, closeness and affection that a domestic cat can give you. Know more…

Exotic cat

The exotic cat is a breed very similar to the Persian cat, but despite maintaining many of its characteristics as it comes from a cross between the British Shorthair and a Persian cat. Know more…

The Russian blue is a breed of cat that is easy to distinguish between other races. Particularly for the silver tone of his coat. They are short-haired and medium-sized cats. They were brought to Northern Europe in 1860. Learn more ...

The Nibelungo or Nebelung cat, has wide-base ears and slightly rounded tips, its body is stylized and is a very agile and muscular cat. Know more…

Himalayan cat

The Himalayan cat has a physical appearance similar to that of the Persian cat and that of the Siamese cat, in fact it was the result of a cross between these two races. Know more…

The Turkish Van Cat is originally from Lake Van in southeastern Turkey, specifically in the highlands of Armenia. However, the story of how this breed emerged for hundreds of years goes back to a curious legend. Know more…

Oriental cat

The Oriental cat is a great unknown, but it is recognizable to the naked eye, for having different features, to common cats. His face sharp and long, with large and open ears, a beautiful and elongated body and incredible cunning. Know more…

Sphynx or Sphinx Cat

Exotic, rare, beautiful, strange ... even with the appearance of an alien they have come to define this cat breed that is characterized by the "absence" of hair. The Sphynx or Sphinx cat produces fascination and curiosity. Know more…

Although their complexion and appearance can relate them to the appearance of the skin of a Sphynx cat and the complexion and figure of an oriental cat with short hair, the Peterbald is itself a breed. Know more…

Lykoi cats are also called wolf cats, because of their physique so similar to that of a small wolf, where their fur and eyes are the characters that make them so peculiar. Know more…

Breeds of Small Cats

We list the cats of thin constitution and smaller than usual. They tend to weigh less than average, although they are equally lively and curious cats.

The breed of Munchkin cats is characterized by being small or medium size and having short legs, but the torso and tail of normal size, so they are considered as cats that do not grow. Know more…

The Burmese cat is a breed of feline that will not leave you indifferent. This explains how from its remote origins it ended up expanding to all continents, especially to America, at the beginning of the 20th century. Know more…

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats are native to Scotland and arise from a genetic mutation that occurred in the first Scottish Fold cat named Suzie. Know more…

We will tell you about him Abyssinian, so that you know it a little more, and we will also tell you some curious facts about them. Know more…

Bombay cat

The origin of the Bombay cat dates back to 1950. We will tell you more interesting things about the Bombay, such as its Origin, character, care and curiosities. Know more…

They already appear in the poem of the books of cats, ancient Thai writing, and they speak of the si-sawat of bluish silver color and distinct from other blue cats. Know it. Know more…

Cornish Rex

The origin of the Cornish Rex cat takes us to the year 1950, in a Bodmin farm, in Cornwall (England). There appeared a kitten with curly hair, in a litter of a feral cat that lived very close. Know more…

European Common Cat

It is also known as street cat or Roman cat. It is the most common cat in many homes, intelligent, strong and sociable. Come to know them better. Know more…

The Snowshoe cat has its appearance in 1960, in the United States, when the Breeder Dorothy Hinds, decides to recover a peculiarity of the first Siamese cats. Know more…

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau, is one of the oldest races in the world. Let us know more about this cat as unknown, as special. Know more…

The Ocicat cat is a great stranger in the world of cat breeds. He is an adventurous, meowing and talkative cat, very intelligent and who loves exploration. Know more…

The origin of this special cat is due to Judy Sugden, who wanted to create a breed of cats that emulated the great tiger of India, back in the mid-1980s, in the United States. Know more…

The Manx cat, was presented in society for the first time in 1860, in the first feline competitions and had great success, for its unusual characteristic and for a very special character. Know more…

Genetic varieties in the characteristics of a cat, such as the length of the hair, the size of its paws or the pattern of its drawing, is called dominant , only if half of an allele is necessary to manifest and is called recessive If both parts are needed. That is, we could say that the original features of a cat are dominant, while the genetic mutations that can occur are recessive.

Cat breeds long, short or hairless hair?

Cat fur consists of a thick and shiny protective hair and a thinner insulating lower layer. The first cats, had a medium size, with fine fur. Most of the later variants kept the hair short, which It can vary, from very thick to practically not having.

It happens in cats, that these mutations in their fur and form, without the hand of man, may have disappeared, in later generations. The selective breeding, has enabled the existence of breeds with fur and unique characteristics, such as hairless cats.

There is a very interesting fact and it is that the domestic cat inherited from its wild ancestors, the recessive genetic feature of long hair and that is that long-haired cats, do not exist in the natural habitat. Is a genetic mutation, responsible for all long-haired cat breeds, from the actuality. Breeders have enhanced this characteristic, in the breeding of certain cat breeds, which they have in their long hair, their own identity sign, in addition to other characteristics in their color and pattern. Let's see a selection of long-haired breeds, better known. You can click on the image, for more information

Breeds of Oriental Cats

Oriental cat breeds were generally evolved in warmer climates, where it was important to regulate body temperature and lose heat, rather than preserve it, hence your stylized body, increasing your body surface in relation to your size. How? with large ears, elongated head, long legs and thin bodies, to eliminate excess heat.

Also in the west they have been created new cat breeds which mimic the oriental style, like the short-haired oriental cat, which starts from the Siamese and happened when the “non-pointed” short-haired Siamese imported from Asia disappeared.

Pedigree in the Cats

The pedigree cats, They are selectively bred based on a particular body type, the color of their internal and external fur, the size and other characteristics to be considered, own of a race.

The more ancentros of the same characteristics over time a race line has, the better pedigree it acquires. Since has been raised according to standards which determines its purity, and therefore, that have been more rigorous in the conservation of that genealogical line.

Cats, breeds and the "founder effect"

In the world of cats, when there is a specific mutation, it disappears soon. This occurs in large populations, where the probability that focus on a specific line is unusual. But in populations of less numerous or controlled cats, by the law of probability, there are more chances of them taking root.

If this happens, the first members have a very powerful and long-term effect on the rest of the descendants and this is what is called founder effect, About a mutation This factor has been very taken into account by breeders, when defining, the cat breeds, existing today and even, in which they are to arrive.

Genetic diseases in cat breeds

As we have already mentioned, breeders make use of the most advanced genetics, to preserve certain traits and define a particular breed of cats, such as the features of the face, ears, fur, pattern and even morphology.

But it is also true, that in this race by the definition of a pure breed of cats, with a high pedigree, others are also being given the opportunity genes, which may remain hidden and this is how in pure races, own genetic diseases can be transmitted. Current advances in this field and responsible parenting could be the solution to these problems.

By listing them, we can say that some emerged as a specific variety of a geographical area or country such as the Russian Blue, but others have been "created" by the hand of man, promoting and preserving certain characteristics or mutations, until defining an own standard. Examples of this can be cat breeds without hair.

In FeelCats we will always be in favor of adoption, before buying a cat, but it is obvious that the world of different cat breeds, satisfies a demand of many people, who want to have a breed cat in their lives. If they opt for the latter, it is very important to do so with the greatest responsibility (also in adoption) and always through specialized breeding grounds, which give all the guarantees of health, care and ethics, towards kittens and their parents.

The 6 smallest cats in the world

Devon Rex cats are part of the smallest breeds in the worldIn fact, in their native country (United Kingdom), they are nicknamed "The Goblins" for their sizes and other physical characteristics. Their fur is very short, curly and thin, they tend to confuse them with their relatives the Cornish Rex, however there are differences in the face and the musculature that characterizes them.

The body of the Devon Rex cat is very thin, has large, oval eyes and the position of both is dropped towards the center of the face. The ears of this pussy also have a considerable size but it is a feature that makes them adorable. His mustaches and eyebrows are very long while the cheekbones are well marked. The cat can measure between 27 and 38 centimeters and have a maximum weight of 5 kilograms.


There are very few specimens of the Devon Rex cat, as it is a relatively new breed, the felines arrived on the coasts of the United States in 1968, while the breed was accepted by TICA (The International Cat Association) in 1972.

Singapura cat:

The Singaporean or Singaporean cat is a breed that can measure between 6 and 8 inches and its weight does not exceed 3 kilos, so it is characterized by having a small and slender body. It has a small round head, its eyes are one of its great qualities since they are very large, open and delineated, usually the tone of its eyes varies between green, copper, gold and honey, it also has a fine coat , short and thin, which make it very soft to the touch.

This pussycat, considered one of the smallest cats in the world has a friendly and affectionate behavior, the Singapura cat is the ideal pet to have at home Because he loves family environments and feeling loved, coupled with this he maintains a good relationship with children and other pets.

Bombay cats:

These beautiful and elegant cats are from the state of Kentucky, in the United States, and the name Bombay owes it to the resemblance of the feline with the black leopard of Bombay, in India. This medium sized cat and muscular body, is the result of the crossing of a brown Burmese specimen and a black American Shorthair.

The head of the Bombay cat is quite round and its wide face, it has a nice black nose and its well developed snout is incredibly strong, but in short, what attracts the attention of this pussy is the intense black color of the fur, which together to its beautiful eyes that can go from yellow, to gold, through the copper, make this breed one of the most elegant, enigmatic and striking. Bombay cats are calm and affectionate but also curious because they stand out for being a very intelligent race.

Rusty cats or spotted cat:

If smaller cats are treated, Rusty cats are part of the smallest wild breed in the world, the longest specimens reach 45 centimeters and the minimum height is 35 centimeters. The feline is originally from India and is an excellent hunter, this is thanks to his agility and the muscular and strong body he possesses.

The name of spotted cat is also due to the dark tones that perch on the gray-brown mantle, while its limbs are white, in the same way the cats have six lines in dark hue on the forehead and cheeks, in this way you can easily identify the breed.

Munchkin cat:

Munchkin cats are synonymous with tendernessThey are sociable, affectionate, homely and very calm felines, they are characterized by having good behavior and being an excellent companion for children and other pets.

The life expectancy of this furry friend ranges between 13 and 15 years, usually houses and flats reside because they have become one of the most demanded races because of their physical characteristics. Munchkin cat's coat is silky and shades may vary, some are tabby, others tabby with white, there are felines cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, cream, silver and black, in fact there are cases that the cat's fur is tricolor.

Balinese cat:

The Balinese cat is originally from the United States, is a descendant of the Siamese cat and other long-haired breeds. Among other features it can be mentioned that these felines have a small size and are super light since they weigh between 3 and 5 kilograms, thus placing them among the smallest cats in the world. They are usually found in cold weather environments and live on average between 10 and 15 years.

The pussy has abundant and thick fur and easy to find in white, blue and chocolate colors. Regardless of whether it is a very stylized breed, cats are super strong and very active. The head has a triangular shape and its ears are pointed and large, on the other hand the eyes of these pussies are usually intense blue.