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Pregnancy and birth in a small dog can be dangerous, so you'll have to find out as much as you can about pregnancy in Chihuahuas.

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Discovering pregnancy in a Chihuahua

How to know if a chihuahua is pregnant? Before running to the veterinarian for confirmation, you can use these signs to determine pregnancy for yourself:

  • The nipples These enlarge and may darken.
  • Hardened stomach Your belly will expand rapidly, much faster than with other dog breeds, and it will harden.
  • Lethargy. Your dog will have less energy.
  • Increased urination The pressure of the uterus will lead your dog to urinate more frequently.
  • Changes in appetite Your dog may be hungrier than normal or be more fussy about food.

Preparations for your chihuahua's pregnancy

If your chihuahua is pregnant, there are some things you need to know and do to prepare.

  • Gestation period. This may vary, from 58 to 66 days. Knowing the date of insemination will allow you to predict the date of birth and prepare for it. More than 70 days is a matter of concern and you should take your dog to a veterinarian immediately in case of complications.
  • False pregnancy Your dog will show you all the signs of a real pregnancy, but it will begin to disappear within a month.
  • Temperature drop. As soon as your chi's temperature drops below 100 ° F, you will know that she will give birth within the next 24 hours. Have a thermometer in your hand and take the temperature every 4 hours on the day before the expected date of delivery.
  • Help during pregnancy. If possible, allow your dog to give birth in a clinic, where it will be attended by professionals. A chihuahua pregnancy can be difficult to manage successfully at home, unless you have a lot of experience.
  • Quality food It is very important to provide especially nutritious food to a pregnant chihuahua, to help her keep up with the physical demands of growing puppies.
  • Rest and tranquility. Make sure you have a quiet and comfortable place to be, where you can rest a lot. Limit the exercise to no more than half an hour a day.
  • Gentle treatment Any person who comes into contact with a pregnant chihuahua should exercise due care and kindness with her. Avoid loud noises and distractions.
  • Nesting Just before delivery, your dog will start digging and chewing on his bedding and will probably start licking and cleaning itself. This nesting behavior is a sure sign that the birth of puppies is imminent and that you should take it to the veterinarian.

A chihuahua pregnancy does not have to be a cause for excessive worry, as long as you are in close contact with your veterinarian and you have a good cu>

How old can I cross my female chihuahua?

As chihuahua breeders we have to recommend that you chihuahua female Do not exceed 6 years of age. From 6-8 years of age the jealousy of the chihuahua female they undergo modifications and there is a progressive increase in the time between heat and heat. The older the female chihuahua breeding higher chance of problems for your dog chihuahua, problems in childbirth, dystocia, less numerous litters, higher incidence of Chihuahua puppies with congenital defects.

What is the ideal weight of a female chihuahua to raise?

As chihuahua breeders, we have to say categorically that they CANNOT be used Chihuahua female specimens of an excessively small size, we can regret it bitterly losing the life of our beloved pet, the deliveries for these females usually end badly, I do not deny that as in everything there may be exceptions and someone has been lucky that his female has raised with his kilo female and little without problems, but this is NOTHING usual. Therefore, note that female chihuahuas "dwarfs" do not serve to raise. A Chihuahua breed professional do not use this type of chihuahuas as breeders. And as the saying goes that "facts are loves and not good reasons", I have a bitch chihuahua which weighed 1.2 kg before its sterilization. Weight (now is a little fuller) and has not had puppies once, pay attention to me please and do not take that unnecessary risk.

A Chihuahua breed expert will tell you that as a MINIMUM the chihuahua female It should weigh 2 kg. from now on, although it is advisable to range between 2.5 and 3 kg. The chihuahua females with a lower weight are more likely to have to practice a Caesarean section.

How old should the Chihuahua male be to use as a player?

For both cases, that is to say both for a chihuahua female as for a male chihuahua player, the age is the same, they must have more than one year of life. Being the ideal that has a year and a half, before the year is not advisable, also do not let the litters register whose stallion I have done the ride With less than one year old. It is also not recommended that a chihuahua male perform you ride from seven years of age.

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Below is a video of a pregnant chihuahua dog, tips, useful information, radiography, ultrasound.

In the mini races, as is the chihuahua breed dog, the Birth It is a very complicated process due to the small size of the mother.

Approximately one week before the birth we will allocate a suitable place for the mother, a sufficiently large wooden drawer in which both she and her chihuahua puppies, which we will not move until weaning takes place, because if after delivery we move them, the mother could hate them.

A week before delivery approximately begins to have milk.

A couple of days before the chihuahua female You will have given signs of the proximity of the birth, you will be very restless (for example you can scratch the floor or the walls or destroy the clothes you find in your path).

A normal delivery can last between 5 and 24 hours, and in some cases, especially if they are new, the time can be extended up to 36 hours.

The body temperature will indicate when it will give birth, since it will have dropped significantly below normal (38.5-39ºC) to 37ºC or even less. From then on, we will not leave her alone.

To take the rectal temperature we will use a digital thermometer that we can find in any pharmacy, never think of using a crystal and mercury, as it could break.

The birth is easier if the dog is calm and discreetly guarded by the person with whom she has more confidence and relationship.

At the beginning of labor, the water rupture occurs, when the amniotic sac releases its contents. From the rupture of the liquid bag to the expulsion of the chihuahua puppy Two hours may pass. This time period is not always the same. From this moment, it is important that the trustworthy person that we have mentioned to give her security is with her, so she relaxes and helps her to dilate, from time to time while we watch her we will caress her, always without exceeding ourselves in pampering they would do nothing but deconcentrate it to the point of forgetting that it has to give birth.

When it is time to give birth to a puppy, the dog will begin to push in small intervals of two to three minutes, arch the tail down and put the kidneys.

If we see it push in small intervals of two to three minutes and we see that the puppy does not come out, we must go immediately to the veterinarian, because surely you will have to perform a C-section.

While the situation is going normally, the dog gasps and digs, we should not get nervous, because the female detects our mood and can be altered.

As the puppy goes through the birth canal, we will appreciate that the pains are more intense and at the same time more continuous, the pains force her to get up, we see how she puts the kidneys to push and arches the tail even more, the puppy begins to press from the inside and we see how the area around the vulva that is widening bulges, the puppy is well placed in the canal and begins to appear wrapped in the placenta, if we observe that it comes from the head, we let everything go normally.

While we observe that the bag is intact, we wait for the following contractions and that the puppy is born by itself. Now, in case the bag is broken before leaving, we will clear the puppy's mouth so he can breathe.

Once the puppy is born, the female will proceed to open the placenta, if not, we will do it. To do this, we will open the bag ourselves, we will take the precaution of putting the puppy upside down and break the bag at the level of the mouth, so we will avoid swallowing amniotic fluid.

Sometimes it may happen that the puppy is born and the placenta stays inside, so we must carefully take the umbilical cord and gently pull it out.

If the mother does not show an initiative to cut the umbilical cord, again we will have to play the role of the mother, for this we will tie the cord with a thread about 6 millimeters from the navel and cut the umbilical cord always outside, that is, between the thread and placenta, never between the puppy and the thread.

We will not immediately cut the umbilical cord, we must wait a couple of minutes since it is born to give the puppy the possibility of receiving all the blood from the placenta. Then we will gently open the puppy's mouth, remove the mucus and hold the newborn upside down, shaking it if necessary to start breathing. Then we will continue stimulating your first breath by massaging the chest with a clean cloth.

There are breeders who are in favor of letting the mother eat the placenta of the puppy and even if they see that it leaves her, they encourage her to eat it and chop it with a scissor so that she can ingest it without problems, this is because they think this will help at the drop in breast milk, although they warn you that it is not convenient for you to eat more than three, because it could sit badly and cause diarrhea and that we also never give you the placenta of a puppy that was born dead, because it could cause mother an infection, however other breeders think that it is not a recommended practice, if in doubt we better refrain from doing so.

Something very important is to count the placentas, if one has stayed inside, the mother will expel her, but if she did not it could cause an infection in her, so we insist that the placentas must be counted, in the end we must count the same number of Placentas than puppies.

Personally in the deliveries we have a roll of kitchen paper for when the puppy is born and without the placenta being able to dry it well, then we pass it to the mother to lick it impregnating it with its smell and to stimulate it. The dog licking the puppy stimulates its cardio-respiratory function.

As the puppy dries, the hue of the hair changes.

During the first hours you should not lose sight of the litter and observe that all puppies are hooked well to the tit, in case anyone does not suck, you have to put it until you do it for yourself.

With some puppies, this operation can be exhausting, once you have made sure that you have suckled, you have to observe it and if after two hours it has not been hooked again, you have to put it back on.

If a puppy comes from the ass, these are the cases that show the hind legs, care must be taken, ensuring that the bag does not break because if it is broken, the puppy would start trying to breathe, it needs oxygen and if the head is inside the uterus will drown with amniotic fluid. Although coming from the ass many are born without difficulty, but in other cases it is not so, in that case we have to take the puppy and stretch it, with softness, energy and firmness, as quickly as possible, since we only have 20 seconds to get it alive.

Puppies are usually born irregularly, so between the birth of one and the other, it can take 20 minutes, an hour or more.

If the delivery is prolonged and the dog begins to show signs of tiredness and exhaustion, we will prepare a glass of milk well loaded with coffee, with sugar and an egg yolk, which will help her regain strength.

Once the pups are born, the temperature where they are found should be about 25ºC-30ºC, to prevent them from catching cold, since at birth the puppies are unable to regulate their body temperature. Likewise, we must avoid the heat suffocating, because the mother could leave her puppies to go in search of a cooler place.

After delivery, we can clean the mother's womb, breasts and vulva chihuahua with a soft sponge and water with a little soap and then rinse.

Things we are going to need:

* We will need scissors with a rounded tip like those used for the human baby, this will be to avoid cuts or injuries to the puppies. The scissors are put inside a container with alcohol so that they are sterilized, we have to keep our hands clean.

* Thread to tie the umbilical cord.

* A roll of paper towels to dry the newborn puppies.

* Latex gloves that will facilitate the handling of the puppy.

* A scale to weigh the puppies.

* We will have specific powdered milk for canine use in anticipation that the mother did not have enough or no. In this case, we will stimulate the perineum after each intake with a cotton ball or gauze, a little moistened with water to facilitate urination and defecation of the puppy.

* Once the delivery is finished, it is important to avoid umbilical infections disinfecting the area where the navel will form, touching it with a little solution of pov />

* Weigh the puppies daily to verify that they are gaining weight.

How many puppies will my dog ​​have?

The answer to this question will influence the breed, age and size of your pet.

    If your dog has a toy size it is unlikely to have more than one puppy, although they have met>

There are those who say that you can determine the number of puppies if you see the breasts that start to come out before giving birth, although this does not seem very relevant, because sometimes they are not the same amount because someone has died as a fetus. However, have those you have, a dog mom can not comfortably breastfeed more than 8 puppies.

Can a dog have twins?

Although we know that you would like the answer to this question to be yes, We are sorry to say that there is no record of any case in which a dog has had twins, still (hope is the last thing lost).

The reason as explained by the specialists is because bitches have a constitution very different from that of women.

Your uterine system is divided into two, so when a dog generates embryos they are always housed in different compartments.

How to recognize the beginning and end of a birth?

It would not be the first time that when a dog stops at home, the owners leave her alone thinking that she has finished giving birth to all the puppies. Because of this it is essential that we know when labor begins and when labor ends.

To recognize the beginning it will be important that we observe our dog carefully to notice changes in her behavior. When the time is approaching, your dog will be nervous and tired, making slow movements and looking for a safe, hot and hidden place to take refuge.

This will happen between days 60 and 65 after the ride, so take note of when this happened.

On the other hand, to know if the delivery is over and if the puppy we are seeing is the final one, the behavior of our dog will be the one to indicate it to us as well.

The new mother will calm down in an obvious way and begin to group the puppies and prepare to breastfeed.

Up to what age a female dog can give birth

As a general rule, it is not recommended that a dog have puppies after the age of 9. This is because at that age the dog will already be in decline, its entire organism begins to age and its immune system begins to weaken.

So, both she and future puppies can suffer various dangers, because your health is in decline and it is easier to get physical and psychological diseases and degenerations.

As we have seen in the article Everything related to pregnancy, childbirth and the number of puppies will depend on several factors such as health, race, size and age. However, to make sure of the risks, always talk to your veterinarian to find out at what time and condition your pet is and the feasibility of a possible pregnancy and childbirth.

What to consider before riding

If you have observed that your Chihuahua dog has the extreme need to be a mother, or it has been her veterinarian who has recommended it to you, you should consider some recommendations before proceeding to fulfill her wish.

  • It is recommended that the male be smaller than the female. Although it is not proven that this fact causes the future mother to manage smaller puppies, every precaution is little when it comes to raising what is considered the smallest breed of dog in the world. However, we repeat, it is not a proven fact, since, as with us, the genes of the ancestors of the parents also come into play. In this way, if the grandfather of the future mother, for example, was larger than her, some of the puppies can adopt that size.
  • Find a good veterinarian. Precisely because the Chihuahua is such a small dog, the chances of suffering problems during pregnancy or childbirth are accentuated. Therefore, having the services of a professional is essential, not only for the follow-up of pregnancy, but to perform a C-section if necessary. Especially chihuahua bitches of less than 3 kilos have a greater propensity to caesarean section. In this sense, you should keep in mind that to raise a Chihuahua implies money, in addition to time and dedication.
  • It is not recommended to cross dogs of the same family. As with humans, raising specimens of the same family increases the chances of gestating puppies with malformations or genetic diseases.
  • The dog must be over two and a half years old. Regardless of the breed, before this age the dog is considered too young to have a pregnancy.

Having said that, you should ask yourself the following question: "Why raise my chihuahua?" If the answer is not one of those mentioned above, and you have decided to do so to get a benefit or because you want your dog or dog to live this experience, you should know that you are wrong. As we mentioned, Chihuahuas are more likely than other races to suffer problems during the entire gestation period, so it is not recommended to make them breed for the simple pleasure of the owners. Keep in mind that the consequences of submitting it to it could become very serious, so consult with the veterinarian and ask for advice before proceeding to ride. On the other hand, if you have observed that your dog suffers psychological pregnancies and you consider that you should raise her to avoid them, you should know that this will only make this hormonal mismatch occur more frequently. The only solution to end psychological pregnancies in female dogs is sterilization.

How many pups can a chihuahua have?

If finally the veterinarian has given you approval to raise your chihuahua and you have wondered how many puppies you can have, you should know that the number will depend both on the time of riding and the size of the parents. As with women, female dogs go through an ovulation cycle that has more and less fertile phases. If the mount occurs during the most fertile phase ("estrus"), more eggs will be fertilized and, therefore, more Chihuahua puppies will be brewed. For more information, we advise you to consult our article on zeal in bitches. Likewise, if the female is of medium size, the chances of having a larger number increase, while if it is a toy, it is likely that it will not exceed three puppies.

Although, as we said, the number is largely stipulated by the time of assembly and size, a female chihuahua can have one to six puppies, the most common being between two and three.

How long is the pregnancy of the female chihuahua

The duration of pregnancy of a Chihuahua dog is not different from that of any other breed, so the average is between 58 and 68 days. Rarely, the delivery is advanced, but if it happens, you should call the veterinarian as soon as possible to attend the premature delivery of your Chihuahua dog. If you arrive on day 68 and the labor does not occur, do not be alarmed, this situation, on the other hand, is frequent and can continue until day 75. If it exceeds this time, then you should go to the veterinarian to see what happens.

The stress during the pregnancy of the Chihuahua dog is totally discouraged, not only because it could result in problems during pregnancy, but because the puppies that are in the womb are affected by all the situations that the mother goes through. To avoid it, it is highly recommended increase the number of daily walks of the Chihuahua dog and offer all our attention and love. In parallel, we must offer the following care:

  • We will provide you with quality food throughout the process.
  • In case of observing changes in your stool, we will have to change your diet and consult with the veterinarian about the most appropriate for the pregnant Chihuahua dog. In this sense, the consumption of food for puppies is totally recommended.
  • From the second half of pregnancy, we will increase the dose of food by 5% every week until the arrival of the delivery. If we observe that it loses weight, we will have to increase it a little more.
  • In addition, we can offer you a glass of milk daily in order to stimulate breastfeeding.
  • We will take the pregnant dog to the veterinarian regularly.

In addition to paying attention to their diet, within the care of the pregnant Chihuahua is also the provide you with a comfortable bed For her and the puppies. When choosing the bed, keep in mind that the edges are not very low, since the puppies could get out and get hurt. Two weeks before delivery, it is possible for the dog to start looking for the corner where she wants to give birth and establish her nest. It is at this time when we must look at her behavior and place the bed where she decides. Keep in mind that, in case you cannot go to the vet on time, you will most likely give birth in it, so place a towel to prevent the mattress from staining with blood. For more information, do not miss our article about pregnancy in the dog.

Possible problems during childbirth

Since it is such a small dog breed, it is best to have a veterinarian give birth to the Chihuahua. However, when the date approaches, it will be essential that we are pending at all times to help our dog and go to the specialist. Only in those cases where, by schedule, no veterinarian is available should we be the ones who attend the birth of the puppies.

If there is no complication, childbirthusually lasts between five and 24 hours, depending on how many puppies the Chihuahua dog has. Puppies can be born with a time span of minutes between one or another, or one hour. In case of spending more than an hour, we will have to go to the specialist because it is possible that there is a problem that prevents the birth of the next puppy. Also, if the delivery lasts more than one day, we will also have to call the veterinarian.

In addition to the aforementioned complications, the following may arise problems during the delivery of the Chihuahua dog:

  • A puppy gets stuck and cannot be born.
  • One of the puppies has died in the womb and, therefore, is born dead or unable to leave. In such a case, we will never let the mother eat her placenta, since it could cause her an infection.
  • When a puppy is born, the mother does not remove the placenta. In this case, we will have to be the ones who break the placenta so that the puppy can breathe, if he does not do so quickly he will drown.
  • The puppy is born but the placenta stays inside. In this case, we will have to carefully pull the umbilical cord of the puppy to get it removed.
  • The dog does not cut the umbilical cord. Then, we will have to do it for her after a couple of minutes after birth. To do this, we will have to use pre-sterilized rounded scissors, tie the cord with a thread about six millimeters away with the navel and making several knots to cut the circulation, cut the cord on the outside and disinfect it. For greater accuracy, we advise you to ask your veterinarian the days before delivery to be prepared in case he could not be present.
  • The puppy does not respond. We will have to resuscitate it following the instructions provided in our article on resuscitation of newborn puppies.

Although other problems may arise during childbirth, these are the most common. Especially if we observe that our dog cannot give birth, it will be essential go to the vet because most likely you need a cesarean. Remember that, especially if it is a Chihuahua toy, they tend to need assistance to give birth.

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