How to prevent my cat from getting on the table


In this article you will learn several tricks to learn how to prevent the cat from climbing on the countertop.

Imagine any day. You are cooking and your cat is doing his things in his sandbox. You are absent for a moment on your phone to your room and, when you return, you find your cat on the counter.

Maybe you get angry or maybe you don't give it much importance. But imagine another scenario.

Imagine that in your house there are guests and they see it. See how the food with which you were going to delight them has surely been in contact with the legs just out of the sandbox. What a shame.

Or even worse. Now imagine that it is the cat and the house of some friends. Less embarrassing but more disgusting to you if possible.

Do you want a shortcut?

The advice of an expert in cats

Maybe the name of Jackson galaxy Don't sound of anything. It is normal, in Spain I believe that neither Christ nor him knows it.

The case is that this man, in addition to presenting a television show in which he trains cats, has written a very successful book (available only in English). It teaches us how to design our home so that our cat can enjoy it: Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!).

This man is basically «The Dog Charmer», but for cats. That honestly, I think it has more merit.

The fact is that once a blogger asked him how to keep his cat away from the kitchen counter.

Then I leave your opinions and answers.

First, why do cats jump to countertops?

Cats see our countertops as places of interest. If you usually cook at home, the countertop is a place where you spend a lot of time. A place where you are handling products whose smells arouse the interest of our cats.

And let's not say if you're one of the people who, from time to time, leave drop some piece of food To keep our little friend happy.

So, is there a remedy to keep cats away from countertops?

1. A sticky situation

A trick that worked for me pretty quickly It is to use double-sided adhesive tape.

The trick is that, when our cat jumps to the counter, he will see that his legs are stuck. And you can be sure that this is a feeling that every cat hates. Don't worry, they won't hurt themselves as long as you don't buy super tough tape.

I recommend that, instead of sticking the tape directly on the countertop, paste it on a loose surface that you can put on and take off every time you go to cook. For example, a plywood sheet, which doesn't cost anything expensive.


Let's first see how to prevent that from happening. For this it is necessary that all the members of the family collaborate, since it will be enough with a mistake so that the cat feels the need to go to take that delicious piece of food. Knowing this, avoid leaving food on tables and furniture, because if you do not perceive any smell that may attract you, you will not need to investigate.

During mealtime, it is essential not to be tempted by that sweet look That asks us for a piece of meat.

Once the cat has already learned that if he gets on the table he will get a prize (food), changing that behavior will take time, especially if he is an adult. But as we said at the beginning: everything is a matter of patience and perseverance. Every time we see that he intends to get on, We say NO sign but without shouting, and if it does not go up we give you a prize.

We must also avoid leaving food on surfaces easily accessible to our furry, otherwise the exercise will not give us positive results.

Our furry people want to spend as much time as possible with us but, as we would do with any other living being, we must always set certain limits from respect and affection.

2. Stop saying "No"

When we see our cat on the counter, what we usually do is shout "NO!" Or "get out of there!". The thing is, for every no we let go of our cat, we need to make up for it with a "yes."

In this case, it is best to enable space in our specific kitchen for our cat. A place where we can make you see that there it can be while we cook. Cats like to be in high places, so a chair would be a good place.

Every time you are at that site, give a cat treat to reinforce this behavior.

If there are more people in your home, make sure they know the rules to speed up the process. Try to always have on hand the goodies that you plan to give your cat.

So far the recommendations of Jackson Galaxy. The following are other different tricks that I have compiled for you.

3. Repel your cat

As you may know, the smell of cats is much more sensitive than ours. This means that everything we can get to smell human beings, they are perceiving it in a much stronger way.

This is where we can take advantage, and use essential oils. These oils can smell very good to us, but cats hate them and don't want to be close to them.

Do you see where I'm going?

You just have to spread a little oil on the countertop of your kitchen, and the safest thing is that your cat does not come near. One of the oils that work best is peppermint oil. It also has the advantage of leaving your kitchen with a very fresh aroma.

If you prefer to prepare your own homemade "repellents" for cats, I leave you a link to WikiHow.

4. An unexpected landing

A technique that I have not tried, but that I leave you a video demonstrating that it works, is the following.

Preferably at night if you let your cat walk around the house, cover the countertop with aluminum foil / silver. Normally cats, to climb on the countertops, do so suddenly jumping from the ground. That is why when they reach the top, they will step on the foil, which will make noise and give them a good scare.

We could say that this is a shock therapy. But if it works, you may only need to use this technique a couple of times.

5. A situation passed by water

As a last and least original remedy, we find water.

What cat likes to get wet? Well, surprisingly, I have neighbors whose cat gets into the bathtub by himself when he fills it. It must be weird. But usually, cats hate getting wet.

Well, you just have to buy a spray bottle, fill it with water and every time you see your cat misbehaving, fush! Beach bar.

I recommend that you use this method only in summer, when it is hot and your cat will not catch a cold. In winter it is better to use other techniques.

You may also be interested

Why do cats get on furniture?

Before entering into the subject, it is important first to ask why they get on the furniture, since in this way we will better understand everything it means to be a cat. Well, our furry ones get on the surfaces for a simple reason: because they feel safe.

In nature they have many enemies, among them other larger cats, so one way to stay alive is to climb trees. They can do it: their bodies are designed to be agile, strong, and to maintain balance without problems even in tight spaces.

At this point you may wonder why they do it at home, where they have (or should not have) anything to fear. The answer is because it is an instinctive reaction. When cats get on a table for example, they do it following the survival instinct, and we can't do much to change this.

Don't let him get on when he's a puppy

The best thing to do is never let him do it. And the best way to teach him is to start as soon as possible, because the kitten has more facility to learn than an adult cat. Therefore, every time you see that you intend to upload you have to say "NO" (firm but without shouting), and start playing with him on the floor.

In case I ignore you, take a treat, put it in front of your snout and direct it to the ground. When there, give it and also give some caresses as a prize.

Give him a scraper (or several)

The cat needs to climb and jump and for this it is essential to either buy a scraper or place shelves at different heights wrapped with raffia rope or stuffed cloth. Both one thing and another will like it a lot, because they will allow you to control your territory without risk of being disturbed.

In this way, your furniture will be safe and your cat can do what he most wants to do: be and behave like what he is, a feline.

Tire it (play with it)

So that a cat, especially young-adult, does not get on the furniture so much what you have to do is play with him every day, tire it. Because a tired cat would normally go to bed or chair, not on a desk.

So do not hesitate to dedicate about three sessions or so of play with a duration of about 20-30 minutes each (or until you see that he is tired).

How to educate a cat so that it does not rise to the table?

When a cat climbs on the table repeatedly it's usually because or feels safer there, or because there is food. So, in the first case, what I advise you to do is find out if you feel stressed by something or someone (for example: do not finish getting along with the other cat you have at home, there is a dog that constantly overwhelms you, and so on ), and from there solve the problem, either with the help of a professional or without help, on the other hand, if what happens is that there is food, the ideal is to put a plate - a cat food that you like very much , like cans - for him alone on the floor.

What to do for a cat does not climb on the countertop?

If your cat climbs on the counter, start feeding him BEFORE you sit down, if possible cans or food that you don't usually give it. Over the days, you will see that he is losing interest in the countertop, and that he will only go to the kitchen for you to feed him.

Another option is that we said it before, to offer a treat and direct it to the ground, giving it a caress when I stepped on the ground and letting its prize be eaten in peace.

Making noises, even if I don't see you, and let's not even use a water gun to deter it, are measures that, more than helping, what they are going to do is scare you. So you might not get anywhere, but you will live with an animal that will be afraid when it passes by.

My cat eats my food, how to avoid it?

Change your food. Yes Yes. When a healthy cat eats food for humans, it is because we don't like it or it doesn't have as much flavor as we eat. It's that simple.

When this happens, what needs to be done is to make sure that what we give is really a complete food, without cereals, and rich in animal protein, if it is not, it will be necessary to change the brand. Likewise, we can improve the flavor of the feed by moistening it with meat broths that do not contain garlic, onions or peppers.

And of course, Do not give it a small piece of what you are eatingAs much as I look at you with that innocent face we all know.

Cats like to climb on furniture a lot, but sometimes they don't have permission to do so. If you do not just trust and want to protect your sofa even more, we invite you to read this article.