Preparing for San Juan: calm a dog with FEAR OF THE PETARDS


The night of San Juan, the San Fermines, Las Fallas, any celebration ru>

“It is easy to understand that for a dog (and a cat), whose ear is much more sensitive than ours, these noises are very unpleasant and, in addition, are usually sudden and unexpected, which can further aggravate your fear, because you cannot predict it. And we cannot forget the following: they cannot identify the origin and, whatever they do and wherever they go, they cannot escape it. All this will make them feel very insecure and vulnerable, ”explains veterinarian and animal behavior specialist Adriana Mármol, of the Triavet Veterinary Clinic, in Sant Cugat del Vallés.

On the other hand, they can influence past negative experiences, as well as poor socialization at an early age with these stimuli. Genetics also has a lot to say, since fear is something that can be inherited.

How to avoid the fear of firecrackers

Now that we know why these celebrations create so much anxiety, we will understand that we must try to calm them down. And how to do it? Showing us calm and transmitting that serenity. Above all, without losing your nerve to see them so distressed. “Until recently, we used to tell people who lived with a dog with fears, that they ignore it, since it was believed that if they were on top of them they could be strengthening without wanting that reaction. But recent studies indicate that this is not the case and that we can try Calm our dog when it shows signs of fear. For example, caressing him, speaking in a calm voice, giving him a toy, etc., since fear is an emotion and cannot be reinforced. However, if we ignore it, our dog could feel in a situation of abandonment ”, warns the expert in animal behavior.

These other tips can help you calm your fear.

Respect your safe zone. One of the tricks to make our pet feel calmer is to try to create a safe area in advance. That is, a place where the animal feels serene and knows that it is safe. Some dogs already have eleg>

Work a quiet zone. If you do not have a chosen area, we will create a place in the house where external noise is less heard, and we will place a cardboard box, a transport (with the door open), or similar, where we will place a blanket and, for some time before On critical days, we will try to positivize that place. How? Giving prizes there, caresses, we can also play with him, we will leave his favorite toys, etc. That is, making him see that only good things will happen in that place.

Dampen the sound. On the other hand, it is advisable to try to place blankets on the windows or on top of the box / trasportín that we have worked to dampen the sound of firecrackers. We can also play a little loud music to mask outside sounds or the radio.

Use a pheromone diffuser. It is highly recommended to place in the safe area a canine soothing pheromone diffuser, which will help them to be more relaxed.

Give it water. If we follow all these guidelines, we can ensure that when our dog feels bad, he goes to his safe zone. Of course, "as it is likely that the dog does not want to leave there for hours, we will ensure that fresh water is always available," recalls Adriana Marmol.

Should I medicate my dog?

On some occasions, when the anxiety and fear that our dog suffers puts his well-being in danger (if he goes through it very badly and becomes very nervous) it is convenient to resort to medication. But it should always be the veterinarian, if possible, the one who knows our pet, who should prescribe it and recommend what drugs we should give him.

On the other hand, it is very important to highlight that There are medications that were previously advised and now known to be avoided. “For many years, medications such as acepromazine were used. This compound that is sold with different commercial names can have serious side effects. It acts by canceling the ability to move. The owner can interpret that he is calm. However, the animal continues to feel everything that is happening around it, it suffers the same fear but with the aggravating factor that it cannot move, which causes greater anguish. Therefore, it is important to avoid medicines that contain it at all costs and if they prescribe it, ask for a second opinion ”, warns the specialist.

Natural medicine

We can also turn to plants. In fact, there are numerous natural products on the market that lack side effects and that they can help our animal to overcome the fear of firecrackers or to pass the trance more calmly. It should be stressed, however, that natural does not mean harmless and that you always have to consult the veterinarian, especially if you are taking other medications as there could be interactions with other drugs.

We can also use pheromones, which are harmless substances for our animal. However, we must keep in mind the response to these substances depends on the degree of fear that our animal shows and may not be enough alone. As always, we recommend consulting the veterinarian or an animal behavior expert.

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Flashing lights and noise from fireworks can scare a dog. We indicate a series of tips to calm your pet and not panic.

The festivities of San Juan are approaching and, unless in Spain we adopt the Italian initiative to use firecrackers without noise, your pet may panic. If you live in an area where there are fireworks, you are interested in what we are going to tell you. The perfect thing would be that you could stay with your hairy so you can comfort him and distract him from the noise. Especially, remember that it is not a good idea to take your dog to a fireworks display.

There are several reasons why a dog has a nervous reaction to fireworks
. Dogs have a much more sensitive hearing than humans, detect sounds that are inaudible to us and feel overwhelmed by loud sounds.

The random flashes of bright light that accompany the fireworks They add a strong visual stimulus to the sensory overload experienced by the animal. Dogs do not understand what happens, which adds more stress to the situation.

Dogs have a strong emotional memory.. If the first time you suffer a serious episode of anguish, it is possible that every time you hear them again, even in the distance, it may be enough to cause a severe anxiety attack. His emotional reaction is because he has linked that noise with that nervous reaction.

How to reassure a dog scared by rocket

Despite the problems they suffer, all dogs can learn to deal with loud noises.

  • give a long walk to the dogbefore the holidays With firecrackers. This way you will be more tired.
  • Never expose the dog To fireworks.
  • Set a guar

How to take away a dog's fear of firecrackers?

It is possible to treat a dog with fear of fireworks, always better in the hands of a professional canine training professional. The ideal answer for dogs with noise phobia is to use a method of desensitization and counterconditioning, always under the supervision of an educator. In this way, the animal can get used to the sound of fireworks gradually.

The process can be complex and lengthy. In addition, the help of a canine professional will be essential.

In many treatments recorded fireworks noises are used. These are available on the internet and can be downloaded for free, but we advise against using them without professional advice. This process must begin many months in advance, but when done correctly, it is the most effective long-term response to this problem so common in dogs.

Why are dogs afraid of rockets and thunder?

The reasons for dogs' fear of loud noises, such as thunder, firecrackers or rockets, can be several:

  • A lack of habituation from puppies to this type of noise.
  • A overprotection or exaggerated response by the owner to the dog when this type of noise occurs (hug him tight, say "poor thing" ...). Before a loud noise we must react as if nothing happens, so that the dog does not worry. If you see your owner calm, he will calm down.
  • A previous traumatic experience, as a very close exposure to fireworks in dogs with hypersensitivity in the ear.

The fear of rockets in dogs is normal, the serious problem comes when that fear is not treated and grows to become a phobia. This phobia can cause them anxiety, tachycardias, hyperventilation, and in more extreme, and less likely, cases, our beloved pets may suffer cardiac arrest.

How should I act?

  • One of the behaviors that We should avoid (and that we always do), is pet our dog To try to calm him down. But this behavior has the opposite effect on our pet, because the more we caress it, the more it will think that the ru> Can the fear of the dogs to the rockets be cured?

Yes, but with a lot of work and a lot of patience.

One of the most effective methods is the habituation. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Record a video on TV or a CD with thunderstorms, rockets, firecrackers, motorcycle noises ...
  2. Expose your dog to these noises every day. Start with a low sound to gradually increase it to the point where your dog begins to suffer anxiety.
  3. When the dog begins to feel nervous, stop raising the volume and let it get used for about an hour. You act as if nothing happens. When the dog calms down, reward him with a treat.
  4. The next day, repeat the action.
  5. And so every day until the dog gets used to the noise and is no longer disturbed when he hears thunder, a firecracker or a rocket.

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My dog ​​when she hears the rockets starts to shake etc. I do what I was told to do as if nothing happened and keep me calm but she starts to tear things to bite blankets or pillows and I must be behind her, because once she got hurt, she is a Belgian shepherd dog.

I calm my dog, I put a leash on my side I make him feel and I put an album called hope world some songs of that album have an audio that relaxes anxiety and children who have autism then I put it on and he calms down, his breathing decreases and he feels less stressed and anxious. Sometimes I give a few drops that the veterinarian prescribed me are not strong, it is simply to relax.

[...] fear is not a disease, but an answer to a problem (which we must identify), it is a type of fear that your dog can present as well as fear of rockets. This is the reaction of an individual to an unknown situation or that may involve a […]

I have a pit bull and he fears the rockets in the rain very hard he is traumatized he was in the 2017 earthquake in Mexico I found him two days after the earthquake that day it was raining very hard and they tell me that it is a trauma that I must it hurts a lot to see them how it gets and not being able to do anything after what happened to relive it again when it rains

I have a 12-year-old Chihuahua with heart problems, when they throw rockets, firecrackers or there is a storm, it gets so bad that he gives up for vomiting, diarrhea and does not stop barking, it gets really bad, he doesn't want to go out on the street or anything he doesn't know k do ... .. I live in a town k throw rocket meaningless bone k to be accustomed had to be k already ... imagine when they are the village festivals, Christmas, carnivals etc ... please if anyone can help me I would appreciate it ... ..las I have tried drops of the k and I have tried some pills and I continue with them ... Thank you.

My dog ​​is a 7-year-old pit bull and a year ago his problem started to cry and scream like crazy I am always with him when it happens I stay with him until dawn I would really like to know how to help him

I put music relaxing sincerely, it is working :), is sleeping little .. little by little ... no longer shakes, or walks in circles, does not destroy either .. works! , I found it, try it.

I have a two year old pit bull and he has phobias and firecrackers. He has even broken several necklaces of force with the strip if we are on the street when he hears them and I don't know what to do anymore

Hello, I have an Andalusian hound who has an atrocious fear of firecrackers and thunder as well as loud noises, but not shots, I have fired two shots over the head and does not react with fear, look where I shot and then he looks at me and keeps looking, but at home the change is underway and I have tried several things, and only a few pills that the veterinarian sent me work, and another thing that also works a bit is when it is almost to the point of the heart attack freezes through the skin of the neck like when I was a puppy, I have it since 45 days, if anyone knows how to remove that fear I would appreciate it, greetings and thanks

There is a lot of park trainer here it seems to me. Dogs are not afraid of firecrackers because of excessive pampering but because they have much more developed senses than we do

It is not so normal that a dog is afraid of pyrotechnics and bullets, many breeds have the zootechnical function of being hunting and guard dogs and protection, even some were used or used as war dogs. As he said at the beginning it is a matter of not overprotecting them with exaggerated pampering.

Hi, I want to know how to cure my dog ​​has scary tattoos and others that he suggests to do


In my case I have a Pitbull dog and the truth is very phobic. I'm afraid something will happen to him .. I want to know if there is any medication to give him… He feels very palpitations when he hears a rocket or thunder… I don't want anything to happen to him… Please can you help me ..

There are a few drops to relax you should take it to the vet.

Hello, to all animal lovers? I think that both firecrackers and rockets and any other noises affect animals and people and have many consequences for everyone. They have to make them with minimal sensitivity for everyone because we are all sensitive to the abnormal. Animal lovers are also lovers of responsible humans.

Hello, good afternoon, I have three pets and at this time the rockets affect them enough to the extent that one of them whips in the fence and looks for the way to want that exit has already done it and runs very desperate what I do now is put it to the house and she is calmer but I worry because Tuesday was so much her despair that brings a strong blow in her eye and forehead and the doctor prescribed a few drops Relaax are natural

follow the advice of "the dog lover" cesar millan, very good advice but you have to be consistent.

I already tried everything and my dog ​​does not calm down, I think I will use the method of drops. In fact it doesn't let me sleep,

Hello, dogs are not afraid of these noises, what happens that noise hurts their ears, I have at home hunting dogs that are used to those noises and the rockets hurt them.

Dogs should not be afraid, I do not think they get so bad on their nerves until they can almost die, please ... many breeds were designed for hunting and guarding and protection. Overprotecting them is a silly fashion of animalists. The dog must be educated so as not to fear the noise of pyrotechnics or bullets.

If it's vdd I went to look for xq I want to do something to be able to reassure my dog ​​x these noises she has phobia already at these noises and worries me

Mine are very afraid and shudder. Could anyone give any solution? There are many parties here and with it the consequent problem.

What a fool you are, it is not stop being an animalist if you know that animals hear 3 times more than humans imagine if that noise bothers us, they are bothered 3 times more than we better read and investigate before speaking

What a silly comment,

How bold is ignorance, as if dogs were "designed" and created for our cravings and benefits.
They should not be afraid, he says, as if you could choose what they should or should not feel, for me you should not give an opinion and I cannot do anything about it unfortunately!

Well, even if you don't believe it if it happens!
My dog ​​shows excessive nervousness about these sounds, being polite, he already knows where to urinate, when he hears these sounds he does it anywhere.
Stop to think that it is a fear that you cannot avoid because of your sensitive ear!

Do not put comments so uninformed, Chihuahuas dogs in particular are those that tend to be more nervous and that breed does have heart attacks

Oh god don't scare me I have a chihuahua and it shakes too much and sticks out its tongue

Hahaha you're so stupid ... go back to your de facto government

And people should be educated and not do illegal things. Since throwing firecrackers on public roads is illegal if you knew it. By the way my dog ​​is a puppy that I have never been overprotected and is very afraid, she trembles and wants to go home every time she hears a firecracker. I know more than one dog that has died of anxiety and tachycardia because of this. A council surround yourself with more animals and learn to understand them so you may also understand that there are children with autism who have a hard time.

THE STUPIDES LIFTED TO MAXIMUM POWER ... will you be retarded? NO DOG IS "DESIGNED" for this or that, they are not born with a specific "Design" their breed is the one that determines in a certain way and makes a certain point, the abilities that the animal can have ... but all have to be trained to achieve it !! Yes or yes.
Poor dog that falls into your hands! Because that's how they suffer when they fall into the hands of brute people!

I am at my grandparents' house and I don't know what is happening with my dogs, I don't want to imagine that they ran away from the house and I have 2 labradoodles and 3 that are not of breed but today I go to my house with my parents and I hope and my dogs are not gone and another question do the labradoodles escape from the rockets

Dogs do not like firecrackers, flying, rockets, etc. because it hurts their ears
You have to know that dogs hear much more than humans.
Single and simple reason.
Stop rocket fire or make silent as some countries do
We not only harm our dog but all other animals

As for the exposed method, I hope nobody has done it at home.

[...] Another article by Red Canina on the same subject and emphasizing what is indicated in this article: [...]

I have a 10-year-old sithzu and the rocket gets panic, he starts to shake and walk around the house with his tail lowered and as we are in the street he lies down and does not want to walk, his eyes are going to come out I feel very sorry because he looks at me like telling me help me poor thing

I have bought a tranquilizer in drops .. I give it two drops per kilogram ... let's see how it goes .. because my dog ​​gives panic and the techniques detailed in this article do not help much or rather nothing ..

What tranquilizer did you buy?

My dog ​​has been so anxious for a while ... It gives an attack. So I don't know what to do because it seems that he is going to die in one of them. It is very unpleasant because it is an epileptic attack.

The same thing happens to my dog. They gave him attacks by pyrotechnics. I fear he dies in those crises. He had 4 in 3 days. I just put on the bandage and gave her bach flowers and calmed down. I also put a high volume TV to try to neutralize the rockets ... however I fear that something happens while I work.

My dog's name is Kiara and she is afraid of the rockets but the bad thing is that she skips the kicking wall

My dog ​​is called kiara she is afraid of the rockets and she sleeps outside but I don't worry that she is afraid what worries me is that she jumps the wall of the kick and goes out to the street and I don't want something to happen to her

How do I solve my problem because in those festivities I am not at home as I calm it

Hi Veronica, I tell you, I have a 13-year-old Rhodesian and since he was in a farm for a while and since we had him again, he began to get upset with this type of noise, it is somewhat stormy for him since since we recovered stop feeling so nervous some veterinarians have told me to give drops to calm or sleep but still it does not work because at the slightest noise he wakes up and starts to feel bad I will do what you say in the blog and I will work these days and I will be commenting on you

the drops have to be given long before they start or it won't work if you're already nervous. remember they are non-sleeping sedatives there is a difference.
It is best to train them throughout the year because it does not seem right to drug an animal because it does not take care of pets.

Hi all I have a dog collected from the street I am 4 years old and I live in Valencia when the failures that last almost a month come a true ordeal is such is the fear that has to scratch the door of the house to run away he went down to the street stops and runs home again does not eat tremble much I give him the pills prescribed by the vet and not even calm and tried a whole house in a safe area in the house I close windows I play music to reduce the noise of the Firecrackers and not even that calm I am desperate and I suffer from seeing what suffers

Jaaa my dog ​​was cured of this traumatic evil that attacks dogs and especially us. what a relief. I set up a tent and put strobes on the outside simulating lightning and with sounds of shots, thunder, detonations, when I was walking on an electric treadmill, and put water sprinklers outside to simulate rain so it adapted to the noise until That the time has come to not pay the least attention and now as if nothing. XD

Jaaa my dog ​​was cured of this traumatic evil that attacks dogs and especially us. what a relief. I set up a tent and put strobes on the outside simulating lightning and with sounds of shots, thunder, detonations, when I was walking on an electric treadmill, and put water sprinklers outside to simulate rain so it adapted to the noise until That the time has come to not pay the least attention and now as if nothing. XD

My dog ​​is a cooker and was rescued from certain death, when her mother put her in a drainpipe to save her from the rain, when she was days old, her brothers died and she miraculously lived. She has rocket terror, I imagine a co sequence of the trauma she experienced. It's a shame why he doesn't stop barking, he can spend the whole night barking running from here to there. Can you advise me how to help Nisha.

In my case my coconut labrador terrifies the rockets and firecrackers, he is about 4 years old, we adopted him about 8 months ago and he is already one of us. He has such a panic that you give him food and he does not eat it (rare in that since he is a glutton) trembles and hides sadly. It really hurts me to see him suffer and I can't find a way to make him see that he is safe.

Hi Veronica, I leave my case here. I own 3 dogs collected from the street, which I want as my children, 9 year old female girl who was not known owner, 4 year old female Khira who is Chica's daughter and was the first to enter the house, with barely 1 month of life, and finally white, male abandoned by their owners in a move, VERY STRONG. 4 years old Everyone has unconditional love and they are part of the family, as I say, they are the kings of the house. Regarding the subject of the rockets, it is curious, only white affected the noise and it was only a shock and nothing more. Both Chica and Khira got along well. Today, we have the passage of the pilgrimage rocieras and the one who knows this knows what I am talking about, well Khira since she has started cannot with them and I am quite worried, because not only is she scared of the noise but she trembles of panic and the palpitations of your heart can feel like knocking on a door. How do you act in that case? If I do not take it and relax, able to give something to the poor! I listen to your instructions to do as if nothing happens but I can see it in that state. Damn rockets. I think you can celebrate that you're going to have fun without them, right? Anyway, what are we going to say about this society that we don't know anymore. A greeting.

They don't know how much it worries me and it hurts me that my dog ​​KUMMA, a pit bull terrier, is really distressed and suffers from the hated rockets. I live in front of a church so the rockets are every weekend. They are absolutely right, Kumma is a very loved and very cuddly dog. I recognize that before giving discipline, we have given him a total love. I just wanted to share with you no experience, it is difficult that at the age of Kumma (12 years) we can re-educate him. Now old man, he's more spoiled than ever

How to calm a dog by fireworks

Pyrotechnics and dogs They are 2 elements that do not They usually marry well. When he approaches New Years Eve, or other celebrations and parties, many people like to use pyrotechnics (firecrackers and fireworks). The bad thing is pyrotechnics scares many dogs and cats, getting to feel some petsterrified by the loud noises of firecrackers.

The symptoms of a dog scared by pyrotechnics include:

  • tachycardia
  • the dog hides under the bed
  • moves nervous from one place to another
  • dig
  • you feel stressed, you can reach drool
  • nervous barking, groans
  • try to escape

For avoid or reduce this unpleasant state, we propose some tips to calm your dog:

1- Before the time of the fireworks, take your dog for a walk, at least 20 minutes or half an hour.

This will relax you and make you at home more calm.

If for any reason you have to be in the Street with your dog while the pyrotechnics lastsdon't forget to take it tied with his belt and well identified, just in case he gets scared and runs off in a panic attack.

7- It is advisable to put music or television in the room where you leave the dog.

This will muffle the noise of the pyrotechnics that comes from outside and at the same time induce a calm state in the dog. An excellent idea to reassure them is to put this relaxing music for dogs. Click on the link, it's totally free and you'll see how it works for you!

Pyrotechnics and dogs. How to avoid the fear of pyrotechnics with Bands on your Body

This is a trick what can be done in home easily for calm dogs scared by fireworks. It is a non-invasive method, which seems to relax dogs before fireworks. It is based on body contact, and consists of surround our dog with an 8-shaped band on his body.

Body bandages produce a smooth pressure in el Dog's body and help him relax in front of the noise of firecrackers and fireworks. Because the bandages induce calm in the dog?

This> sa in the Tellington TTouch method, a therapy based on body contact with dogs. It is known that the pressure exerted by the band commands sensory information to the dog's brain.

The bands replace the pressure exerted by a human when caressing and massaging certain points of dog's body

When he dog brain receives those stimuli, processes them unconsciously. It is believed that for him dog, the gentle physical pressure of the band on his body arouses mental sensations of calm, relax, and calm.