How old is your dog? This is the best technique to find out.


How old do you think your dog is in human years? You have probably always thought that a canine year equals seven years of yours, but it turns out that the mathematics of your four-legged friend's age are not so simple: the size of the dog is a factor that we must take into account when calculating how old are you.

"1 canine year = 7 human years", this is the traditional method to calculate the "human" age of a dog. It is assumed that, since our four-legged friends have a shorter life, their life expectancy passes at a rate that simply accelerates proportionally to ours.

So, since a dog could live approximately eleven years and the average human life expectancy is around eighty years, this huge difference is resolved in seven canine years equal to a human year.

But while this comparison has been in use for more than fifty years, there are some aspects of the calculation that are clearly wrong. On the one hand, a one-year-old dog is much more like an adult than a seven-year-old child. And on the other, they usually live more than fifteen years, while it is rare for humans to live more than 105.

Now, how is the dog's age calculated? According to the American Association of Veterinary Hospitals, the age of dogs is classified into three categories: small, medium and large. Size, weight and race play an important role, so we have prepared an infographic so you can get an idea of ​​their age.

So how is it?

The specialist explains that the first year of a puppy would correspond to the first 15 or 16 years of a human, since in that period of time, the dog develops everything that people develop between childhood and adolescence. For the same, a 2 year old dog would correspond to a young adult of approximately 24 years, and to the next 3 years, he recommends adding 5 more years.

When the dog is 5 years old, it is where the size of the dog begins to matter. According to Coren, small races age 4 years for each passing, medium 6 years and large races 7 or 8 years.

Thus, When a small dog is 8 years old, it is approximately 51 years old, while a large dog of the same age, would be approximately 60 years old.

Issues related to the appearance and behavior of the dog

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The size and race are also basic when it comes to knowing the life expectancy of each specimen

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The theory of 7 years to calculate the age of a dog is not true. / SARA ORTIN LEON

From the moment we decided to have a dog at home, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is the age of the new family member comparing it with the human age.

Either by simple curiosity or by getting an idea of how old is our pet, the truth is that we always resort to famous theoryof the seven years. That is, that a year of life of a dog would equal seven in one person.

However, this theory is not true and the reason lies in the life cycle both of animal as of the person. So, the stage of puppy of a dog is much shorter than the childhood of a being humanand also the canine You can have your first sexual encounter with a year, something totally impossible in childhood.

Another important factor is the size and the raceWell, the more big are less years of life will have, because grow old Too much faster.

First year equals 15

In this way, a one-year-old dog would be the equivalent to the 14 or 15 years old of a person. As of this moment, the increase it gets slower just like the aging, so a year of dog life would now amount to four or six of the human.

All this considering your category Y weight, that is to say, small dogs of 9.5 kilos or less, dogsmedium from 9.6 kilos to 22 kilos, big dogs from 23 kilos to 40 kilos and, finally, the giant dogs which are the ones that weigh more than 41 kilos.

The following table, which publishes Business Insider, give a good account of it. In fact, as the portal explains Eslang, the man has been interested in calculating the age of Her best friend since the thirteenth century (an inscription in the Westminster Abbey of 1268 equated the year of a dog to nine in people).

Marketing campaign

So where did the 7 year theory? Pick up Eslang That is a fairly recent belief. According William Fortney, A veterinarian at Kansas State University (USA), the myth emerged from a marketing campaign to encourage pet owners to take them to the vet.

How are you, your dog is old?

It is very important that you take care of your hairy diet and change it according to their age and their specific needs. There are a lot of specific foods for various health problems. If your hairy is healthy you should also change your food for a senior who helps prevent the wear and tear that age causes on your body.

If your furry is already an elderly adult and you never changed their diet, maybe, in addition to changing their croquettes, you should supplement with specific vitamins for adult dogs and this way you can recover a little energy and vitality that the years they are stealing.