How to educate a dachshund dog: basic tips

The Dachshund dogs with a very intelligent and are a great option to live with children. Learn everything about your training in this article.

The Dachshund, also known as Dachshund or Dackel and commonly called dachshund is a dog breed whose character and intelligence, as well as their particular anatomy require a concrete training to learn everything correctly, both in the plane of behavior, as in physical training, since dogs of this breed have a short and elongated body, which is due to a genetic mutation called bassetism and tend to be obese. Therefore, here are some basic tips to educate a dog of the Dachshund breed.

Although it is a very sociable dog, balanced and of good temperament, the Dachshund also It is characterized by being a dog with a strong staff>

However, in the same way, that great intelligence, added to his sense of fidelity and his desire to please his master, will make him quickly learn everything he is taught. On the other hand, it's a very barking dog because of his guardian instinct and when it comes to demanding attention, since it is a very affectionate dog, who loves to be rewarded. Thus, positive reinforcement is the right strategy when educating this breed, like so many others. Similarly, we must also take into account that constant need for love because it can become somewhat jealous.

Positive reinforcement is the best method to educate the Dachshund

A) Yes, through the awards systemThe Dachshund will begin to understand and differentiate, what he should do or not, what is expected of him or how he should behave in each situation and, above all, will get used to receiving and obeying orders. However, although sometimes you have to get strict and clearly mark the limits, the punishment - far from physical aggression - It is something appropriate or necessary when educating your dog, this or any other breed. In fact, in the specific case of the Dachshund, this would be something totally counterproductive since it will either catch you fear and not obey you, since he will no longer consider you his companion, nor the leader of the pack, or else he will become a dog that will respond with the same aggressiveness.

And in the same way as verbal rewards they work to reinforce good behavior, scolding him abruptly will not give good results since the Dachshund, instead of understanding the message, the dog will see you as if you were barking senselessly, So the best option when educating is to give clear orders, concise and simple by using short words. In the case of reprimanding him, it will be necessary to use that same method with a serious and firm tone that makes the dog understand that he is not doing the right thing and always remembering to praise his good behavior with pampering, affectionate words and a sweet tone, once The dog redirects its attitude.

You have to educate him not to be stubborn, jealous and stubborn

Another aspect to keep in mind is that, the peculiarities of its physique and its character separate it from the hounds or the terrier, it is a Burrowing dog that was originally used as a hunting dog. Specifically they hunted badgers, so that this breed, among its many denominations, was also known as 'badger dog'. Therefore, also you have to educate him in relation to his great olfactory sense to track and prevent him from escaping trying to chase small animals to hunt them.

As for another type of training, the physical one, we must attend to the different varieties of Dachshund, since according to the measurement of its thoracic circumference we can find three types: The rabbit hunt dachshund, which is the smallest of the three with 30 centimeters in circumference, the miniature variety, which with its 30 to 35 centimeters is somewhat smaller and the standard, which, although it is the largest with its more than 35 centimeters, it is still a small-sized dog that weighs no more than 9 kilos on average and can reach a maximum of 14 kilos.

You also have to instill physical exercise routines

Therefore, in addition to taking care of your feeding - who must be rich in protein Y vitamins - You have to get used to physical exercise, which should be adapted to its special qualities, since its short members do not allow it to reach high speeds, although it is a very agile dog with reflexes. In addition to avoiding obesity itself, training should be one of the routines that instill in the Dachshund to avoid the problems derived from overweight, which in his case would mainly affect the spine due to the large length of his spine, compared to how short his ribs are, and can result in injuries if the dog does not exercise regularly.

Following all these guidelines, the Dachshund dog will gradually capture, learn and internalize this series of indications that will lead him to behave properly, above his stubborn character. For this, it is also a good strategy not recognize those things in which you insist, thus avoiding the repetition of said behaviors. In addition, it is a race that easily adapts to all types of environments and situations and, once the initial difficulties have passed, his great capacity will not only allow him to learn quickly, but never forget what he is taught.