What should a dog with diarrhea eat

Given this situation it is necessary that the pet is fasting for 24 hours, since if it is caused by intestinal bacteria, they will die due to lack of nutrients, from there, you have to give a soft diet and keep hydrated

Diarrhea is a very common evil that affects many dogs. This could be something more serious than we imagine, especially if we don't know how to treat it. The animal would be at risk of desh>

Dog with diarrhea, why?

Before we know how to treat a diarrhea, we must know why it happens to our pet. It can be caused by different factors:

    Intestinal bacteriaDeb>

  • Some other object. Dogs take it all in their mouths and, although what is not usually food is not usually eaten, the truth is that sometimes they could have swallowed something. Although the most common way to expel it would be through vomiting, you may also have diarrhea.
  • Bad nutrition. You may not be feeding your dog as you should. Maybe you have chosen one raw but inappropriate diet, or maybe you have decided to feed him with feed and give him more than due, or you include foods that he should not eat. Talk to your veterinarian if you think diarrhea occurs very often and ask him to recommend the best diet to follow. Follow their advice on quality and quantity.

Make me fast

A dog with diarrhea I shouldn't eat anything for at least 24 hours, so giving him food would only make the situation worse. If the diarrhea is caused by bacteria, they will continue to feed on what you give your pet, but if you are fasting, the bacteria will starve.

Give a lot of water

Water is mainly essential in these cases. As we said at the beginning, Diarrhea could dehydrate your animal, so you will need to keep it hydrated. You may vomit it at first, but be patient and keep giving it slowly, with a syringe if necessary, and you will see how it gradually improves.

Bland diet

We emphasize: NEVER BEFORE 24 HOURS. As we have said, the animal should be fasting for 24 hours and if this time has improved, and Only if it has improved, can we start giving it a soft diet. If it does not improve, you will have to go to the vet.

The soft diet can consist of a little cooked rice and chicken, without salt, or cooked fish If you prefer, it depends on what your animal likes best. Go ahead small portions what will you distribute in Three or four times a day. Do not worry if your dog is with diarrhea: it is a common evil, but if you follow our advice you can end it sooner than you think.