12 TOXIC Foods for dogs

Although throughout history and sometimes, even today, dogs were fed the remains of food from humans, they should be fed only with food suitable for them. An appetizing snack is occasionally allowed, as long as it does not negatively impact your health. Someprohibited food for dogs They can be very toxic to dogs. If you have a hairy at home it is important that you know foods that dogs cannot eat.

If your faithful friend eats something that should not be convenient, contact the veterinarian immediately. This will need to know how long ago your dog ingested the food and how much of it. This information is decisive in deciding the type of treatment.

Sometimes help comes too late, that's why it's so important avoid the intake of toxic food for dogs and, if that is the case, try it immediately to save the life of your canine friend.



Hi. Super interesting all the articles on your page. I have a Border Collie and she loves cheese, I give her a little piece or a slice of sandwiches every now and then, although it is low-fat cheese, is it bad for her?

Miguel Guzmán says

No, cheese is a good food for dogs, as a complement to their diet.

Hello I season the food with salt, below it says yes, to sausages in moderation, how much is the recommended salt or other dressings or should I not put anything? Greetings and very interesting information

Hi Omar, do not put any salt in recipes for dogs and cats.


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