How to make a puppy sleep all night


Despite their high energy level, puppies also get tired. It is not uncommon to find your puppy curled up in his bed, sleeping peacefully, at any time of the day.

In fact, if you're not prepared, it may seem that your puppy sleeps too long. How long is it healthy for your puppy to sleep? How much is considered too much?

If you don't know, don't worry. In this article we will review the common sleeping habits of puppies and how much sleep your puppy really needs.

Sleeping habits of puppies

We all know that puppies are full of life, and mischief! But exploring the world is a hard task and puppies need to sleep a lot to be able to balance the energy consumed during their learning. Nighttime sleep habits: Puppies are like babies and face the same challenges of understanding the world around them. Like babies, they are unlikely to sleep all night at a stretch. When they are still very young, puppies may need to wake up to meet their needs. One can expect a puppy to sleep between six and ten hours at night. When he is about 16 weeks old, they should start sleeping all night at a stretch. Daytime sleep habits: Puppies sleep a lot during the day, like babies. They are likely to sleep after a period of activity to wake up revitalized again, ready to play again. These naps can last between thirty minutes and two hours. Often, puppies fall asleep while they are playing. Try not to move it. Make him feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

Relationship between sleep and development

All this dream is extremely fundamental for the development of the puppy. Puppy sleep habits are an important part of his learning process. As your puppy is exploring the world for the first time and learning new orders, smells, people and routines, use a lot of energy to try to understand and remember all these things.

The dream helps. Sleep allows your puppy's mind to process all the information learned while it has been awake. It allows you to make it understandable. The dream also helps to store all this information and remember it. In other words, your mind keeps working when you sleep!

The sleep time your puppy needs may be different depending on the breed. On average, a puppy usually sleeps about seventeen hours a day. Puppies can sleep between sixteen and twenty hours.

Does your puppy sleep too much?

If you think your puppy is sleeping too much, beyond twenty hours, you may have to take it to the vet. This is especially true if you perceive that your puppy is lethargic when he is awake.

There are many reasons for a puppy to sleep too much. It could be due to a non-complete diet or because you don't drink enough water. It could also be because he is sick. Taking your dog to the vet is the best option, because he can identify the cause and correct it.

Tricks to work with puppy sleep habits

It is important to consider the puppy's sleep patterns when planning day to day. We offer you some practical tips to make sure your puppy has the best possible dream.

  • Schedule the schedule appropriately: Most puppies need a nap after about an hour of play. When the nap ends, you'll be wide awake and excited to learn again. Make sure you have included toys, playtime and training in your programming. Do not force your puppy to play or training sessions longer than he wants. When you wake up refreshed by napping, be sure to use this time effectively.
  • Never wake up the puppy while sleeping: In general, you should not wake up any puppy while sleeping. It may be important to explain this rule to children, who are usually excited about the possibility of playing with their new friend. Explain the puppy's sleeping habits, how much time he needs to sleep, and why it is an important part of your puppy's learning process. So you will also teach your children to be responsible as owners of a dog.
  • Create a safe sleeping space: Make sure your puppy has a safe sleeping space. A space that I can feel as my own. Puppies usually sleep sheltered in a box or carrier. Make sure you have blankets and cushions inside. Also make sure it is in a relatively quiet place in the house. This way you should allow your puppy to enjoy a deep and restful sleep and wake up recharged.

Some puppies like to sleep in bed with their owner. This depends solely on you. It may be sensible to think how big the puppy will be when it has grown. Great Dane dogs, for example, are beautiful and small puppies, but they grow a lot. If you share a bed with him, there may not be much room left for you when you have reached your adult size. It can also be difficult to change this habit later. Therefore, decide wisely if you are going to let your puppy up to your bed.

In general, puppies need many hours of sleep. It is an important part of their way of learning and understanding the world, and you should not alter your puppy's sleeping habits. Instead, try to organize the day with them in mind. Make sure your puppy can enjoy as much restful sleep as possible. If you think your puppy sleeps too much, don't wake him up. Take it to the vet to see what may be causing it. However, remember that it is normal for you to spend many hours sleeping and you should make sure it is as calm as possible.

Play with him during the day

The key for the puppy to sleep through the night is that I arrived tired at the end of the day. Therefore, it is very necessary to play with him in those moments that he is awake. In animal stores you will find many toys with which you can have a great time: balls, frisbees, interactive games ... With any of them you will have fun and, in addition, you will get tired.

Make sniff sessions

When a dog, regardless of age, works with his nose for a more or less short period of time, he will not only calm down but also, when finished, you will feel more tired. Therefore, I recommend that you spread dog treats or pieces of sausages around the home, patio or garden in order for your puppy to look for them.

Take him for a walk and / or run

If you are two months old and have the corresponding vaccines, you can take it for a walk and / or run, but only for those areas that you know beforehand that are clean, that is, for those where many dogs and cats do not usually pass. From four months of age you can take it out without worrying too much about this issue, since at that age it will be much more protected.

If he cries, don't pay attention

I know, it's very hard. But if a puppy cries and we pay attention, he will do it again whenever he wants our attention. Keeping this in mind It is important to ignore, unless he is ill in which case it will be necessary to take him to the vet.

We hope these tips will help you so your little one can sleep through the night.

Health problems that can alter a dog's normal sleep

A dog thatyou have trouble sleeping you will surely look tired and apathetic, but you may also be restless, irritable or nervous . And the lack of sleep will alter your social dynamics and decrease your quality of life.

When a dog suddenly changes the way he sleeps, maybefeel some kind of discomfort or pain. Consult the veterinarian to find out if this is the cause.

Note that, andAmong the health problems that can alter the normal night rest of a furry friend, are:

  • Degenerative diseases. For example osteoarthritis.
  • Problems in the spine.
  • Thyroid dysfunction.
  • Encephalitis.
  • Cardiac or respiratory difficulties
  • Cough.

That a dog wakes up at night is not only a problem for the animal, but for the rest of his human family.We tell you a series of tips for your dog to sleep through the night.

Some tips to get your dog to sleep at night

But sand your hairy is healthy and you still can't get it normallythe night, pay attention to these tips. You may find the solution for the animal to recover its usual sleep rhythm:

  1. Try not to alter your dog's routine. A dog that has established schedules for meals, walks and games, will surely also have a fixed schedule for sleeping and will not wake up in the middle of the night looking for your company.
  2. Give your pet a comfortable space,quiet, clean and with adequate temperature and ventilation to rest. This will make you feel safe and secure and rest better.
  3. Make sure that the place destined for your dog to sleep is away from noises that can alter it. Remember that the ear of the dogs is much more developed than ours. So if, for example, it is near a window that overlooks the street of a large city, even at night, it is likely that it will not be free of horns, motors and sirens.
  4. Don't give a copious dinner to your four-legged friend. Too much food, just like you, can bring you trouble falling asleep. Try not to go to sleep immediately after eating.
  5. Surestop your hairywalk, play and exercise enough. An animal that spends its energy well will have a more restful sleep than one who does not get tired enough with this type of activity. A good walk after the last daily meal is sure to come with pearls to ensure a good rest.

Issues that can wake your pet in the middle of the night

In addition, dogs can wake up at night for specific issues such as:

  • Noises caused by heavy storms or pyrotechnics During some kind of celebration.
  • The zeal. If a male perceives the smell of a female during this period, he will surely be disturbed and will want to go looking for him and forget about sleeping. For these cases there is a good option, sterilize the hairy.
  • Different situations that cause stress and anxiety: removals, family discussions, deaths, births, divorces, etc.

Anyway, also keep in mind that both puppies and senior animals may have alterationsof sleep.

If in spite of following the advice that we indicate and also discarded health problems, your dog still does not sleep at night, it may be time to consult an animal behavior specialist.

With patience and dedication, you will surely be able to find a solution to this issue and, sooner rather than later, your hairy person will go back to sleep all night like a little angel.

What can you expect from your puppy's first night at home?

Your puppy's first night will most likely be in two ways: he will be totally exhausted from the excitement of the day and may be ready to go to sleep, or he is very likely to have trouble doing so. Arriving at a new house with so many strangers is a naturally stressful event, even if each introduction is done slowly. What you can do, if you know the origin of your puppy, is to request a garment or toy that smells like his mother or his siblings, locate the object in the bed that you have destined for him before going to bed to sleep, these familiar aromas will allow Your puppy relaxes and gets used to his new place.

The younger your puppy is, the less likely he will be able to sleep through the night at first. Usually dogs do not like to dirty the areas where they sleep, so if your puppy needs to urinate at night, he will start a whole fuss accompanied by much crying. When you hear him cry, take him out for a walk, then come back inside and put him back in his bed. Once your puppy reaches 3 or 4 months of age, he will be used to sleep all night.

# 1 Help him by exercising a lot during the day

A commonly known saying says that "a tired dog is a good dog," and it is very true. Stimulating a puppy's mind and body during the day, with age-appropriate activities, will help you as the owner to establish strong ties with him, and your puppy will help him burn all his energy.But remember, as your puppy will grow, he will also need more exercise.

# 4 Make a comfortable bed for him

Many dogs enjoy soft blankets to snuggle at night, while others prefer a slightly cooler surface. Consider the temperature and time of year when choosing the type of bed you give your puppy, it is essential to make it more comfortable. Nobody wants to be warm when it is so cold outside, right?

# 5 Give him something to bite

Biting and chewing is a very relaxing activity and that also all dogs usually enjoy. And that they enjoy much more when their teeth are growing, as in the case of your puppy. Some people give their dogs a cookie or a chewable toy just before bedtime. Having a toy or bone on your bed can also help your puppy stay entertained in case he wakes up at night or first than you.

# 6 Keep your puppy's bed near you

A good practice, while your puppy gets used to sleeping through the night, is to have his bed close to yours. This is a way to ensure that they do not feel alone, in addition to that you can listen to them in case they wake up at night, you also have the possibility of giving them a greater sense of freedom.

There may be many different factors so that a puppy cannot sleep, but it is in your hands to educate him to achieve it. According to the six tips that we gave you before, you will have noticed that the main rule for this to be a successful process is to maintain a routine, make a schedule to play, eat and sleep too, if you follow this scheme to the letter .

Warm your puppy's bed before taking it to sleep, it is also a very good trick to stay in it, remember that if your sleep problems persist, you should not hesitate a second to consult your veterinarian. A certain space for your puppy will make him feel safe and refugee, that is, he will feel at home, comfortable, warm, loved and above all very polite.