When should I take my rabbit to the vet?

If we just got a bunny, we should consider two things from the first moment. First of all we have to think about doing your first review, and secondly we must solve all our doubts about our new pet. The objective of this article is to clarify all these doubts as much as possible.

Where to make the first visit of our rabbits

The first thing to consider when we have a new furry partner like this is that we will have to take it to the exotic veterinarian. Surely we have a veterinarian near home, but normal veterinarians do not know about rabbits because they have not specialized, and that is why a specialized veterinarian will always be a better guarantee for us.

His first review

The first review Our rabbit will be simple, in principle the ears will be seen, the belly will be felt, it will be weighed, the nails will be cut if necessary, etc. However, in this first review one of the most important things to do is an analysis of your stool with the aim of being able to rule out the existence of coccidia.

Coccidia are parasites that end up causing diarrhea to our rabbit. This situation can even cause death especially if we talk about rabbits.

Therefore, a couple of days before the appointment with the veterinarian arrives we will have to store some poops and carry them in a tightly closed bag or if possible in a sterile boat that we can acquire at any pharmacy.

Seize the moment

Since we meet the exotic veterinarian, it is appropriate to seize the moment and ask all the questions we may have either from the rabbit itself or from its care. It may be a time to know the sex of the rabbit, the approximate age as well as other factors such as vaccines or deworming.

The price of the first review

One of the things that usually worries and more today is how much this is going to cost us first review of our rabbit. Well, although it really depends a lot on the city and the veterinarian who is going to take care of the health of our partner, we can get the idea that these reviews usually have an average cost of about € 30.

However, we must also consider that this price may end up varying in the event that it is necessary to be given a medication or if separate tests need to be made.

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