When to start walking the dog

While there is not an exact age on when to start walking my dog, your veterinarian will probably suggest that you wait until you have all your main vaccines, such as vaccines against parvovirus, hepatitis and distemper.

Your furry friend should be able to get his last booster at around 16 weeks of age, depending on when he received the initial vaccine. You should also make sure you are up to date with your rabies vaccine, which can provide you 3 to 6 months of age.

Because it can take up to 4 months or more for your four-legged partner to be fully vaccinated, you should not take him on a walk or a dog park during the first months of life.

Tips with collar and strap

Surely you want your puppy to have the feeling of its collar and leash as soon as possible so that it is ready for its walk when it is the right age.

To do this, slide the neck while he is eating dinner and attach the strap. He must be so focused on his food that he won't worry about what you're hanging on his neck.

Always associate your collar and leash with the positive things: play time, get treats or even a touch session.

Any hesitation or uncomfortable feelings you have with the leash should start to dissipate quickly.

Home belt training

While it is advisable not to walk your dog in public until it is completely vaccinated, you can start using the leash training at home, even if you only have a couple of months.

Instead of opening the back door and letting him use the whole yard as his bathroom, you connect him to his leash and take him to the back corner where you want him to do his needs.

If you have space in your home, you can walk with him to his bed, to his plate of food or anywhere else, this allows you to get more familiarity when walking with the leash.

Walking well

Teach your dog from an early age to walk by your side. It may be nice and fun to walk alone now that weighs just 5 kilos, but when you have 20 kilos maybe if you did not educate him well you can injure yourself or cause him to escape.

You have to learn that when you are calm you will get the ride reward. Once everything is connected, take as many steps as possible to create tension in the belt.

Can use treats or compliments to take him for a walk, as long as he is following you and not the other way around.

When to start walking my dog ​​is a tip for Dogs, and talk about Training.