My puppy has pus in what will it be?

If we are caregivers of a male dog, it is likely that, on occasion, we have seen that it rides an object, excessively licks the penis or testicles, if it is not neutered, or has an abnormal secretion. For this reason, in this article of Animal Expert we will focus on explaining why does a dog get pus from the penis. Whenever this type of secretion occurs we must think of an infection, therefore, the recommendation will be to go to the veterinarian to be this professional who prescribes the most appropriate treatment after issuing his diagnosis. However, below we show the most common causes for transmitting all possible information to the specialist.

Secretion in dogs, when is it normal?

As we know, our dog through the penis can emit urine and, rarely, if it is not sterilized, sperm. Urine should be liquid and a light yellow color. In addition, it must flow in a continuous stream. Any change in its texture or coloration should put us on alert, also symptoms such as pain, small quantity stools on multiple occasions, not urinating despite trying, urinating too much, etc. For example, a bloody urine, called hematuria, may indicate that our dog is suffering a problem in the penis, prostate or urethra, the same as if our dog gets pus from the penis, which will most likely indicate an infection. Likewise, it may have been done some wound in the area that has been infected and, therefore, observe secretion in the penis.

The above cases are typical of secretions in abnormal dogs, so we must go to the vet so that, after tests such as visual examination or urine test, establish a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. We must bear in mind that it is possible for our dog to suppurate the penis without it being a pathology, as described in the following section.

Smegma in dogs, what is it?

On some occasions we may think that our dog gets pus from the penis but in reality it will be a substance called smegma, which does not indicate any pathology. The smegma is a yellowish or greenish discharge formed by remains of cells and dirt that accumulate in the genitals and that the dog usually removes by licking daily. Thus, if our dog gets a yellow liquid from the penis or a greenish tone but does not show any sign of pain and the amount eliminated is small, it will usually be a smegma.

Being a completely normal liquid does not require any intervention. In the next section we will see when it is worrying that our dog suppurates through his penis.

My dog ​​secretes a liquid>

Balanoposthitis in dogs refers to the infection produced in the glans and foreskin Of the dog. Our dog gets pus from the penis, that is, we will see that the dog secretes a dense green or white liquid, with a bad smell and in considerable quantity, which helps to differentiate it from the smegma. In addition, the discomfort he suffers will cause him to lick himself insistently. So much so that sometimes we will not see any secretion, precisely because the dog has licked it. In this way, if we suspect that the dog has an excess of smegma, we will probably be faced with this type of infection and not the normal fluid described above.

This infection may occur. by the introduction of some foreign body, as plant fragments, in the foreskin, which causes erosion, irritation and subsequent infection and abscess in the glans. Another cause of balanoposthitis is the canine herpesvirus, which produces a chronic infection that, in addition, could spread to the dog if the dog mates. Also a very narrow foreskin hole and the phimosis, which implies a prepucial orifice so small that it can even interfere with the flow of urine. Dogs can be born with phimosis or acquire it. Precisely, an infection in the foreskin can cause it.

Whenever we observe discomfort in our dog and a purulent secretion we must go to the vet. Confirmed the diagnosis the treatment is based on the administration of the appropriate antibiotic. This veterinary examination is very important because a cloudy liquid with a strange smell could also be urine if our dog suffers from cystitis, which is a bladder infection. It should be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from reaching the kidneys.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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Have an infection

Take it to the vet now!

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You have a penis infection. Take it to the vet before it is too late.

I hope k helped you even if it's just a little pokito.

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Re: Pus in the penis # 8229804

Yes, that was what the veterinarian told me yesterday, by the way that I took her to another one, which is not her usual one, to see if other eyes saw more or gave me more options, because it is not the first time and I give her an antibiotic for months It happens again.

He has given him an antibiotic (from the Bayer house, I don't remember the name) for seven days and he will check if he has crystals again. If you have them, you have told me that you better change your feed to a special one for kidney problems of Royal Canin, which says it would help you to expel the crystals. That if I let it be with time they would have to operate on stones.

Of that his veterinarian had not told me anything, and the truth is that I change the diet I see consistent. We already change the water and drink it from the bottle. The issue is that I think I was taking mobility special because my dog ​​also has dysplasia (and it is monorchid, by the way, is that he is very complete, I found it as standard, hahaha we will take it with humor, that we are going to do it) and of course then I would have to find him now a condoprotector that suits him, and with the feed he was doing very well.

What do you think? As soon as I know more I explain. Thank you very much for the reply and for putting up with my roll.