How to care for a land turtle

Land turtles are pets that perhaps one might imagine do not need much care, But the truth is that it requires the same attention as any other animal. Next, we offer you some information about how to take care of it. With these simple tips, you will make your friend feel good, in addition to providing adequate care so she lives a long time.

Tips on how to care for a land turtle

If you live in an apartment, don't worry. You can create the ideal environment for your turtle. You can make your space with a box or a plastic container. Try to have at least about 60 X 90 centimeters of base by about 30 centimeters deep. Do not use a fishbowl, it would create so much heat inside that it could suffer and die. Place a broad-spectrum lamp near your box, as they like sunlight. You can also put stones or logs to have fun: they love climbing.

For bedtime you will need a dark place to hide. You can make this shelter with a box or, better yet with an overturned pot. Put some sand on the base, that will make her feel comfortable.

They also love to soak, so look for a container deep enough so you can take regular baths. Cover with water up to about 3 centimeters. The intention is that your turtle is soaked and that the water does not cover it completely, Well, unlike water species, they are not good swimmers and could drown.

If, on the other hand, you have a patio or a garden you should only provide a space for him to hide and where to cool off. You should observe it carefully, as they are excellent climbers and excavators and it is very likely that you can escape.

As for your diet, you should keep in mind that after sunbathing and cooling off, it is what your friend enjoys most. They are omnivorous animals and it is best that you provide a balanced diet. They usually eat very early in the morning. You should try to feed her snails, worms or crickets. If you want something less wild, you can feed it with special food or reduced-fat cat food. Supplement that diet with lettuce, tomatoes, apples, strawberries or even blackberries. Try to be fresh. As an important fact, do not give them ground meat because it usually contains a lot of fat. Don't give them chicken meat either, since they can have salmonella.

Something you should keep in mind is that land turtles usually hibernate. Before your turtle enters this process, you should check that it is in good health. If you have not acquired a good endowment of fat reserves, the process is not likely to survive. It is recommended that you only take it to this situation, if you are interested in parenting, if you would not spend part of the year having a sleeping pet.

If you have it abroad, you must protect it from possible predators such as dogs, cats, rodents or birds, as well as the weather (frost or very heavy rains). Something you can use is a dog carrier with a bed of loose soil and sheets. You must keep the moisture inside so that your friend does not become dehydrated. When spring breaks, your turtle will wake up from his sleep.

Turtle breeding

Devoting yourself to raising land turtles is an interesting activity, but you have to be very responsible to carry it out. If you plan to have a hatchery it is essential that you inform a veterinarian. You should also take into account the care of the young, as well as knowing if you will find them a home or you will keep them.

You will need a couple of sexually mature turtles, this is around the age of five. The mating period begins in autumn. For your pets to have better offspring, you should lower their temperature a little between 10 and 15 ° C in the months of December to February. You will notice that they begin to eat less and seek tranquility: do not disturb them. Just make sure the female consumes enough calcium and vitamin D3.

For the nest and incubation of the eggs, ask your veterinarian for advice on how to protect them so that they have the ideal temperature. The time in which the eggs hatch is between 60 and 120 days. That is why it will be better for you to advise yourself so that you obtain the greatest possible success.