How many times should a cat eat a day?


The number of times to feed the cat depends on its age, it is advisable to have two daily rations for adults and at least three for puppies

  • Author: By EVA SAN MARTÍN
  • Last updated: August 17, 2015

A cat that does not eat enough can suffer from health problems. Meanwhile, a cat that ingests more food than is necessary will be overweight. The question seems simple, but answering it may not be so much: How many times a day do you have to feed a cat? The answer, experts explain, It depends on the age of the cat, on his state of health, as well as if there is more than one animal at home. This article offers ten simple keys not to fail

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A cat puppy needs three meals a day, and a specific food for young, that meets its high nutritional needs

The cat's age is important before deciding how many daily rations of food is offered to the cat. Cat puppies have a higher nutritional requirement per kilo of weight, when compared to an adult animal. The reason lies in the high nutritional demands that growth implies.

This explains why a cat baby needs to eat more than once during the day. "Puppies need to feed three times a day, at least until they turn six months, "Kallfelz adds. The little cat needs more calories, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals to develop healthy. Poor feeding (due to lack of quality or quantity) will be noticed soon in the puppy.

The number of meals a feline puppy makes can, however, be gradually reduced as it grows. "But the specific feed for offspring should be kept until they reach maturity, that is, until they reach nine months or one year of age," adds veterinarian John Bukowski, author of the 'Merck' manual on animal health.

Y, What about adult cats? A feline after six months will have enough to eat food twice during the day, provided that his daily ration of food is respected. The same goes for older cats or senior, from the age of seven. For them, it is also enough to eat two portions of food.

However, it should be borne in mind that "a gluttonous cat will feel less anxious if it eats several times a day, but in a smaller amount," warns, meanwhile, feline nutritionist Francis Kallfelz, of Cornell University (USA). .)

A last caution: before distributing cat food in different rations distributed throughout the day it is important to know how much the cat should eat. This relevant information should be consulted on the cat food label, where it is usually specified. The veterinarian will also be a reference and help, too, in this regard.

How many times should a cat eat? Ten keys

1.A cat puppy needs to feed at least three times a day (every eight hours). Their food, in addition, must be specific for felines under one year.

2. A adult cat or senior (from seven years old) you have enough to eat twice a day, with a separation of between eight and twelve hours. It is necessary to watch that the ration of recommended daily food is distributed of the suitable way.

3. The option of leave cat food always available to the cat It may be valid, but keep in mind that the animal maintains its healthy weight and fill the bowl with croquettes every day.

4. Cat disease, such as feline diabetes, may mean that the animal needs to feed more frequently. The veterinarian will be the best advisor in this case.

5. A convalescent cat After an operation or illness you may also need to eat more frequently, and you may need a specific meal.

6. The most appropriate time to feed the cat It can be adapted to our own family agenda: the morning is a good time and also at night, when the home is quieter.

7. Cat food should be offered in a quiet place, free of the passage of the rest of the inhabitants of the home.

8. Feline meal times They must be respected: this way, it will be easier to curb your anxiety and help you feel more relaxed.

9. In houses with more than one cat it is important to establish a meal schedule and respect it. It will also be necessary to check that each cat goes to his bowl, to prevent one of the four-legged friends from eating more than he needs.

10. The veterinarian will be an aid to choose the food that best suits the cat (according to their age, health, special requirements), as well as to control the amount and daily rations of food that you need.

Another formula that usually works (not suitable for overweight cats) is free feeding, also called "Ad libitum"

When we feed in this way, dry cat feed is available at all times, and the cat eats whenever it pleases, offering wet food twice a day.

Most cats regulate quite well, they don't eat more than they need and this formula is the most practical for the cat's guardian, but nevertheless, some cats tend to overeat when they feed. ”Ad libitum”Which causes obesity.

It is important not to pour large amounts of feed that can last for too many days in your feeder, dry feed also loses nutrients and fats get dirty as a result of natural oxidation on contact with air.

Therefore, and especially if the cat's feed is a food preserved based on natural antioxidants, it is advisable to fill the bowl daily with the right amount that we believe our cat needs daily.