How to take my dog's stress and calm him


Sometimes we must look for formulas to reduce stress in dogs They adapt to each family. It is not the same to give a medication as to give a natural remedy and to help with dispersion techniques for our furry companions. Stress remains one of the most common conditions in dogs, especially those that live in very small cities or flats and spend much of their day alone.

Due to lack of information we can confuse it with behavior problems or hyperactivity. In ExpertAnimal we want to talk about remedies to reduce stress in dogs, not only the conventional ones, but also those that we do not hope can help us in combating this problem.

How to reduce stress in dogs?

To help others we must always be well. This sounds basic, but it is the point from which we must leave to help our dog. If we ourselves are able to reduce or manage stress levels, we can improve our quality of life, that of our environment and also that of our loved ones, in this case our dog.

For identify the cause that causes stress In the can, we must know what your needs are. Learning about race, age, walks or food are some points to start, but to reach the desired balance we have to learn how to meet dog needs.

Other ways to find out what causes stress in our dog can be by reviewing the 5 freedoms of animal welfare, requirements that any healthy dog ​​should be able to enjoy. Likewise, if we also learn canine language, we can know if our dog is relaxed, nervous or stressed in the different situations of the day.

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand what causes stress in our dog: it may be that he has a simple walk of 10 minutes a day, when he really needs 3 daily walks of 40 minutes each, it may be that during the walk we constantly pull the leash or suffer every time he barks down the street. There are countless causes that can cause discomfort in our best friend and we are responsible for identifying what may be happening. Remember that a change in your life can also cause anxiety, such as the loss of a family member or a move.

Provide you with a relaxed and quiet environment At home it is usually successful. Other times we just need entertain your mind with intelligence games or smell games several times a day. This occurs in very intelligent races, such as in breeds of the shepherd type (border collie, German shepherd.) Or pinscher type, which must have an occupation to be mentally healthy.

The important thing is to be aware and know our dog to understand what may be affecting his emotional state. Small changes often make a difference and allow us to dispense with medications.

Traditional remedies to combat stress in dogs

The allopathic remedies will always be as a result of a visit to the veterinarian, and he will guide us in the most convenient for our dog. We should not self-medicate our pet, as we could be wrong in the choice of the drug and / or the dose.

The pheromonesThey are usually very used in these cases, since they mimic the smell of their mother, and we can succeed with them. They exist in the form of collars or diffusers of environment that are not so invasive for them and we will not even notice it. All the necessary information in our article on the effectiveness of pheromones.

There are other drugs for very acute cases such as Prozac, which is a canine anxiolytic, but cannot be used for very long times, as it can cause other problems that we will regret later.

Natural remedies for stress in dogs

Although there are several remedies to treat stress in dogs, below we highlight the most effective natural techniques in these cases:

    Within home remedies we can choose chamomile tea that will be mixed with your com>

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

If you want to read more articles similar to Remedies to reduce stress in dogsWe recommend that you enter our section on Mental Problems.

How to prevent my dog ​​from getting stressed

The first thing is to understand why a dog is stressed. You have to understand that hairy people love the routine, they love being able to anticipate what will happen next, knowing what time they have to eat and what, It also makes them happy to be clear about the times you get home and when you take them out for a walk. An orderly life is the best medicine for a dog.

Knowing this, to prevent a dog from stressing, you must set a calendar of meals, walks and pampering. Although they love the constant repetition of tasks, at lunchtime, they love to vary their menu among feed, cans of wet food or natural food. Of course, whenever you give him human food, do it with the advice of our canine dietitians.

Stress reduction therapy in dogs

And how is a dog stressed? If your schedule is a mess, if you ignore it, if you yell at it and if you live surrounded by loud noises that you don't expect, you will be stressed. The unexpected and what he does not understand generates anxiety. If you suddenly move out of the house and you have to live in a place you don't know, it may be stressed. If you change jobs and, with that, you change your schedules, too, because you won't understand why you're not at home at the usual time.

If you change your meal at once, it will be missed, and add and continue. Knowing this, it is easy to understand the guidelines for dogs with stress, in order to de-stress them. The first thing is to adapt it to a new routine. Just do not commit to a day to day that you can not meet, do it with your head.

Massages and guidelines for dogs with stress

What you have to do, especially at the beginning, is to tire it. A dog that has played, laughed and enjoyed, will rest very well and eat better. So exhaust it. Depending on the race your colleague has, there is an amount of energy you have to consume per day. It is best that you try it: do a ten minute game session, are you tired? Do not? Well, go up to twenty.

If you do this, you will see how, little by little, wag your tail again, be happy and take your stress off. These tricks serve for the anxiety of a dog caused by a strong change in its routine, but there are other types of anxieties that can also harm them. Many dogs get stressed if they are yelled a lot or feel noises.

How to calm a dog with stress

First, get used to not yelling at your dog, do not resort to punishment, but to positive reinforcement. Reward him with something rich and healthy every time he does something right, like a piece of apple or banana, but don't hit him or yell at him if he makes a mistake with something. Did you know that there are dogs that tremble and pee because of the screaming? Yes, so you can see how much these scolding affect them.

Also avoid playing loud music or hitting at home, they will also stress you a lot. In case you suffer post traumatic stress by being adopted after fleeing a home where you were mistreated, be patient, do not look for it, let him do it. Don't force the pampering, let him look for them and establish a routine that gives him security.

If you follow these guidelines to de-stress your dog, you will get it. Be patient, be constant, don't give up, use love and also our online ethologists.

Games and natural remedies

  • You have to choose games that stimulate the mental activity of the dog, how to hide an object and bring it to the owner. Another issue to keep in mind is that it is often thought that playing the dog until it runs out will help eliminate stress. Actually, it excites him and exacerbates his nervousness even more.
  • To complement the above measures, there are Home remedies known for their relaxing properties, like chamomile, linden and St. John's wort. These drinks can be administered with meals or directly in the animal's mouth.
  • Aromatherapy, Bach flowers and other natural homeopathic preparations They do not cause dependence or have contraindications. They are applied in the form of drops on the necklaces, blankets or on the head of the dog.

The most important thing when treating stress in your dog is to treat it with patience and affection. We must avoid screaming and physical aggressions, as well as exclusion and abandonment, the dog perceives the interest of its owner and thanks him by appeasing his nerves and showing himself cheerful and affectionate.

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Different studies have managed to determine that pets have emotional needs. In addition to their food, shelter and vaccinations, they also need to maintain a mental balance. Then it is necessary to know how to identify when a psychologist needs your pet.

How to know if a dog has stress

Many are skeptical about the fact that a dog can have stress, because they think they have a comfortable life in which they receive love and that they do not even have to think about eating or going out, since all their needs are covered. This should be the reality, but The crazy world we live in seems to also affect the health of our pets. And yes, dog stress is real.

Of course, stress is not a normal situation of the body, mood and behavior of our pets, so again it is crucial that we observe any changes in order to realize that there is a problem. The most common gestures that dogs can present to make sure they have stress are:

  • Facial gestures Although dogs cannot speak, they do have body language that can tell us a lot about their situation. For example, your eyes, your head or your ears could indicate that you are experiencing a situation of permanent or punctual stress. Licking, sniffing or turning your head, as well as showing an attitude of submission at all times, could be unambiguous signs of stress in dogs.
  • They are>

What can cause stress in dogs

There are several reasons why dogs can get stressed, so we mention some:

  • Removals. Dogs are routine animals, they get used to doing the same thing every day and being in the same place, so when this is altered stress begins on them. Although a move should be a short step, our pets may be affected more than we think.
  • itsowner. Everything we do influences our dogs positively or negatively. For example, if we are stressed, they are stressed. Likewise, if we are conflicted or we treat them hard, we will create in them a fear that will become anxiety and stress.
  • Arrival of other pets. This could be included in a routine change, but you could also see it as an invasion that your dog may not carry well.

Play with him

It is the best way to stimulate your mind and reduce stress in dogs. Walk together, play ball or even interact with it with interactive games.

If after trying all this you do not see changes, do not hesitate to visit a veterinarian to give proper attention to your pet.