How to care for a hamster


A hamster is a good option for a first pet. These small animals need relatively few cares and attention. Simply place a good cage, watch that your feeding Be balanced and exercise. Here we give you one guide Everything you need to know to take care of your rodent friend.

One of the Doubts Frequent first-time owners is the lifetime of a hamster. According to veterinarian Adrián Lozada, it is common for them to live, on average, up to five years. “They have a tendency to obesity so this factor can significantly reduce the hope of lifetime this pet”, He says.

By living for a short time, they mean a shorter commitment of owners with that pet so it can be used to teach children about the responsibility of having a pet.

Hamster feeding

You must feed your hamster once and twice with those foods that are already sold specially prepared for hamster nutrition. What>

You can also feed him small amounts of vegetables and fruits throughout the year. They are foods that they love.

If you want to give him some new food, which has never been tried, give him small pieces at first so that his body gets used to and does not feel bad when eating them. You may be interested to know: what mice eat.

Water for your hamster

In order for you to take care of your hamster correctly, you have to install a drinking water fountain to his cage at a height where he can easily reach.

Water should never come into contact with wood chips or sawdust, because if they get wet they can rot, generate mold, and make your hamster fall ill.

It's very important change the hamster's water daily. In this way, you will avoid the proliferation of bacteria and other microbes that can cause your pet's health to be affected.

Remember that if you want your little animal to be in good condition and live a long time, hygiene It's something you can't ignore.

Cage location

The first thing you have to do to know how to care for a hamster is to place your cage away from direct sunlight and air currents. For this reason, you must choose a site in your home where the pet the right conditions to live, without much heat but not very cold either.

Be careful if you have other animals at home, such as dogs or cats, that do not have access to the cage, since your rodent macota could feel constantly threatened. She will be stressed and will be less sociable and aggressive.

Cage size

With respect to cage size, you must purchase one that fits your size and / or the number of these small rodents that you want to have. He thinks that he will spend most of his existence inside.

A cage must be at least 30 × 60 centimeters. But if it can be bigger, then even better. It is important that you have room to place water and food separately, your sleeping area, and enough space to move around.

A hamster must exercise

For take care of your hamster, you should know that they should exercise and move We recommend that you install an exercise wheel in your cage. There is also a kind of circuit-like tubes through which they can be introduced.

Another very good and very fun option is that you buy a transparent plastic ball that they sell in pet stores. You must introduce the rodent into the ball and, closing the door of the room to avoid scares, you can let it exercise moving from one side to another.

The floor of the cage

For what your hamster have a nice and hygienic space, you must cover the floor of the cage with a layer of medium grain sawdust or wood chips (not agglomerated). If you can, better use pine wood shavings.

They are the most suitable since they are not toxic and are very absorbent. In this way your little rodent will always be living in a soft and healthy space environment.

The hamster must play

One of the best ways to take care of your hamster It is that you have some toys with which you can entertain, gnaw them and spend your energy. A good homemade toy for hamsters It is, for example, the cardboard tube inside the rolls of toilet paper.

However, in your veterinarian or in pet stores you can find all kinds of toys and gadgets for the game of hamsters. The variety is very large and you have a lot to choose from.

Hamster sleeping space

You must provide a Nice placeso your hamster can sleep adequately. It must be a space separated from the rest of the cage. A good option is to make a box for your pet to sleep inside.

Cut a door 4 or 5 fingers wide in a closed cardboard box. A good place is to place the box in one of the corners of the cage. You will see how the hamster will begin to introduce bitten bits of cardboard and wood chips to make a magnificent hamster bed.

Instinctively, the animal will not perform its needs inside, so the box can be in perfect condition for several months before replacing it with a new one.

Cage cleaning

You must wash and sanitize your hamster's cage At least once a week. To do this, remove the animal from the cage. Then, with water and a little disinfectant, clean the entire cage. Remove all possible residues and add some clean chips.

Pay special attention to not leaving small pieces of vegetables or fruit that the hamster has not eaten after 2 days. This type of fresh food they can rot and create mold, which can lead to some disease for your hamster.

Never bathe your hamster

If you want to know how to care for a hamster properly, you have to know that you should never bathe it. This type of rodent are very clean and sanitize themselves. For this reason it is not advisable or necessary for you to bathe.

If it is the case that you detect that your hamster emits a bad smell, the safest is that it is because the chips are dirty. You should clean your cage more often and you'll see how it stops smelling bad.

Tips for caring for a hamster

  • Hamsters are usually more active at night. Therefore, the best time for them to exercise or clean their cage is in the morning or in the afternoon. Since at noon, hamsters are usually sleeping.
  • Place your cage in a place where from time to time you see it happen, this way you will not feel so alone.
  • Preferably choose a hamster that is young. Not because of an issue that they are prettier than children, but because they are more sociable.
  • If your hamster wakes you up at night by spinning the wheel, you can remove it from the inside of the cage when you go to sleep and replace it when you wake up in the morning.
  • Be careful not to put hamsters of different sex in the same cage. Remember that rodents reproduce very easily> Video about hamster care

In this video you can expand the information on how to care for your hamster so that he lives happy, happy and healthy:

Do you want to know more about the care of hamsters?

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How cu> Once we have this little animal at home it is essential that we know how to take care of it. This way we will avoid any kind of problem that puts the pet's health in trouble.

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that the most effective way to buy a hamster It's going to an animal shop. There you can choose the one you like best, usually these animals are economical but their accessories are expensive.

To choose a hamster that is totally healthy you must make sure that it is totally hairy. The ears should be clean, just like the butt and its belly should be round and small. The eyes must be bright and the dentures must be clean and free of deformations.

If he hamster Your wet butt may suffer from an infection caused by bacteria. This problem can be eradicated with antibiotics but it is best to avoid an animal with this disease.

The size of the hamster It varies according to race. Syrian hamsters can be 12 to 17 centimeters long. Campbell's dwarf hamsters reach a length of 7 or 10 centimeters. Chinese hamsters get 10 or 12 centimeters long and Roborovski 7 cm.

When choosing our pet, it should not be too aggressive or too shy. A hamster Curious is ideal, this should approach to sniff your hand and you can feel it with small bites. Such conduct will cause a relationship of trust to be established in a short time.

Adapting the hamster to your new home

Adaptation to a new habitat is paramount in hamster care. Once it is inside the cage you have to leave it just to get used to your new home, so you can get to know it thoroughly.

The hamster has to get used to your presence gradually. Go accessing your cage little by little, as the days go by. When you have to change the water and food is a good time to interact with the animal.

Get used to the hamster at your hand. To do this, place candy in the palm and allow it to climb on it. If the animal bites you a little, remove your hand and replace it. The treats will make your pet understand that the hand is not a hostile site and will adapt to it easily.

Hamster Home

This is one of the most important sections when knowing how to care for a hamster. If we do not choose a correct cage, our pet could suffer from stress or feel vulnerable to any type of threat.

The cage has to be very spacious, the bigger the better. At least it has to be 60 x 38 cm. Glass fish tanks turn out to be an excellent home for hamsters. So that you do not have problems with ventilation we can replace the cover with a mesh. Metal cages with little spaced bars are also a good buy. Cages should never be exposed directly to the sun.

Hot places can kill hamsters, these types of sites don't suit them. The favorite area for the cage is a space with a lot of ventilation. The habitat has to be calm, totally free of loud noises or a large concentration of people. In order for the hamster not to escape, the cage must be fully closed and the bars must be strong and must have very little space to separate from each other.

At the time of having a cage it is best that only one hamster lives in it. These animals are usually territorial and can fight to the death. Although there are races that are less aggressive, it is best not to gather several hamsters in a cage. This will keep them out of danger.

The hamster's bed must be 7 cm wide. This floor layer can be easily made with the help of sawdust. Never use cotton to make the bed, it cannot be digested and this is capable of causing the death of the animal.

Hamster home cleaning

This is vital at all times to know how to care for a hamster. Health depends largely on hygiene. When you go to clean the cage you have to put the animal in a place that is safe and that keeps it protected.

To wash the cage, just use soap to rinse dishes. To disinfect some vinegar diluted in water can be used. You have to wash every corner and angle of the cage, once you have done it, you have to let it dry completely.

Once the cage is clean, new bedding material should be included. It must be clean and it will be best to get freshly produced sawdust or special hamster grit. Never use newspaper since the ink affects the health of the pet. Nor should pine or cedar shavings be implemented, they are toxic. The most advisable is the poplar.

The correct feeding of the hamster

A good cage and a balanced diet go hand in hand. It must be clear that the hamster must feed every day. This is essential in the hamster care. The food rations should be around 10 and 15 grams of food. A ceramic or metal cup is ideal for placing food.

Like food, water should always be present at all times. The water has to be in a dispenser, it should not be placed in a container as it can get dirty easily. This must be changed every day.

The best diet for the hamster is given by the granules or blocks. Seed mixtures should only be offered as a supplement. Food for humans is not suitable for the animal. This type of food contains a lot of sugar for the hamster and could make you diabetic in a short time.

This type of animal can eat natural treats and convenient for its metabolism. You can offer carrot, cucumber, apple, banana, pepper, celery, green dandelion leaves, etc. Among the vegetables that we should not give are: onion, pore, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Chewable bars are an excellent treat for the hamster. Because your teeth are constantly growing, you will need to wear them daily.

Exercise the hamster

Keeping your pet active is very important. To be informed about how to care for a hamster It means doing it daily. The hamster wheel is undoubtedly one of the most sought after accessories. This must have a correct size of a minimum of 20 cm. If the hamster is larger, as is the case with Syrian hamsters, it will have to be 28 cm.

Toys are very important. The hamster will always have to remain distracted and active at all times. The tunnels and chewable toys are the ones uttered by them. If the animal does not have a large number of toys, it can develop habits that will put its health at risk, such is the case of stress.

It is convenient for the hamster to leave the cage from time to time. You can buy a pen for small animals to put it in a wider place to have fun.

Now you are aware of how to care for a hamster. Now you just have to keep in mind that the vet is very important. Take your pet once every three months. This way we will be totally sure that the animal is in an optimal state.

Remember to know how to care for a hamster correctly you will always need to give him love and love. Patience is also necessary. This way the hamster will feel totally happy with you.