Homemade scraper for cats - Step by step


Felines need to scratch objects to communicate, orient themselves and release stress, so homemade scrapers help do it without other damage.

  • Author: By EVA SAN MARTÍN
  • Last update: September 19, 2016

The cats need scratching, and homemade scrapers help them in this important task, while getting them to not fix their nails on other furniture in the house. Felines file their nails not only as part of their important grooming. Scratching helps them communicate with other cats and people, mark their territory and feel confident, as well as release stress. This article explain why felines scratch and collect how to do 13 scrapers in a simple way and without spending money, with cardboard, pita ropes and old doormats. A trick for your cat to use the scraper? Use the catnip, an herb that drives cats crazy.

Why do cats scratch? This is how they communicate

Cats scratch objects not only to sharpen their nails, but also as a means of communication, mark their territory and release stress

Cats need to have scrapers for their nails at home. This object allows them to keep their nails strong, but also offers them the possibility of leave powerful signals to the rest of the inhabitants of the house: cats, dogs and people. "Cats scratch objects, especially as a means of communication: the scratched surface is a very visible signal for the rest of felines and humans, which will soon see it, "explains veterinarian Daniel Estep, of the American Society for Animal Behavior.

The sharpening of its nails allows the cat, therefore, to leave visible messages that are engraved on the surface or object used for this task. But this polished nail information is not only visual. "In addition, cats have odorous glands in the pads of their paws, cells that leave olfactory signals to the rest of the inhabitants of the house on the scratching surfaces," says Estep. This marking allows them to orient themselves, recognize their territory and feel confident and relaxed.

And not only that. Nail sanding is also for the furry four-legged friend an exercise with which to relieve stress. "Cats need to use scrapers to file their nails, but also because it helps them release a lot of anxiety"adds veterinarian Patricia González.

Sanding the feline's nails at home, consequently, is not just an essential habit of grooming. It also works as a powerful communication tool - although it goes unnoticed by most humans - and is an escape route for their stress.

Scrapers for cats, important against other damage!

The cats without a suitable scraper will naturally choose a small number of objects For sanding your nails. These surfaces may include the bottom of the sofa, chair legs, wicker baskets and house rugs not intended - at least in principle - for the use of the four-legged friend.

A scraper that is liked by the cat will prevent some strokes in the house And these accessories are the best way to prevent hairy animals from sanding their sharp nails on furniture.

Cat scrapers can be purchased at specialty cat stores but, depending on their size and characteristics, They will cost between 15 and 60 euros (even more) without anyone being able to ensure that they will be liked by the demanding cat. In addition, scrapers they are not eternal, because its use implies wear that requires replacing them from time to time.

A fun way to save is to build the cat scraper at home. This option allows not only to save expenses safely, but also to get to know the adorable feline that lives at home a little more.

Four scrapers for homemade cats with cardboard

The cardboard boxes that end up in the recycling bin can have a second life and also make the cats fall in love. Cats love the boxes because they serve as shelter, to leave their smell and play, among other uses. "One day I checked what my cat enjoyed tearing up some cardboard that I thought I'd get rid of," says Shelly Jefferson, author of the Kamiak Creek blog.

This feline weakness is the one that took the opportunity to create this original scraper for cats only with cardboard. The sheets are cut into strips of about 10 centimeters and placed on the inside of another box. The pressure between the pieces of cardboard will prevent the feline from disassembling this original, very simple and free scraper.

A second proposal is to put a framework, with the help of a few simple slats, in the scraper for cats with cardboard. This alternative provides some more consistency and will make it more resistant to withstand the scratches of the feline.

The third option It involves creating holes in the end of the cardboard strips. These holes will allow to pass a pita rope and hang this scraper for the cat's nails of the desired place. Some catnip scattered around the cards will encourage the cat to use his new scraper with greater enthusiasm.

A fourth possibility? Create an original gatuno skyscraper only with cardboard, which will also serve as a scraper in height. The idea is to stack the sheets, one on top of the other, until reaching the desired size. The consistency is obtained with the help of a wooden rod - through which the perforated cartons are previously passed - and of a platform of the same material placed on the floor. The shapes cut in the cardboard will determine the model of scraper tower for felines. A New York-style cat scratch.

Three scrapers for cats with mats

The rough mat used to clean footwear before entering the house it is one of the surfaces preferred by felines to file their nails. It is enough to open the door of the landing of the house and notice how the hairy tenants are shot in search of the neighbor's mat, when it has these characteristics.

The simplest idea of ​​getting a cat scraper is therefore that: get a doormat that passes the bar of feline demands and place it in a place that you like.

A second proposal something more elaborate - not much else - to make a cat scratcher at home with a doormat is to frame it with wooden slats. If you remember to leave a hole in the middle, this accessory can even hang on the door handle.

The hardest one still remains for last. The idea is to manufacture this scraper tower for felines with the help of different platforms or plywood sheets. The set is lined once armed with a doormat that facilitates the scratching of the cat. This scraper allows not only the nail grooming to the furry friend, but also offers privileged views in height and a formidable hiding place - it is hollow - during his games with his two-legged friend.

Three bed scrapers for homemade cats, and free!

Lazy people will find this scraper for the nails of the homemade feline irresistible. Its construction does not force to cut so many cardboard strips And so thin. Enough with roll them up on themselves until the desired diameter is achieved for this accessory. The most flirtatious can still give you a touch of color: watercolors or some pieces of cloth will be used to cover it and give free rein to the imagination. This horizontal scraper model not only serves for sanding the cat, but also as a bed, carpet or seating area.

A second alternative to make a homemade scraper for felines consists of cutting the cardboard strips with two different widths - the widest ones will be placed outside. This proposal allows the cat to use it as a bed and accommodate inside during its rest hours.

But if the neglect still hits harder, this third model Feline cardboard scraper will leave without excuses even the most reluctant. Simply roll up the cardboard and use a piece of electrical tape at the end to fix it.

Three scrapers for homemade cats with ropes

The rugged (and very economical) pita rope It is also used to make scrapers.

The first idea is from the blog La Loca de los Gatos, which proposes to make a scraper for the feline's nails with a wood covered with a kitchen towel and a decorative cloth. This set is rolled in turn with the pita rope, which will serve as a scraping surface for the hairy inhabitants of the house.

The pita rope also allows you to create striking scrapers for cats in the shape of a cylinder in height. The idea is wind the rough string with enough tension around a cylinder or post already at home and do not mind sharing with the cat.

The third proposal It implies spending more time, but the result deserves it. With the help of two wooden platforms - a larger one on the ground and a smaller one on the whole, on which the cat can climb - it is possible to manufacture a scraper tower for cats also with ropes. The idea is from Instructables blog. Why will this scraper delight the cat? The accessory will not only allow the four-legged friend to keep their nails neat but also will provide you with views at heights from which to inspect your entire territory -in this case, the house- almost at a single glance.

How to make a homemade scraper for cardboard cats

Cardboard scrapers are not the most durable, however they are very simple to build and very economical, as it will suffice with some cardboard boxes and some glue to do it.

Our cat will enjoy scratching his nails between the natural holes in the cardboard, and being so simple to manufacture, we can do as many as we need.

Step 3: Paste the strips and the base

Once we have all the strips, we just have to glue them together with a little glue or white glue. When they are well glued, we will apply a little glue / glue on the base and color the strips on top, so that everything is well joined, like a block.

We will wait for the glue to dry and meow! we already have a cardboard scratch for cats completely homemade. Now we just have to show our cat and let him enjoy it.

Remember that this design is very basic and simply consists of filling a box with cardboard strips, but if you let your imagination fly you can even make scale buildings based on cardboard strips, where your cat will enjoy climbing non-stop.

Make your own homemade scraper for rope cats

Rope rippers are characterized by being much stronger than cardboard ones, much more durable. However, its cost is somewhat higher since we must acquire certain materials for its manufacture.

Let's see step by step how from home a scraper for rope cats. Necessary materials:

    A wooden base board, 60 x 60 centimeters A wooden tube 10 or 15 centimeters in diameter and one meter high Esparto or hemp rope A piece of cloth or carpet Glue

Step 1: Screw the base to the wooden tube

The first thing to do is screw the base to the wooden tube. We will search with the help of a subway the exact center of the wooden square and we will make a small hole in it with the help of a drill.

We will place the tube on top of the hole and through the bottom of the base (square of wood) we will introduce a screw that firmly grasps the tube. Remember that it must be a resistant screw, since our cat will climb the tube and must support its weight.

Step 3: Line the tube with the rope

Although it may seem complex, this is actually the easiest part when it comes to making a homemade scraper for our cat. We just have to glue the tip of the rope to the base of the wooden tube.

We will put glue or white glue on the tube and we will be screwing the rope little by little, so that each turn is glued to the previous one, without spaces remaining between the turns.

When we are finished, we just have to wait for the glue or glue to dry completely and our cat scraper will be ready. We can even put a stuffed animal on top to get even more attention of the cat.

If you want to do something even more complex but fun for your cat, don't miss the video of our friend Just, which He explains step by step how to make a giant scraper for cats simply using cardboard and wood.

Last tips

Once you have the scraper ready, I recommend rubbing it well with some garment of dirty clothes, such as socks or a T-shirt. This way the scraper will have your smell and it will be easier for your cat to dare to meet him.

It is also important that you choose a good place to place your cat's new homemade scraper. Once you decide where to put it, don't move it like this Your pet will know that this is his area.

And if by chance you have any problem with adapting your cat with the new scraper I recommend you take a look at our article "teach a cat to use the scraper". Surely you find the solution and you will have a great time watching your cat have fun.

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