How to moisturize the dog's skin?


It is key that the dogs keep their fur in perfect condition, not only for aesthetics, but because it protects them from the sun, if they lose it in excess they can suffer from dermatological problems and allergies

Hydrating your dog's skin is vital to keep the fur coat in perfect shape. The oil that it generates on its own has very beneficial properties, both for your skin and for your health, so we give you some tips to keep it in shape.

Why look for hydrated skin?

A hydrated skin is a sign of good health and good nutrition, which is especially reflected in our furry's fur. The cape will have a bright and dense appearance that will make you want to caress it all day.

Further, Hydrated skin will make you feel more comfortable with yourself when movingIt will prevent discomfort and, in some cases, can help to heal the animal's wounds better.

One of the most recurring problems when moisturizing your dog's skin is the constant baths that can be given to a dog, which prevents its natural oil from hydrating the skin. Too much sun also greatly influences skin dryness if it is exposed for too long.

Further, dry skin can be a symptom of a food problem or a dermatological disease That may be afflicting your pet. Dermatitis in dogs, although not lethal, can be a great nuisance to them for several days.

The most common symptom it is the loss of hair by sections in your body and the appearance of hives throughout the bodyAlso, the skin may have a reddish appearance that betrays the appearance of such evil.

So to prevent these skin diseases, seek to hydrate your dog's skin to keep it healthy at all times. If you think your hairy has a dermatological problem, the best thing is consult with the veterinarian before continuing with a home remedy.

It must be done to avoid the emergence of some allergies or contradictions to some of the elements that may be present. In the same way we must do it to know if we need any special medication.

Home remedies to moisturize your dog's skin

Many of the products we usually have at home serve perfectly to give the necessary hydration to the skin of our pet. Some may even be free since they are completely natural.

The star king It is one of the easiest ways to recover the skin of our dog, not counting the endless benefits that the star gives. During its exposure, the can will generate vitamin D together with its natural oil on its coat.

This oil is very beneficial for him and he will naturally lick it, so don't worry about the damage this can cause. If you choose this option, keep in mind that excessive exposure to sunlight has serious consequences and instead of helping it can make the situation worse.

The caresses and the pampering

It will sound a little strange but yes, petting our pet stimulates the generation of body oils and fats, which are very beneficial for them. In addition, your dog will love to be caressed every so often.

In the same way it serves to brush your mantle at least once a week. This action fulfills the same function as caressing it and, in addition, it will help keep your cape in good condition and without dead hairs that can dull it.

Almond oil and olive oil

The properties of these products they are very beneficial in several aspects, in the case of the skin, it keeps it healthy and in very good condition, which makes them a good replacement if necessary.

Single apply a coat on the coat and let it reach your dermis. If you want a more immediate result, try brushing the dog's hair: you will water it faster and you will also cover the whole body of the animal.

There are also several types of medicated shampoo for severe cases where these remedies are not very effective, so these products have been created to treat them more effectively.

Most of these items are prescribed, so before using it is recommended to consult with the veterinarian to receive the necessary indications. It goes without saying that if adverse reactions are found, discontinue treatment immediately.

Then you already know, moisturizing your dog's skin is simpler than it sounds, so dedicate a little extra time to caring for your dog and brush it from time to time.


Burns manifest themselves in the form ofpeeling, scabs, erosions, irregular thickening and ulcers, among other. The most affected areas are the ventral and lateral sides of the abdomen and the inner part of the thighs. However, there may also be injuries to the sides, the tip of the tail or the distal part of the extremities. Nasal lesions and skin without adjacent hair, without pigmentation, become red and peeling.

At its upper level, exposure to the sun for a long time will causealopecia, scabs, erosions, ulcers and scars.

The hours with more risk are, as in the case of humans, between 9 and 16. You have to apply sunscreens and sunscreens.

Homemade Dog Moisturizer

These animals undoubtedly live in many homes as kings, having their own place to be, their own room, toys and stop counting, very few species in this world have earned this privilege, as are dogs.

As I know that you are one of those people who go out of their way to your canine, and you love to pamper it, pamper it and give it the smallest care, then I will recommend some homemade moisturizers, which are usually fabulous to apply to your dog.

Homemade moisturizers for dogs

Dogs are animals that can suffer from different conditions on their skin, these animals need the application of moisturizers throughout their skin, but the most vulnerable areas are the nose and its pads (under the paws). Although homemade creams are usually made with natural ingredients, it never hurts to consult your trusted veterinarian.

Many people like you live on the lookout for this detail in your pet, and for that reason they seek by all possible means the most precise homemade creams to apply to your dog. Next, I will recommend 5 excellent homemade creams that will be very beneficial for a faithful friend.

· Olive oil based moisturizer

This is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial oils for the skin not only of your dog but also ours. Olive oil for its great contribution of vitamins and natural fatty oils, can give your dog's skin a great aspect of good health, keeping it soft and hydrated.

To create this cream you will only need two ingredients, take a considerable amount of neutral petroleum jelly and add a good dose of olive oil, remove it until the oil is completely combined with petroleum jelly. This type of creams can be spread even in areas where you have wounds, since these two ingredients together do an excellent job when it comes to healing.

Moisturizer with shea butter

This element of nature can help keep your pet's skin hydrated, thanks to the moisturizing and rejuvenating properties it contains. This ingredient turns out to be wonderful for the skin, today there are very famous cosmetic creams made with shea butter.

You can put in a container 250 grams of butter and combine it with a natural oil, it can be with coconut oil, olive oil, marigold oil and even lavender, and if you want to use all these oils together, it would also be wonderful. This type of cream is recommended mostly for areas such as the nose.

Aloe Vera moisturizer

Aloe Vera, also known as aloe vera, is a wonderful plant, used today as a medicinal product for countless conditions and even diseases. Aloe is a great ingredient that you can use as a base to prepare a homemade cream to rejuvenate and even heal dog skin.

With this miracle of nature you can mix it with any natural oil, but with the difference of adding also a teaspoon of honey. This type of moisturizing and rejuvenating cream can be placed on any part of your pet's body.

Carrots moisturizer

All skin to stay hydrated and in good health, always need a vital touch of vitamin E, your dog's skin for being very delicate, constantly needs this vitamin. Carrots are vegetables whose main characteristic is to have a high level of vitamin E.

This is why carrots are great for creating a cream to give your dog's skin softness and life. You just have to boil a pot with water, after it has a high level of boiling you must turn it off, add the carrot and cover it until it has cooled.

This whole procedure is so that the carrot does not lose its vitamin properties, then you prepare a paste and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. You can spread it in areas where the skin looks more dry and damaged.

Dogs for a large crowd, man's best friend, and as I know that you enter that group, I send you all this information, so you can keep your friend's skin in perfect condition.

Rosemary homemade dog softener

Rosemary is one of the most used aromatic spices in cooking, but did you know that it also brings multiple benefits to our furry friends? In fact, this plant can also be used to spice up homemade dog recipes, since it provides vitamin C, flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, essential oils and tannins, which translates into digestive, diuretic, immunoprotective and carminative properties. As for its benefits for dogs' hair, rosemary promotes blood circulation, so that it helps the animal's mantle grow stronger, healthier and brighter. On the other hand, due to its astringent effect, it fights oily and greasy fur, present in long and thin-haired breeds such as Yorkshire.

To prepare a conditioner for dogs with rosemary we can continue two recipes:

  1. We prepare an infusion of rosemary by heating a tablespoon of leaves with two cups of water.
  2. We heat two tablespoons of leaves with two tablespoons of olive oil.

Both recipes are intended to strengthen the dog's hair and increase the softness of the dog, the difference is that the second is much more moisturizing thanks to olive oil.

How to apply rosemary dog ​​fabric softener

  1. Prepare the chosen recipe and let it cool slightly.
  2. Strain the preparation to discard the leaves.
  3. Apply the homemade conditioner on damp hair with a gentle massage.
  4. Leave on for a few minutes.
  5. Clarifies

We advise using this homemade conditioner after shampooing.

Detangler and homemade conditioner with coconut oil

Coconut oil is an excellent natural remedy for provide shine, softness and hydration to the hair of the dogs. In addition, while treating your mantle, it promotes the health of your skin by applying the same benefits. This oil is very popular among humans for its excellent results as a hair and facial mask. However, its positive effects do not end here, and it is also perfect for moisturizing the furry mantle.

On the other hand, this dog softener acts, also, as a natural detangler, so that it is a magnificent homemade conditioner for long-haired dogs. To do so, simply heat and dilute a tablespoon of coconut oil in a tablespoon of water.

How to apply coconut dog conditioner

  1. Prepare the solution and let it cool.
  2. Apply the fabric softener to the damp mantle with a gentle and relaxing massage.
  3. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water.
  4. If you want, you can use the conditioner before the shampoo.

It is very important to remove the softener, since not doing so the dog will show a caked and oily mantle, just the opposite effect we want to achieve.

Homemade conditioner for dogs with aloe vera

The benefits of aloe vera for dogs' skin are known, especially to treat cases of dermatitis, and uses internally to combat digestive problems. However, this plant with so many medicinal properties is also used to give hair vitalityOf the dog, strengthen it and hydrate it. To do this, simply dilute two tablespoons of aloe vera pulp in two cups of water. And if the animal's mantle is in very bad condition, to enhance the effects of the homemade dog conditioner we recommend adding one or two tablespoons of coconut oil.

How to apply aloe vera dog conditioner

  1. After washing the dog with the shampoo, apply the conditioner with a gentle massage.
  2. Let it act for a few minutes.
  3. Rinse with plenty of water.

This home remedy is a conditioner for dogs with long, medium and short hair, and a natural treatment to reduce the symptoms of excellent atopic dermatitis. For best results, we recommend using a shampoo suitable for the hair or skin of the animal, especially if you suffer from any skin condition.

Softener for dogs with eggs

Due to its amount of protein, the egg is an excellent natural product for strengthen dog hair and make it look soft and shiny. Likewise, it is ideal to complement the veterinary treatment for seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea, always under the approval of the specialist, since it also has the ability to balance sebum production.

Since the protein concentration is in the yolk, to make this homemade dog conditioner we recommend using only this part of the egg. Although if you prefer you can also add it whole. To prepare the treatment, beat a yolk with half a liter of warm water to emulsify it.

How to apply the softener for egg dogs

  1. After bathing the dog with the shampoo, distribute the conditioner by the mantle by gently massaging.
  2. Leave on for a few minutes.
  3. Rinse with plenty of water and, if necessary, administer a small amount of shampoo.

Since the egg is usually one of the foods that produces the most allergy in dogs, we must apply a small dose of fabric softener in a specific area and observe the reaction. If there are no signs of allergy, then we can proceed to apply it in its entirety.

Apple cider vinegar as a conditioner for dogs

This more than a dog conditioner is a homemade trick for moisturize the dog's hair and control its body odor. Likewise, due to the acetic acid that composes it, it is an excellent antiparasitic method to prevent a possible infestation. To use it and take advantage of all its properties, you should simply mix the dog shampoo with apple cider vinegar in equal parts, apply as usual, leave a few minutes and rinse.

To discover all the benefits of apple cider vinegar for dogs, do not miss our article.

Can human conditioner be used in dogs?

Do not, not recommended use products designed for humans in dogs for a simple reason: we don't have the same pH. Conditioners and softeners for humans are manufactured based on the pH of our skin and hair, which ranges between 4.5 and 5.5, while cosmetic products for dogs are made for their pH, which is between 6.3 and 7.5. Likewise, our products are usually loaded with perfumes and other chemical products that can further worsen the state of the animal's skin and hair. In this way, using a human conditioner in dogs can cause damage to your skin such as: irritation, dryness, itching, peeling (dandruff), excessive fall and even allergic reactions.

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