Why do cats like heights?


Cats are one of the species that most need sleep to stay energetic. Your type of dream is different from that of people. More than sleep, they are considered to be sleeping. That is, they enjoy a shallow sleep that is interrupted and resumed easily.


This occurs mainly because felines, due to their instinct, need to be alert and be able to wake up to the minimum noise to detect their prey, flee from their predators, or hunt. In addition, cats are able to fall asleep at any time and place, and it is unusual for them to always do so in one place.

Another cause of this behavior is because cats, is that cats sleep a lot. Unlike dogs, they do not need to go for a walk every day, and that increases their sedentary attitude and the need to spend 70% of the day sleeping, which is equivalent to an average of 12 to 15 hours of sleep in an adult cat (from 1 to 7 years old). When they are puppies (up to 5 weeks), sleep time is around 20 hours a day and, as they get older, sleep hours also increase. So it is normal for a cat to sleep a lot.


If you want to ensure that your cat's rest is going to be optimal for you to enjoy 100% energy every day, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

1. Do not limit your sleeping space to a single site. Offer him the possibility of choosing between several places in the house, because in this way he can determine the level of intimacy he wants at any moment. Of course, its sybarite character makes it easy to choose comfortable areas, hot in winter and cool in summer. And if those areas give off your smell, you will still feel happier.

2. Make sure your cat can have access to an elevated and safe place where he can rest. You can place in them baskets, or elevated surfaces specialized for felines.

3. Locate your scraper near your rest area, as the fact of sleeping forces them to scratch, and constantly stretch.

The height is equal to safety

Why do so many of our beloved felines like to inspect their kingdom from the top? To answer this question correctly, it is important to understand that cats are predators and prey. They are predators of smaller prey, such as rabbits, rodents and birds, to name a few. However, they are also prey to larger predators, such as dogs or wolves.

Staying in higher places is a behavior in cats, which is associated with a greater chance of survival. Being in an elevated location provides them with a better view to detect prey and predators alike.

Trees, for example, are strategic places to hunt, since they can observe prey from them, and at the same time hide through the branches and leaves of other predators.

Evolutionary explanation

Experts declare that the fact that a cat spends a large part of the hours of the day sleeping is due to genetic-evolutionary reasons. The cats in their gut feel effective predators, therefore from an evolutionary and survival point of view they do not need much more than a few hours a day to catch their prey and feed, so that we could consider that the rest of the time the cat understands it as leisure or free time in its animal dimension, and what does it do ?, sleeps.

The first thing you should know is that Cats are more active between sunset and sunrise, which means they sleep mostly during the day and are activated around twilight. This may come as a surprise if it is the first time you have a cat. In this regard, we recommend you consult our article on "How many does a cat sleep a day?", Since this data will also help you understand why your cat sleeps a lot.

An open eye

Like people, cats doze between a light sleep and a very deep one. When your cat sleeps (which lasts about fifteen minutes to half an hour), it will position its body to find the best sleeping position for many hours, at that time it will be with an eye open to any stimulus.

During deep sleep, cats experience a rapid brain movement. Deep sleep tends to last about five minutes, after which the cat goes back to sleep. This more superficial and deep sleep pattern continues until the cat wakes up.

From a social point of view - adaptive

The cats they don't need to go for a walk Every day, as with a dog, for example, they become one of the most sedentary pets in our homes, a feature that makes it a great animal for those who do not have too much time. In this way, the mininos have also become accustomed to living in a glass bubble inside our home and that in turn contributes to the average passing 70% of the day sleeping.

Not all cats are equally calm!

While it is true that a part of the sedentary lifestyle It is a characteristic inherent to the cat, not all of them have the same degree, there are many more restless cats such as the Abyssinian cat, known to be the most active. Therefore, a good advice that we can give you from ExpertAnimal is that when it comes to acquiring a minimum you study a little what is the general character of the race to try to make your new partner and you adapt as well as possible.

However, keep in mind that race behavior patterns are only references, then each particular animal can tend more to one type of personality or another. Don't miss our article on the 5 personalities of cats according to Lauren Finka.

The rain makes me sleep more

It shouldn't come as a surprise that felines are affected by the weather, just like us. The behavior of the cat can vary greatly, depending on its breed, age, temperament and overall health. But, whatever the usual disposition of your kitten, it has been observed that cats they sleep more whenthe weather requires it. Yes, even if your kitten is an exclusive indoor inhabitant, a rainy or cold day will have him asleep.

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