Coton de Tulear


I have put three photos. In one it appears with 4 months and the other two are current.
They gave it to me two days ago. It comes from a family that due to circumstances can no longer have it and they trust me because they know it will be fine here with my family. Let's see if it fits well.
Now he is almost 9 months old. It weighs 7 kilos is totally white and the hair is fluffy and very soft. It barks a little and is affectionate and friendly.
What is your opinion?

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As I have seen it seems that it has the characteristics of Coton, although it is passed in weight.
You really, according to the photos, what do you think?

Differences between Bichon Maltes and Coton de Tulear

Many people have a Maltese Bichon and it does not find it similarly and we visibly compare them we will see clear differences between both races, I have made a photo montage so you can compare and see that the difference is remarkable when you put them next to each other , this other breed is the Coton de Tulear.

In the photos we can see clear differences, the most notable are:

- Size: The Coton de Tulear is larger than the Maltese Bichon.
- Mantle: The Coton mantle is snorted and that of the straight Maltese
- Snout: The snout of the Coton is noticeably more elongated and the Maltese more flat.


- The Coton de Tulear, as the name implies, has a cotton, soft, white and soft mantle, they are accepted with beige pigmentation that can be found in the ears and in small areas by the spine, and with some undulation, it has a layer of superficial hair and a sublayer called a sub-hair, this sub-hair is constantly dumb if it lives inside a flat, so that we will always find dead hairs of our Coton by the house if we do not brush it often, for this same reason it is made more knots than at Maltese The standard size is about 5kg.
- The Maltese Bichon has its straight and fallen mantle, it must be completely white, they are not accepted with spots, it only has one layer of hair and it moves twice a year. The standard size is usually between 3 and 4Kg.

Puppies both breeds are the same, until they do not change their hair and the snout begins to grow, you do not start to notice the difference.

If you have a Coton, since it is accepted with undulations in the body you may have been told that it is a mixture of Poodle Poodle with Maltese or something similar.

Although it may not seem like it, it is a well-known breed, but in Spain although there are many owners, they don't know they have this breed, in France we can find many specimens of this breed.

It is the character of both breeds is the same, even their origins are of rater dogs, they like to be in the sun and despite their long fur they are not hotter than a short-haired dog, their long fur to both breeds protects them from the rays of the Sun in summer and cold in winter.

I hope this little summary has helped you discover what race you have.

When Minnie came home we thought he was a Maltese, because of the amount of hair he often released and because he did not know it was not Maltese, we thought he had skin problems or something similar, we did many tests, I bought him a lot of products to get his hair not to buff, I came to think that he had poor quality of the mantle, but it was not so, it was all because it was not the race that I thought at first, to discover what race was I saw the reason for everything and You can start taking care of her for what she is: Coton de Tulear.

It is beautiful, has a great hair quality and is healthy, now I can compare it with other dogs thing that I could not before, because the Maltese I saw did not resemble mine.

If you have a Coton contact me, I would like to meet more people with the same race.