13 homemade dog toys, free!


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Why do dogs need toys?

Toys are important for the dog to be happy and develop his intelligence. In addition, toys help humans to strengthen their relationship with their dog and drive away dangerous boredom. But did you know that dogs enjoy new and stimulating toys? Fortunately, some dog toys can be manufactured at home, without spending money!

4 toys for dogs with old clothes!

Did you expect that an unpaired sock or an old sweater could turn into a soft homemade toy for the dog? The idea It is to create a bone-shaped pattern, draw that design a couple of times on the old clothes, trim, sew everything but a hole and fill the bone with more remnants of old clothes.

Other proposal to make homemade toys for dogs with clothes is to create a teether with an old shirt. Before you have to cut it into strips and tie all of them safely. The same can be done with an old towel.

Do you need more ideas? Here you go four toys for dogs made with old clothes, And all the instructions to make them quickly!

4 prize dispensers for dogs, homemade!

Interactive toys for dogs stimulate their minds. Among them, there are the prize dispensers, some toys that invite the dog to find a way to take out the cookies they contain inside. These toys, kong or pipolinos type, can be manufactured at home for free, fast and easy. How?

The easiest way It is to use a plastic bottle with screw cap. The first step is to clean the container with soap and water and rinse it. Then, with the help of a cutter or pointed scissors, several holes must be made along the package. The holes can be of different sizes: the bigger, the easier it will be for the animal to get its reward. The last step is to fill the container with feed pellets or prizes for dogs and close the lid.

Other ideas To make dispensers of prizes for dogs is to use an old tennis ball, a roll of kitchen paper and even cylindrical plastic boats.

5 dog toys with plastic bottles

A fun proposal To make toys for dogs with a plastic bottle is to line it with a shirt. Dogs enjoy nibbling this toy or catching it in the air during their games with their two-legged friend. How to make it even more attractive? Just put some balls into the bottle before closing the lid to make the toy more loud.

Plastic bottles can also be used to make sound stuffed animals, if they get inside a soft doll that they have at home, or put it inside a sock, to use it as a toy to throw. It can also be useful to know these five homemade dog toys with plastic bottles.

The awards

These toys are based on searching and getting a prize. There are many types of food that you can use as a reward in homemade dog toys, so choose the one that you and your dog like best.

The success of these toys it translates into the interest the dog has in get the prizes kept inside with the pride of having solved the problem. These are only fun if the dog is interested in getting the food that is hidden inside, and it is not fun to play for food that he does not like or can not access.

Cardboard tube

Start now to store the cardboard tubes of toilet paper or kitchen to make toys for your dog. Place prizes inside the cardboard tube, put it on the floor and let your pet find out how to get them.

The dog will try to stick his tongue, turn it, turn it over and may even break it to get the prizes. Such a simple homemade dog toy can entertain them for a long time.

Raise the level: when you get the prizes easily from the cardboard tube, seal the ends with bodybuilding tape. The game will be a little more difficult because you will have to destroy the entire tube to get them.

Paper ball

Another very simple homemade toy for dogs that you can do is put prizes inside a paper ball. Use, preferably, newspaper or kitchen paper, since the magazine usually has many inks that can be toxic. Start by making a little tight ball with many prizes and then go adding layers of paper that surround these.

By the way, you will be teaching your dog to distinguish between paper and food: stop eating everything on the street, as is the case with scarves. Later, raise the level: add more layers of paper to the ball or seal it to make it harder to open it.

Frozen broth

This toy is very interesting for hot times like summer, or for puppies that are changing teeth. Is about freeze broth or some tasty liquid and give it to the dog to chew and lickuntil melted. Dogs will love it, since it is fresh and also rich, although the owners have to pass the mop afterwards.

Raise the leveland make different cubes, of various sizes and textures: meat broth, vegetables with water, yogurt with fruits ... Adapt the size of the frozen cubes to the mouth of your dog!

Dispensing bottle

Choose an empty and clean plastic bottle, and cut out windows, remember to protect the plastic edges with bodybuilder tape so that your dog cannot be harmed. Put prizes inside and let your dog investigate how to get them inside and, as with the cardboard tube, will be a while testing how it works and will end up discovering it.

Raise the level: put the cap on the bottle, make another one with the smaller windows or put less prizes inside. Do it only when you solve it very easily, since this toy is usually difficult to master.

These and many other homemade dog toys can be made with recycled materials: they are cheap, interesting and fun. It should be noted that these toys They must be enjoyable and varied, so you don't get bored, adapted to the size and age of your dog and, above all, safe.

1. Rope with ball at the end

With a simple rope from those sold at any hardware store or DIY center, you can create a dynamic and simple toy. Make some knots along the rope. Knot one end to form a small ball. Thus, you can better launch the toy for your dog to bring it to you.

Via: Instructable

4. Jump ring

The agility It gives a lot of play! And in this case, it doesn't take much preparation. With a pair of cones to hold the hoop, you will have a fantastic toy ready for your dog to jump and run. In addition, you can take it to the park. To play!

Via: Ozpetshop

5. Stretch rope

With a somewhat flexible stick and a rope (can be a trapillo), your dog will play to stretch and spin. One more idea for your collection of homemade toys for dogs 😉

Via: Tethertug

6. Ball with surprise

With a soft, hollow and spherical rubber structure, you can create an interesting toy if you fill it with trapillo or old socks. If, in addition, you occasionally add your dog's favorite treat, it sure won't drop the ball.

Via: Leopolds-crate

8. Special sock

Find an old or unpaired sock and insert a tennis ball into it. Knot the ends and you already have a fun and easy toy for your dog.

Via: Eslamoda

9. Bottle to bite

Use an empty plastic water bottle to build a toy to bite and chase. Wrap the bottle in a rag or shirt that you no longer use. Knot the ends and that's it. Easier, impossible.

Via: Buzzfeed

10. Canine Organizer

This reused dresser is great for keeping all your dog's things neat and stylish: their food, treats, toys, blankets, clothes ...

Via: Organization by the ocean

If you have a dog at home, you're already taking it! It's time to make him (more) happy. Which of these homemade dog toys do you prefer? 😀

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